Thursday, April 28, 2011

God Knows

On my not-so-confident days I look in the mirror and can pick myself apart top to bottom:

My hair is crazy;
My hairline is all over the place;
My eyebrows, despite plucking, waxing, threading, never shape properly;
My eyelashes are too blonde and, therefore, invisible without mascara;
My nose is too wide;
My eyes too small;
My upper lip too thin:
My skin is sagging on my jawline;
I have acne scars and enlarged pores;
And I have this ridiculous vertical wrinkle line on my forehead!

And that's just scratching the surface.

(nevermind the baby belly and stretch marks in unspeakable places).

But then on one of my confident days, comes along Christa behind the lens of her camera and captures me rocking it out, putting my best face forward, displaying my inner goddess, and comes up with this:

The flaws are all there, flashing blatantly, but I love them anyways. It's all I get. And I like to think God knew what he was doing when he put together all those misshapen puzzle pieces, better known as me. May as well get used to it and enjoy.

I think my girls, when they are older, will look at these photos and be astonished at how beautiful I was in my younger years. They will look in my eyes and know, behind the grey hair, wrinkles, and age-spots, that girl is still in there somewhere. And they will better appreciate me for it, knowing that I was, on occasion, someone besides their mom - I was also a woman!

Moms out there, take a day to yourself and have some shots taken. They can be risque boudoir or soft-spoken. Forget everything and keep telling yourself how amazing you are, how amazing you look. It'll show on the final image. You can go back to self-loathing later. But, do it anyways. Trust me, you'll thank yourself for it.

Photos courtesy of Christa Hann photography - you can view more at