Tuesday, November 18, 2008


On October 27th, 2005 I wrote THIS POST

And then I went over to Steph's blog today and saw THIS POST

So I thought I'd do THIS post:

The Updated 10 Random Things About Me

1. I brought my Granny to Corner Brook today to do her Christmas shopping. We spend 4 hours at Zellers. We did the same thing last year this time.

2. I eat Subway almost every time I go to Deer Lake for about the past 6 months. I always order the same thing - 6" Chicken Bacon on Whole Wheat toasted with Cheese/no veggies/TONS of Southwest Chipotle Sauce.

3. I love the show "The Big Bang Theory". It appeals to my nerdy side.

4. I realized when I unpacked clothes I had in storage for over a year that I don't need nearly as much as I have especially since I had forgotten some of the things I had.

5. The new 9 pc cookware set I bought today is missing 4 pcs.

6. I still have keys to the building I used to work at in Ontario.

7. I used to be able to recite the books of the Bible frontwards and backwards...not anymore.

8. A part of me would love to be like Brad and Angelina and have tons of adopted and biological children.

9. I would love to have a Nintendo Wii because I think getting a fighting game and "pretending" to kick the hubsters butt would be wicked awesome fun!

10. I told my dad the reason why I wanted a Nintendo Wii after he asked "What's a Nintendo Wii?" and he warned me not to use it for the above reason in front of Sarah. VERY good point!

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Quirky Christa said...

LMAO!!! Ha ha ha!!! Your dad seriously said that?!?!? Freakin' hilarious.

Photo Quilts said...

LMAO!!! That's too funny!