Thursday, October 27, 2005

10 Random Things

Saw this on another blog so I thought I'd copy. Here are ten random (some useless) facts about me:

1. When I was a kid, I had two hamsters named Charlotte and Templeton. Names came from characters in the book "Charlotte's Web" which I adore.

2. One of my nerdiest qualities (among others): I collect stamps and have since about 1985. I think they're great miniature pieces of artwork.

3. I first "met" Jamie in highschool when we were 15. I tried to talk to him cause I thought he was cute and he totally dissed me :(

4. My first car was a 1990 Hyundai Excel, a white one.

5. I have a diploma in Early Childhood Education.

6. Love "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

7. I have never pierced my ears in the "normal" way, only have one at the top of my right ear.

8. My nan used to bite my cheeks when I was a young kid. I used to hate going to her house because of it until one day she actually made me cry. She never did it again after. I have yet to figure out why she did it to begin with. I know my chubby cheeks were probably very cute and tempting but COME ON!

9. I have a completely irrational fear of looking into a mirror at night.

10. The first boy I really kissed was Terry, I was 13. I still have the stuffed blue bunny he gave me as a gift for Easter. I slept with it for years after our two week relationship "broke up". lol :)


dafrhug said...

I knew about 7 of those things already so I learned 3 new things about you. Your nan really used to bite your cheeks? lol. They were pretty chubby.

Quirky Christa said...

I think I knew most of those...still great reading about them again though