Tuesday, November 18, 2008


On October 27th, 2005 I wrote THIS POST

And then I went over to Steph's blog today and saw THIS POST

So I thought I'd do THIS post:

The Updated 10 Random Things About Me

1. I brought my Granny to Corner Brook today to do her Christmas shopping. We spend 4 hours at Zellers. We did the same thing last year this time.

2. I eat Subway almost every time I go to Deer Lake for about the past 6 months. I always order the same thing - 6" Chicken Bacon on Whole Wheat toasted with Cheese/no veggies/TONS of Southwest Chipotle Sauce.

3. I love the show "The Big Bang Theory". It appeals to my nerdy side.

4. I realized when I unpacked clothes I had in storage for over a year that I don't need nearly as much as I have especially since I had forgotten some of the things I had.

5. The new 9 pc cookware set I bought today is missing 4 pcs.

6. I still have keys to the building I used to work at in Ontario.

7. I used to be able to recite the books of the Bible frontwards and backwards...not anymore.

8. A part of me would love to be like Brad and Angelina and have tons of adopted and biological children.

9. I would love to have a Nintendo Wii because I think getting a fighting game and "pretending" to kick the hubsters butt would be wicked awesome fun!

10. I told my dad the reason why I wanted a Nintendo Wii after he asked "What's a Nintendo Wii?" and he warned me not to use it for the above reason in front of Sarah. VERY good point!

Until next time,

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


A couple of new obsessions to speak about.

#1. My blog has been looking so BLAH!! next to everyone else who has all these customized skins and title bars, etc. It all looks so pretty. So I asked Christa, "Hey what's up girl? How the heck do I do that?" (well, not exactly in those words). And then she told me. And then I checked it out. And then I TOTALLY messed everything up. And then I thought it was certain "death" for my current blog because I had somehow messed things up so badly. And then I started to cry (well, almost). But then I got my head on straight ahead. And here I am. I decided I needed some colour. What do you think?

#2. I went to Deer Lake the other day. Went into Lawtons Drug Store. I sometimes look at the book/magazine rack just to browse, read the back of the covers, flip through to check out the latest gossip in celeb world. I never buy any of them. The store clerks hate me, I'm certain. But I saw a book that immediately caught my eye. "Twilight". Read the back. Said to Jamie, "I'm getting this!' and he looked at me, "Like when did you start actually buying books?". And then I read the whole thing in less than 24 hours. Loved it! For those of you who started out with me in the "Buffy" years, you know I have this weird vampire obsession thing. I know, I know...but don't we all have some kind of strange psychotic tendencies sometimes?

And that all leads me into my next obsession...

#3. I found out "Twilight" has been made into a movie and is coming to theatres this month!!! Can we all say "YAY!!!!" I'm so excited! (Now if only I had a theatre closer than over an hour away!)

Here's the trailer from YouTube

And here's the book review from Chapters/Indigo.


#4. Since Christa mentioned me on her blog, I am now obsessed with trying to come up with some good posts to make up for my lack of decent storytelling. Sorry, my brain is muddled so please have some patience with me.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Creative Memories

You must all know by now how much I LOVE scrapbooking. So, I decided a couple of weeks ago to sign up to become a Creative Memories consultant.

I went to my first Creative Memories party way back when, probably 8 years ago, at my friend Darla's house. I was immediately hooked! My first purchases were an album for my niece, Erykah, a corner rounder, and a photo pencil (for marking the back of your pics instead of using ink that can bleed through). I've since attended quite a few other CM events and purchased many of their products.

I figure since I'm having classes now on my own, I'm going to be buying the products for myself anyways, that I may as well sign up.

For those of you who don't know anything about it, you can visit www.creativememories.ca. It's kinda the same as Home & Gift or Tupperware or Partylite. Your consultant has a catalog you can order from at any time or you can host a party in your own home and receive FREE rewards depending on how much your guests spend, etc.

So, just to let you know I'm here if you need anything. If you live far away from me you can always go online and order for yourself using my CM ID# 41319996 or send me an email at myrnagoosney@Hotmail.com or call me (at my new house #) 709-453-2974.