Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bad Tummy Time

She sleeps best on her tummy. If I put her down during the day on her back or side, she's up within minutes. On her tummy, she's good for a while. It might be because she seems to have an achy belly a lot, maybe the pressure feels better.

At night, I always put her on her side. On her back, she's always gagging and waking herself up. So, on her side, at 2 weeks old, was the first time she managed to roll herself onto her tummy! My gosh, what is this kid doing to my nerves?! I'm in a constant state of paranoia and always checking for breathing.

Go figure I'd have a child who would go against the "rules" right from the start. Charlotte, don't you know we're not allowed to put babies to sleep on their bellies??!!

Charlotte with her purple mouth (we were being treated for thrush with very purple gentian violet!)

Charlotte's pooky "Made in Canada" cloth diapered tooshy.

Bye for now from the busy mamma,