Friday, April 29, 2005

Girlfriends = Bridesmaids

Even before I got engaged I thought a great deal about who I would choose to be my bridesmaids.... Easy! They are the girls who love me, support me, and who will stand by me on one of the greatest days of my life. These are my girlfriends....the ones who tell me like it is (even when it's terribly ridiculous), the ones who let me be happy and sad (even when I can't make up my mind which I want to be), the ones that I can count on (each in their own unique ways).

My thoughts to you, my bridesmaids.....
(I considered saving this for my wedding speach but what better time than the present. Besides, who wants to sit through my emotional babbling at such a joyous event).

First, my maid of honour, my sister, Tracey...first on my list now just as you were my first girlfriend. Believe it or not, the fact that you were my first girlfriend is a recent revelation for me. You were just 4 when I was born and now as I now watch Erykah with her baby sister, I am often taken aback by the great propensity of love, nurturing, and friendship that young sisters have for each other. We are lucky, you see, for sisters have a friendship that is unlike any other. It is the kind of bond that simply understands where you came from and why you are exactly the way you are. With you, there are so many things that do not require an extensive explanation - our nutty family (you've met them all), my frustration with weight gain (you've seen the skinny me), my addiction to chocolate (you and I are one and the same) :) and the list continues on and on....Even when we disagree as we often do, it doesn't matter because we are sisters. You are mine and I am yours - first girlfriends! my kindergarten book of memories there is a question "Who is your best friend?" and with the shakiness that comes with first learning to print, I have scrawled "Vicki". Our friendship has always been there - sometimes strong, sometimes not so strong, but always there. You are like my security blanket. When we are both happy and comfortable with life we drift slightly, talk every couple of days, do our annual Christmas dinner at Jack Astors. But when life gets tough we find security in knowing that the other is there - to talk for hours, shop for hours, complain about guys for hours, or just sit in heart-broken silence for hours. You are so spunky! - far more than your stature would ever suggest and I just love that about you - I swear you could battle your way through absolutely anything! We are both in a happy place right now. I am so happy for you and I know you are happy for me. I know that life will bring hardships but I take comfort in the fact that I have you, my trusty security blanket to fall back on.

Joann....yet another old friend, we have known each other for so long! And boy have we been on one emotional roller-coaster ride....we have cuddled and cried, yelled and screamed, laughed and hee-hawed. We have kicked each others butts - Basketball practice has left me two scars, both of which I can attribute to your nails. Literature has left me stumped for words which you certainly have never had a problem with. I call you "Miss Meloncholy" for you are the only person I know who might use that word so casually in a sentence when everyone else would have simply stated "sad". You are truly wonderful....genuine, loving, considerate. You are amazing - so fragile yet so strong and so full of faith (even tho' you can't stop cursing!). I am so proud of you - for who you are! and for all that you have been to me, I sincerely say "thank you!".

Jenny....of all my bridesmaids, I have known you for the least amount of time. But you are far from "least" in my books. It seems to me that we have known each other forever. I see you every single day but yet I never tire of you. I think it's the way you light up a room, the way that you are able to bring joy and laughter to the most mundane day, the way that my life is better because you are a part of it. You are God's definition of love: patient, kind, forgiving, never selfish, slow to anger. You are so many things that I am not. You make me strive to be better for myself and for my marriage. You are a tongue-tied drama-queen, a silly trickster, a gorgeous flirt. You have had your share of ups and downs from this world, yet you are so full of vibrance for life. By definition, you are not perfect, but I think you are as perfect as anyone could ever be. Oh, to be like you....

Christa....My "kooky" friend, even though you are unable to attend the wedding, I still consider you to be one of my bridesmaids. You, like the others, were automatically on my list of who I wanted to share my wedding day with. Since you are so softhearted and quick to tears I must immediately apologize....I'm sorry if I make you cry. You see, I am very disappointed that you cannot make it to the wedding. I often say that you are like my little sister. Usually I say it light-heartedly, in a joking manner, but it is so seriously true. To not have you with me at my wedding feels like I am missing an important family member. Don't worry, I do understand! This is not a guilt-trip in any way (though God knows If guilt would work I would use it to get you to PEI this summer! But it helps to know that your thoughts will be with me on my "big day" because that is the kind of person you are - thoughtful, caring, selfless. Be good to yourself lil' so deserve it!

Okay, I pointed the "emotional" finger at Christa but I must admit that I've shed a couple of tears while writing this blog. It has taken me a while...coming back to edit a gazillion times. I'm certainly not one for "mushy" - great expressions of love don't come easy to me, but I wanted to try and express how I truly feel about each of you.

A poet once said something like this:
"True friends are those who know all your faults and love you just the same."

Thank God! for my faults are many...but you, my friends, are true!

Trout River

This is a beautiful photo of Trout Mom's home town. Posted by Hello

Home Again

Here's another photo of HOME....looking "down the bay" rather than "up the bay" :) Posted by Hello

I miss HOME....

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Bonne Bay, Newfoundland...the view from "Trout River Road". Approx. Feb 2005.

I really miss home sometimes. Last night I asked Jamie if we could move back. We both hope for "someday..."

When you grow up living beside the ocean, in nature's backyard, surrounded by mountains, it becomes quite a shock to move to a city where scenery consists of highways, high-rises, traffic lights, and never ending surges of people bustling about. How devestating to literally have to drive for more than an hour to find forest.

I think I miss the ocean the most....I wrote a poem a while ago that pretty much sums up how I feel....can't wait for the next time I get to walk beside the shore that I call "HOME"!

Recall the Seashore

I miss the ocean
waves rolling in, breezes blowing
cool and strong.
Tides that ebb and flow
a rhythmic lullaby:
The soothing voice of God
come down and touch the earth.
And then the crashing roar,
commanding fear
of sailors and all who live beside
and see the ocean as both life and grave;
A never ending surge of give and take.
Both man and nature cry for repose.
And once again I sit beside,
toes dipped in,
and taste the salty air that's on my face
and running through my veins.
I am this bay, and it is me,
and I will not forget!

- Myrna Goosney

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Seashell Cake

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Most of the "theme" cakes online are super cheesy - multi-tiered creations covered in coloured shells with cake-toppers made of giant clams, and fringed with coral and seaweed....blech!!

I finally found a cake with seashells that I really like. It's simple and I think, pretty! I found it on my wedding planner's website: which comes in quite handy since she has obviously had this cake made for a previous wedding.

Can't wait to take a bite!

Hydrangeas - My Favourite Flower

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I just LOVE these flowers....fell in love with them when I visited Portugal a few years ago. They grow wild everywhere over there.

I'm hoping that the florist in PEI can make these hand-tied bouquets for my wedding (not certain about the accessibility of hydrangeas down east). I would carry the peach/orangey coloured bouquet and my girls would carry the ivory coloured bouquet.

Miss Rough and Tumble

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...was so STUBBORN coming into the SERIOUS and ROUGH and Tough......loves her BOTTLE!......prefers to always be "UP in arms" very LOUD and boisterous......has "PICKY" fingers......just won't SLEEP through the night......has BIG BLUE eyes......gets very excited to see DADDY......smells so good after splashing in the BATH......loves her "KEE KA" (Kitty Cat) just the CUTEST baby in the world!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Chocolate Engagement

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Jamie and I had talked about getting engaged quite often. After dating 2 years, 3 months, and 19 days (but who was counting!) it finally happened...

October 29th, 2004 at approximately 4:30 pm:
I was sitting on my couch watching Oprah (my usual after-work activity) when Jamie arrived carrying a box of chocolates. He said that a guy at work had brought them in (this was not strange to me) and that he would put them in the refridgerator for me (Jamie knows that I just LOVE cold chocolate). Anyways, I just couldn't resist (of course not!) and asked Jamie if he would bring me the box. He did and stood there watching as I ate. I wondered, "Why is he just standing there staring at me?" and then I finally saw it - THE diamond ring placed strategically in one of the chocolate "slots". I was so excited and involved in the delicious Belgian chocolate seashells that I hadn't even noticed! Jamie said, "I thought you were NEVER going to see it!" and then he took the ring, placed it on my finger, and asked me to marry him..."YES!"

Our engagements photos were taken a short time after by Kathy Wierenga, a co-worker's daughter, whose photography I had previously admired. The shots were taken at Websters Falls (near Ancaster), Ontario. This kissing one is my absolute favourite!

Our wedding date is July 23rd, 2005 and will take place on the beach in beautiful Prince Edward Island.

Virgin Blogger

I have never "blogged" before, had never even heard of blogging until 2 days ago when Tara forwarded me an email to check hers out. Just have to give it a try. I've always loved journaling, have never known a time in my life when I didn't write everything down. It started with a yellow 3 x 5 "lock & key" diary (you know the kind) when I was just a little girl first learning how to print and spell and keep secrets. Now my writing has escalated into a shelf full of journals:

My Poetry Journal - haven't written much poetry lately, I've not been angry enough. Seems my darkest thoughts and feelings are most easily expressed in the form of a sonnet in iambic pentameter. Very therapeutic - go figure!

My Travel Journal - You would think that I must have traveled a great deal to have a journal specifically designated for that purpose. I have not, I just like to keep a record of my daily activities when I am away. So far I have visited Portugal, Cuba, the U.S. I hope to extend this a great deal more in future.

My Wedding Journal - Since becoming engaged (Oct 29, 2004) I have too many ideas/thoughts running through my brain. I felt that a journal was necessary to maintain a healthy level of sanity. I do not wish to become "bridezilla". I record guests names and addresses and their replies, registry information, pictures of my favourite accessories, cakes, flowers, etc. and of course, EXPENSES!!

My Dream Journal - This one hasn't been used in a while. Lately my dreams are quickly forgotten and therefore no recollections to enter. Dream journal hints - keep it next to your bed and write as soon as you wake up. It's AMAZING the connections you find between the dream world and the real world."

Questions" Journal - I was given a gift for Christmas a few years ago of a book of 1000 questions about life past, present, and future. I've enjoyed answering many of these questions which include, "When did you first own a VCR?", "What are you views on religion?", "What are your favourite childhood memories?" and everything in between.

And now I have started yet another journal - can I keep up? Can I become acquainted with writing that does not involve the sound of pen scratching paper? I hope so - I really like the sounds of keys typing too.