Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BLT please? Hold the B.

My sister's facebook status:
Can I have some 4-cheese spinach dip...easy on the cheese?

She's a server/bartender and this is what someone had ordered? What the *oath*!

My question is:
Wouldn't 4-cheese spinach dip sans cheese simply be a spinach salad...why not ask for that?

And I am reminded of a little old "lady" (I use this term loosely in this particular instance) we had in our cafe. She asked for a cup of coffee with milk and a bowl of soup. We put the milk into one of those little spouted cups to bring to the table. After dinner she wanted a small dessert and a glass of milk but decided instead of paying for a glass of milk she would rather drink the milk directly from the container that had been brought out for her coffee.

So, this leads me to my next question:
Am I annoyed at this woman for being so cheap and tacky?
Am I past annoyed and laughing at how ridiculously canny she is?

I'm telling ya - ya gotta watch those little old ladies!


Quirky Christa said...

LOL....I love your cafe stories :)

Anonymous said...

That is so cute. I can just picture the little old lady!