Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Big Cut

Today was the day for the big cut. 11 inches, to be exact!

After having many excruciating headaches, I decided my heavy hair was certainly not helping the situation, and needed to be GONE!

My friend Tara was a huge inspiration when she decided to grow her hair out purposely to give to Locks of Love, an organization committed to making wigs for children. What a great idea!

I thought, "Well if I'm getting it cut anyways, I may as well cut enough to give." And that's what I did.

I wasn't sure how to go about doing the Locks-of-Love thing and so decided to put a message on facebook asking for help. I found out I could go to my local hair salon and send the hair in myself. Great!

I made the appointment.

The hubster kept asking, "Are you sure? Did you change your mind yet?"


And off I went.

But first, a couple of before pics:
That's a LOT of hair right there!

Of course, I forgot to bring my camera to take a pic of the actual cutting!
But, here's the after, with ponytail...and Sarah (she was fascinated by my new 'do)...in tow:
(it's a little messy from me raking my hands through it so much...lol)

Holy! Talk about feeling like NO hair! I feel so light and free...haha!
And I'm very happy to be giving my 11 inches to a great cause!

If you're interested yourself visit www.locksoflove.org

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Return

I spent nearly the entire winter devoid of criticisms and snoody remarks.

Returns my grandmother, who had been away visiting relatives for the season, back home a couple of weeks ago.

After only a couple of days and the second time seeing me, she says, "Go put something on your face, for goodness sake, you look terrible!"

I assume by "something", she means makeup. Normally, she wouldn't approve of such cosmetic enhancements but apparantly my porcelein skin was looking particularly pale.

And I'm brought back to my childhood...I've heard it so many times:
"Go put your hair up Myrna, you looks like a streel, I could turn you upside-down and use you for a mop!"

Did I mention I'm getting my hair chopped off next Tuesday and sending at least 10 inches of it to Locks of Love?

I suppose my confidence needed to be brought down a notch. And 80-year old grandmothers lacking filters are just what the doctor ordered. I imagine when I'm 80 I probably won't see much point in hiding the truth either.

Oh My...I wonder what this summer of pregnancy will bring? I'm fully expecting lectures on appropriate & modest ways to dress to hide the growing bump. Either that, or comments on how big my butt and thighs are getting, in the name of predicting the sex of the baby of course!

I'm actually kinda looking forward to it. Funny what you miss when it's not around.

Tell me I'm not the only sucker for punishment from a slightly sadistic grandparent...?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We are the World

I guess I'm a little behind but I just (FINALLY!) watched this video in its entirety ...what a beautiful tribute!

And then this one...another beautiful song to Haiti by Michael W. Smith

Talk about tear-jerkers? Wow!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where Are You From?

I came across THIS post on Sandra's "Aging Disgracefully" blog and thought I'd give it a go...

• I am from the rock tumbled ocean side and jagged cliff slate, the ebb and flow of tides, bright moon shining, seagulls screeching overhead.
• I am from a front yard full of whales and a backyard full of moose.
• I am from Saturday morning cartoons on one channel only - CBC!
• I am from Sunday nights home from church with my grandad watching Walt Disney and eating fried eggs with far too much salt.
• I am from the hands of an almighty God who created imperfect me in his perfect image.
• I am from road hockey, beach combing, worm digging, mud pies, splinters taken out with sewing needles, swimming brooks, and home at dark.
• I am from snow forts, garbage bag “sleds”, skating on the bay, frozen wool mitts, watching dad cut wood, and crying over fingers and toes thawing by the wood furnace.
• I am from respect for teachers & preachers, and calling everyone “older” aunt and uncle.
• I am from a mother and father who never went to bed angry with each other.
• I am from four meals a day - breakfast, dinner, supper, and lunch (before bed) with tea and homemade bread and pies and cookies to finish each of them.
• I am from raising chickens and ducks and organic vegetable gardens.
• I am from acid-washed jeans, side ponytails & scrunchies, neon slouch socks, gimp friendship bracelets, big teased hair, and a grunge phase of baggy jeans and oversized plaid shirts.
• I am from music I listened to in secret - Michael Jackson, Tiffany, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, George Michael, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi.
• I am from the hymns I tired of as a teenager, but that have become the songs of my soul as an adult. How Great Thou Art!
• I am from ties broken and re-tied.
• I am from a time of searching in cities away only to return to the home of my heart with a call of salt water in my veins.
• I am from many loves and finally finding the one who puts up with me when I’m being completely irrational.
• I am from the road less traveled.
• I am from the need for ink spewing from my pen in the form of poems and lists and sketches and ideas and the dream for that ink to flow in time to the completion of a book with my name on the cover.
• I am from an ancestral desire to speak to trees and sense the spirit of the stones beneath my feet (and wondering why I always felt this way only to discover my native geneology).
• I am from star gazers and rose smellers.
• I am from tears cried at the mere thought of losing my babies and tears cried over the loss of friends and strangers babies.
• I am from bedtime stories and nursery rhymes.
• I am from the need for endless research and obsessing over current interests.
• I am from lifelong friendships with sisters as friends and friends as sisters.
• I am from forgiveness and refusal to hold grudges.
• I am from a life blessed with many riches except those in monetary form... and I am thankful for it!

Where are you from?

Friday, March 05, 2010

Our Princess

Happy Birthday "baby" Sarah!

I can't believe she's 3 years old already....where does the time go? Can anyone tell me?