Friday, August 26, 2005


Help! I'm SO TIRED!

I just can't sleep lately. I don't know what it is, I normally don't have a problem sleeping at all. I may have the occasional night or two where I'm not resting as good as usual but not like this. I feel like I haven't had a full night of sleep in forever! If this is what it's like to be a mom then I'm out!

Maybe it's our new mattress. But it's a great mattress, not like my old hard one. Maybe I need new pillows. I dunno...

Last night I was absolutely miserable. My unrest has brought me to the point where I'm getting extremely irritated about everything. Jamie was asking me what to add to our grocery list and I simply COULDN'T THINK. It was driving me insane. And just the thought of going to bed and not being able to sleep is making me so frustrated that I'm breaking into tears.

We're going camping this weekend...maybe a couple of nights in the great outdoors will be good for me.

Otherwise, any suggestions? I know you've all been there.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Softball versus Golf

As of last night I have discovered that Jamie's next softball tournament in London is on the same weekend in September as my company golf tournament.

I was planning to spend the weekend in London with Jamie, we would be staying at a friends house. But I also don't want to miss golf. It's always a good day out followed by a great meal and PRIZES (I love free stuff!).

So I explained my situation to Jamie.

His simple solution:
"That's okay honey. I don't want you to miss your golf day. We can drive back home on Friday night and I'll just drive back to London on Saturday morning."

and then he added:
"You know all the other guys? They would never do that for their wives cause they wouldn't want to drive back and forth. But I will do that for you....because I am WONDERFUL!"

And then he started to laugh. I'm laughing on the inside but give him a goofy eye-roll.

My husband is quite the character...complete with self-praise.

But I must say, I have to agree. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2005

90 Second Jog

Just before Christmas I decided that I should begin a good exercise routine to lose the few extra pounds I had accumulated over the previous months. The loss of those extra pounds was crucial to my fitting into my wedding dress this past July.

With limited funds to invest, I decided to head out to the Sears Liquidation Center. I was happy to find that all exercise equipment at the time was on sale for an additional 25% off the lowest ticketed price. Woohoo! I love a bargain. When I did go to the gym, long long ago (and those visits were, I must admit, quite infrequent), my favourite piece of cardio equipment was the elliptical trainer. And there at Sears was a nice little elliptical just waiting to be purchased and it was quite a steal at the final sale price of only $149.00!

I was excited about my new buy and immediately started using it every day after work. I was so proud of myself. And then during Christmas I came down with an illness and I could not keep up. I was confined to lying on the couch and couldn't even begin to think of exercise. Seriously, that's not an excuse. Now here's the excuse: After a couple of weeks I was feeling like my usual self. But by then my routine was RUINED. It was so hard to get back into going on that wretched thing (remember how much I loved it at the beginning?) every day. So, I stopped. Usage completely discontinued. My elliptical machine simply sat in my apartment gathering dust....

Until, just these past couple of weeks since arriving back home from PEI, Jamie decided that he really needed to lose some weight. He began to use the elliptical trainer every day. I was so proud of him for "showing me up". But alas, $149 doesn't take you very far these days, does it? Tonight, the elliptical machine died. It was getting really squeaky over the last couple of days and today was the final run before it practically crumpled and split beneath Jamie's running shoes.

Jamie was so contrary (that means upset, for you non-newfies). He kept saying, "Stupid cheap piece of crap!" etc. etc.

Determined not to give up he exclaimed, "Well I am going for a jog!".

I looked up from my scrapbooking (sitting on my fat butt) and not to be completely outdone said, "Well I'm going to go with you"

"Sure you can keep up?"

"Probably not", I said, and went to get changed into my track pants, sports bra, tank top, reebok socks, running shoes (hhmm...which ones?), baseball hat, and then brushed my teeth, went pee, put on some chap stick, and stuffed a kleenex into my pocket. Phew...tired already!

So we head out and he says, "Okay, ya ready?" and we begin.

2 seconds in and he says, "I'm tired already". I am breathing too hard to speak a response.

30 seconds in and we are both sound like race horses snorting during the final lap on a scorching day in July.

60 seconds....he takes a drink of water, hands it to me. I take a tiny sip only because I'm afraid I may choke.

90 seconds....and I hear him say, "Ok I gotta stop"

THANK THE LORD! I refused to be the one to stop first. Cause then he would be able to say, "I told ya you couldn't keep up...." But I was so relieved because I was certain that my lungs were about to collapse.

We briskly walked the rest of the way. We barely spoke a word for the first few minutes, trying to catch our breath. Boy are we out of shape or what, hon?

Jamie has decided that he is going to continue his "jogs" every day. 90 seconds or not I think I am going to continue to go with him. I suppose if we add 90 seconds to our time every day then before ya know it, we'll go the whole way.

Keep your fingers crossed for us that we don't pass out in the process. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

What's in a Name?

Lately I have been thinking a great deal about baby names. Just to clarify your first thought...No, I'm not pregnant! Nor do I intend to become pregnant in the near future. But yet I am plagued by constant thoughts of what I would name my sons and/or daughters.

I am really conscious about the image that a name portrays, perhaps because of my own name - Myrna! I mean, who names their baby Myrna? I've often asked my mother this question. She says that she had originally liked Christina and Kimberly. My father didn't like those so 'Myrna' it was. Go figure! My brother and sister both have normal, semi-popular names - Tracey and Darren. Why am I forced to carry on the family tradition of unusual monikers? You may think that I'm exaggerating on this topic. I most certainly am not. To prove it, here is a list of some of the "first" names in my families (on both my moms and dads side...there was little hope for me!):

My mom: Ina
Her side of the family
My grandmother: Hilda
My grandfather: Dorman
Aunts and Uncles include:

My dad: Sterling
His side of the family:
My grandmother: Dorcas
My grandfather: Garland
Aunts and Uncles include:

There's more in my extended family...Drucilla, Esau, Cavelle, etc...

Now do you understand why I am slightly traumatized?

I read a baby name book once that gave a description of what a person is most likely to think of when they first hear a name. According to this book, the name Myrna will make one think of a little old gray-haired lady sitting in her rocking chair and knitting. So now, at work when I'm on the phone, I always think that the person on other end of the line is imagining me this way. You know how we never "picture" someone the way they actually are? I fear that I may be the extreme of this case.

Also, we all know how just the mention of "that certain name" can conjure up dreadful childhood memories. I swear I will never have a child named Morgan or Kayla - perfectly wonderful names, both of which make my mind recall at least one particular distressing association.

So back to my original dilemma - what to name MY children?

Girl names, I am fairly confident about these. I love Sarah, always have, and I fully intend to use it. I also really like Olivia, Bethany, and Charlotte. Kinda normal, right?

Boys names I am struggling with. I fear that all the names that catch my attention are crazy! Thus continuing the trend of my outrageous family "handles" which in turn translate into constant misspelling in classrooms and mail-listings for my future generation. I love both Seth and Caleb but Jamie hates both. I like Nathan (normal but not too popular) but my friend Jennifer had that name picked out for if she and Chris ever have a son. (There may be hope with Nathan - Jen has since given me her blessing because the name has already been used in her family). Otherwise, Jamie and I both kinda like "Makai" (pronounce that if you can!). All the normal ones seem just that - too NORMAL....Alex, Aaron, Matthew, James, I like all of them but I'm not sure I can bring myself to use them.

I suppose I may really be overanalyzing this whole "name game" thing. But essentially I feel that the title I invoke upon my children is important in determining how they will be addressed, not only in a literal way but also in a "lasting first impressions" kind of way.

So, how do you like your name? How did you/will you choose your kids names?

Another thing I've realized while typing this. My name is rather weird but I don't think I would be well suited to a normal name. I've grown to rather like "Myrna".

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

2nd Edition of Jamie's Injuries & Excuses

This time, his injury occurred on the softball field, sliding into one of the bases (probably 2nd base - he always slides into 2nd for some reason).

The injury: Almost a legit injury this time, it is a really nasty scrape on the forearm beginning just above the wrist and continuing all the way to the elbow. The "bad" part is about an inch diameter of open wound where the skin was completely torn off. It is now red and puffy and slightly infected.

The efforts to "Milk it":
  • "Oh, carrying this laundry basket makes my arm go all numb like it's going to fall off. I think you're gonna have to carry it"
  • "This type of injury definitely requires some tender loving a massage"
  • "Can you put some cream and a bandage on it before I go to bed? Cause if not then I won't be able to sleep cause my arm hurts when it touches the sheet. And if I'm not sleeping good then you won't be able to sleep either. "
  • "Can you cut my toenails? cause I can't stretch my arm down all that way...and it's just better when you do it."

Stay tuned for 3rd Edition to soon follow...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Lend a Helping Hand

Grace came to work this morning and was telling me about her daughter who had been in a car accident on the weekend. Her new car, bought only 2 weeks ago, is a complete wreck. The guy driving the other car who hit her head-on was reading a map in his car and not paying attention. Grace said that despite lots of swollen bumps and sore bruises, Lisa is doing fine. Phew...a car can be replaced, a daughter can not!

Now here's what really bothers me about this story: The accident occurred on a busy street here in Brampton but NOBODY bothered to stop to help. Lisa, in complete shock and panic, had to contact her parents to call 911.

The story makes me recall when my sister was in a car accident a few years ago en route from Newfoundland to Ontario. The driver of the car in which she was a passenger had fallen asleep at the wheel. The car rolled down over an embankment off the highway. My sister, unbeknowst to her, was covered in blood from a puncture wound to her skull. She had crawled up onto the highway and was waving her hands frantically for SOMEONE to help but many people still passed by before a car finally stopped to help.

What is wrong with us? I mean, seriously. Are we really so busy? so selfish? so cold? It seems as though we have forgotten to be human. Isn't the soul that separates us from all other living creatures supposed to emit some sort of loving kindness, compassion, sensitivity?

Even ants....(yes, the insects!)...if you study closely, will gather their injured and dead companions and carry them back home. Instinct guides them to do so. God in his wisdom gave us the free will, the choice, to lend that helping hand. Why must we always turn a blind eye? We will all need that same helping hand to guide us through obstacles in life at some point.

Perhaps I'm just not accustomed to the hussle and bussle of city life, where each keeps to him/herself. Where I come from, everybody helped and were more than happy to do so.

Let's not let the craziness of life get to us so much that we forgot our responsibility to one another. Try that homeless guy a coffee, open the door for the mom with the crazy kids and an armful of groceries, and PLEASE stop when you are the first at the scene of an accident even if the thought scares you to death. You will feel better to know that you have lent a helping hand to a friend OR stranger in need.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Caught on Camera

Taking a look at the pictures from my mothers camera. As you can see, she totally caught me indulging in my favourite sweet treat prior to my walk down the aisle....CHOCOLATE!

He, he...I thought they were so me and I had to share.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Caribou Porn

For those of you who don't know, my Newfie home is smack dab in the middle of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gros Morne National Park. A beautiful place.

And smack dab in the middle of all that is the relatively new "Discovery Center"

Now, I have been to the Discovery Center in the past but I have never seen THIS....obviously it took the keen eye of a 20-year old friend of my brother to point this out in all its least I think it's very hilarious!

Okay, look at the first picture....just a whole bunch of caribou having fun and frolicking in the sunshine, migrating and such, doing what caribou do best.

Okay, look a little closer on the right side on the picture.

Little more...

Ah, there is it....Just a couple of crazy caribou gettin' it on in the middle of a painting in our World Heritage Site Discovery Center.

Ok, so in the broad scheme of things this is probably not THAT funny. Afterall, the species does naturally have to procreate. And the Discovery Center is designed to make the biology-intrigued touring public aware of the mating rituals of one of Newfoundlands most abundant species. But still...

Just HAD to share :)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

HOME pics by Brent

My brother Darren and three of his friends, Brent, Angela, and Lori, decided to continue their vacation after the wedding with a trip to Newfoundland.

Brent took a gazillion pics...just wanted to share some of my favourite "postcard" shots.

And to give you an idea of why I sometimes get depressed about living in is a picture of Lori sitting in my parents living room, in the home where I grew up. Behind Lori is a window and you can see the spectacular view of the mountains and the ocean. Oh, how I miss that ocean!

The same view from the outside

Laughter is the best medicine

Last night, late supper, and Jamie decides to cook some rice to go with his bbq'd burgers. I am in the bedroom and from the kitchen I hear, "OUCH! ooohhh, that really hurts..." etc. I ask what's wrong. Jamie burned his finger. I told him to run it under the tap to make it feel better. Thought nothing more of it until...

Now this wouldn't be a big deal or a funny story at all unless you know my husband and his ability to turn absolutely everything into an excuse to get special perks.

Later in the night...

Jamie: "Ya know, honey, I was reading in this medical magazine..."
Me: "Uh huh??"
(picture me with a look on my face that is partially indifferent because I know he never reads medical ANYTHING yet I am completely intrigued to know where this is leading)
Jamie: (Such a serious look on his face) "Well this article said that in the case of minor injury such as a burned finger it really helps if the person gets a back massage..."
Myrna: (smerk) "Oh really?"
Jamie: (still serious) "Yeah, it said that the pressure points in the muscles of the back would help to relieve the pain of the burn."

I completely cracked up laughing. Like I said, Jamie can use anything at all to TRY and get some special attention (he had already used his burned finger as an excuse earlier to get out of washing dishes).

And then Jamie reminded that there was laundry in the dryer downstairs.
Me: "Well could you go get it?"
Jamie (showing me his red finger): "But my burn...I'll go down with you though"
So we take the elevator to the laundry room and he sits down watching me fold piece after piece.
Me: "You're just going to sit there? Why did you even come down?"
Jamie (much too quickly): "Emotional support."

Again, I completely crack up. How could I not?

Boy, am I in for it or what?!

I can picture it....Next Weeks Edition "The case of the stubbed toe and the inability to wash his own hair in the shower"...ha!!

Monday, August 01, 2005


I was awakened at 6:30am on our wedding day to the sound of thunder..."Oh no!" My initial reaction was to panic, especially as the day wore on and the rain did not seem to let up. But, I quickly made a decision that it didn't matter what the weather was like. It's not like it's something I could control. I sat down and wrote a little note to Jamie saying "no matter rain or shine, on the beach, in a church, whatever, long as we begin this journey together then that's all that matters". Mom continued to remind me that it POURED on her wedding day so it was obviously good luck. And of course, Dad advised me that he was praying for sunshine and he was quite confident ("Oh ye of little faith!") that the heavens would cooperate.

And co-operate they did...

The drive down to the beach was quite an adventure, covering all of our vehicles in dark red mud. The caterer van got stuck and Jacques (Tara's husband) had to become a "taxi service" in the SUV to bring guests back and forth. But, no matter, because as soon as we got down to the beach everything was perfect! The rain had stopped! Jamie looked so handsome in his khaki suit and sandals. And, Vicki tells me that the sun began to shine as soon as we said "I DO" How romantic is that??!!

Here are just a few pics to share...

Arriving on the scene...chatting with the wedding planner.

Saying our vows.

Signing the of my favourite pics so far.

Mr and Mrs Jamie Hynes...being silly on the beach.

Jamie and I with my parents, brother and sister.

With Jamie's parents, Barb and Neil.

Bridal Party...what cute beach outfits!