Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Job

Between our store and bakery and being a mommy, I probably didn't need another job BUT I got one anyways.

The town office was hiring a new town clerk for 20 hours a week and I decided to apply. I kinda got the inside scoop on the availability of this position coming up since my mom was the "quitting" town clerk.

Haha...oh, the dynamics of living in a tiny place! And by tiny, I do mean T-I-N-Y! I did a count and we have, according to my numbers, 229 year-round residents in our little joint community of Glenburnie-Birchy Head-Shoal Brook (or GBS). That number goes up quite a bit in the summer with 57 homes in the areas being used as cottages.

And I have to tell ya the summer home thing was a little weird for me to get used when I moved back to Newfoundland. When I was a kid, you knew EVERYONE, the houses were occupied year-round for the most part by people you knew and talked to practically every day. Things are much different now and we have people from all over the world coming to stay in our beautiful little bayside town. And I don't much blame them I suppose - this place is awesome, particularly if you need a break from the rat race. No racing here - no Sir-ry!

So, I got a little sidetracked. I was telling you about my new job.

I am the GBS town clerk. I am the only person who works in the town office. I sit there all by my lonesome 4 mornings a week accompanied only by the sound of the heater constantly cutting in because it's SO FRIKKIN' COLD here still!

Might I add the same building I work in also houses the Park Wardens office and the Fire Hall. And the only gas station and mechanic is right next door. The community hall and 2 of our 3 churches are across the road. It's a small world.

And I have a great view! My back window looks through a dozen evergreens and drops off the edge of a cliff into the sea. I'm seriously hoping noone gets the inkling to cut down those trees or else I'll erode into the watery depths. I imagine there may be days, like working in any office, when something will annoy me so much I may even consider cutting down those trees myself.

Anyways, it appears I may have lost my mind. But the thing is - this job pays! woohoo!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BLT please? Hold the B.

My sister's facebook status:
Can I have some 4-cheese spinach dip...easy on the cheese?

She's a server/bartender and this is what someone had ordered? What the *oath*!

My question is:
Wouldn't 4-cheese spinach dip sans cheese simply be a spinach salad...why not ask for that?

And I am reminded of a little old "lady" (I use this term loosely in this particular instance) we had in our cafe. She asked for a cup of coffee with milk and a bowl of soup. We put the milk into one of those little spouted cups to bring to the table. After dinner she wanted a small dessert and a glass of milk but decided instead of paying for a glass of milk she would rather drink the milk directly from the container that had been brought out for her coffee.

So, this leads me to my next question:
Am I annoyed at this woman for being so cheap and tacky?
Am I past annoyed and laughing at how ridiculously canny she is?

I'm telling ya - ya gotta watch those little old ladies!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jenny at 35 weeks

I was so excited to have Jennifer and Chris come to visit us last night. We haven't spent any time with them at all since Christmas and this is the first time they've come to see us in our new home.

Jenny is now 35 weeks pregnant and I just couldn't get enough of her gorgeous baby belly. I kept asking is she was okay with me mauling her. I'm so glad she didn't mind my constant hand on her belly, it would have been so hard to resist feeling the baby moving all about.

I took a few photos while she was here.
(to be quite honest, I took over 100 photos so I could be sure to get these couple good shots)
Obviously I'm no photographer but I'm happy to have gotten some belly pics for Jennifer. After Christa took my own maternity photos, I was so happy, I just want every mom-to-be to have these memories of pregnancy to look back on.

And here they are...

P.S. Christa, if you can tweak them to make them better, let me know and I'll send you the original files.

The Hunt

Just a few (belated) pics from our easter egg hunt with Sarah Easter Sunday morning. Sarah is two now but I still wasn't sure how much she would understand about the concept of searching for hidden chocolatey treats.

When she first got up, I explained that there were yummy eggs hidden in the living room. She walked out and said, "Find?" and then off she went with just a little help from Daddy (since Mommy did the hiding).

It was so cute seeing her run around the room finding eggs and putting them in her basket. She looked just like Mr. Easter Bunny himself hopping all about in excitement.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Monday, April 06, 2009


In true newf style, Sarah loves her rubber boots. I don't think she's taken them off (inside or outside) since she discovered she can put them on ALL BY HERSELF.

We scored these JOE boots at Dominion.

And now she kinda matches Mommy - my "rubbers" (2 pairs) are black with pink polka dots and black and white houndstooth.

When in Rome...., right? (Rubber boots are pretty much a necessity here right now...so much MUD...yuk!)

We're just trying to kick it in style while keepin' it real...lol