Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Do you have the sithers?

Thought it was funny so I put it as my title: "Sithers" Otherwise known as: the hubster asking me for the SCISSORS. lol...I'm such a fun-maker.

Remember back last September (yeah, who am I kidding, right? who can remember yesterday even?) when I wrote this and then this. Anyways, he came back in the office today. I didn't speak to him. He just came in to pick up a typewriter for repair and then was off again. But I was just so excited to see him. Totally made my day, believe it or not.

Know what also made my day? My midwife appointment. Wanna know why? Cause my hubby decided to go with me and we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time ever! It was so exciting. The midwife is doing her thing with the doppler and Jamie and I are just grinning at each other from either side of her. After having apprehensive moments lately about being in the stage of not really feeling or looking pregnant, it really was the most beautiful sound ever. But then my midwife kinda subtly gave me heck about my not so great picky-eating and the beautiful moment ended (however temporary, still messed up my joy in that moment...the joy has since returned).

And then despite having to work late, I have something else that totally made my day. Boy, I really did have a good day, didn't I? I walk in my house at like 6:15 and there's the hubster with the couch and love seat and cushions all pulled out in the middle of the living room and he's vacuuming like a madman. And then I go in the kitchen and supper (spaghetti and meat sauce) is COOKED and waiting for me. Yup, today I love my husband. Tomorrow, we'll see how it goes. lol :)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Olivia's Christening

I'm BACK...

Ok, so it's really weird that I haven't been blogging I know. Normally, I love this "journalling" thing so much that I'm totally on top of it, at least a couple of entries a week. These past 3 weeks, however, have been craziness!! Jenny was off on vacation which meant more work for me to do. And because (shhhhh!) I almost always blog at my desk in the office, that meant no blogging pour moi...suffering. severe. withdrawals. from making the whole world wide web aware of my life story.

I missed telling you about two of my nieces-in-laws birthdays....Happy Birthday Chloe and Happy Birthday Grayson! Born within 4 days of each other on Sept 20th and Sept 24th respectively, they are both 2 years old this year. Unfortunately we don't get to see Chloe on her birthdays because she's back in Nfld but we did go to Grayson's party on Sunday. I have some pics. She's so petite and simply scrumptious. tee hee!

And my niece, Olivia, had her christening on Sept 13th while mom and dad were here visiting. I have lots of pics from that event too. I'm finding my camera (could be the photographer perhaps) taking really dark shots lately. The church was really well lit for the christening but it still seems like a lot of my photos have really dark backgrounds. Not sure how to fix that. Will post later.

Did I mention that I'm really really super glad Jen is back to work today. I'm glad she's back in general too, we literally have barely stopped talking all morning. So much to discuss after 3 weeks.

Congrats to my college bud, Kerri, and her hubby Ryan, who welcomed a new little bundle of joy on Sept 8th. Baby girl Alannah is adorable!

Pregnancy Update: Nothing new except I am slowly but surely growing out of my regular clothing. I have just a couple pairs of pants and a couple of skirts left that fit and I keep wearing them over and over again. But I kinda feel weird starting to wear maternity clothes at this point because I don't "look" pregnant. Know what I mean? Anyways, I do have some maternity clothes that have been very graciously donated to me from family and friends. I'm taking all the hand-outs I can get to fit because it's absolutely startling how much maternity clothes costs to buy new in the store. Of course I'll have to get a few pieces but I'm trying to refrain from spending too much. My next midwife appointment is tomorrow so I'll let you know how that goes. Hoping to hear the heartbeat this time so we'll see. That'll be SO exciting! If not, I have my routine ultrasound appointment made for Oct 26th. I just can't wait!

And I think that's pretty much it for now. I'm sure I'll think of lots more to tell. And keep in touch for the most recent pics.

Friday, September 15, 2006

My Couch is Calling Me

Well Mom and Dad are at the airport now and will be flying back home to Newfoundland in about 1 hour. They arrived last Wednesday night, kind of a last minute decision. Unfortunately I wasn't able to spend as much time with them as I would have liked because I couldn't take any time off work. But, it's okay, we made the best of our evenings together. They took turns staying with my sister and I and we had one weekend to spend together. Gotta do as much as you can when you don't get to see each other all that often. Hope they have a good flight back. Good thing that storm has passed now. Mom would have been freakin' out if not.

The week at work has been absolutely crazy since Jenny is home in Newfoundland as well. That means I have two desks to work on. I seriously cannot wait to just get home and lay on my couch and put my feet up and do diddly-squat!!

Mom thinks my pregnancy is showing a little bit...he he...she says I have "a little pook" lol :) Personally I think the "pook" has always been there and I'm just at the point now where I can no longer suck it in. Know what I mean? But before long I guess I'll be seeing a real change in my growing belly. I'm so excited to get to the point where I actually look pregnant. I think pregnant women look so cute. But I know when I get to that point I'll probably be feeling like an ugly beached whale. Oh well, just gotta think of the final outcome and it's all worth it.

I was so excited about scrapbooking for a bit this weekend but it seems Christa has ditched me in favour of cooking cod fish....lmao! I suppose I can forgive her since it's such a yummy meal.

And now I really gotta leave this place (i'm finishing up at work and typing this) and go home to my hubster. (Who, by the way, really hurt his back and is probably very stoned on pain killers and muscle relaxers right now).

Bye for now :)

Monday, September 11, 2006

We Remember

It's hard to believe this tragedy ever happened let alone that it was 5 years ago! I still remember hearing the news of the first plane hitting. We listened in disbelief, crowding around Ron's desk to watch CNN and theorizing about what happened - an accident perhaps? And then watching the second plane hit in horror - I will never forgot that image. How the families directly affected have gotten through this terrible loss is beyond me, I simply cannot even imagine. To the people who were there and watched with their own two eyes, to those families who lost friends and loved ones, to the firefighters and police officers who gave their lives, to the volunteers who searched for days on end to recover missing people and who now suffer from cancer and respiratory illnesses as a result, to all of those people, please know you are in all our thoughts and prayers today.

I saw this drawing online by Hannah Beach. The tower on the left is saying "Oh no! I can't take it any longer." while both are crying and holding hands. It really struck me as I'm sure it will you.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Happy Birthday Tara!

Full Day

Erykah begins her first FULL day of school today. Grade 1 is a big step, maybe more for me than for her. Now she'll have to eat lunch at school and have 2 recesses and take the bus with the "big" kids. So scary!

I was explaining to someone this morning - when we were growing up in Newfoundland, when parents sent us off to school, they knew everyone. They knew all of the kids and all of the parents, they knew the teachers, the principal, the janitor. When my sister sends Erykah off to school here in the city, she doesn't really know anybody. (Although Phew! Luckily Erykah's grandma is a teacher at her school in one of the older grades - a relief that she has someone there for her just in case). But still, it's like a whole other world - sending a 6-year old to a foreign place full of bullies and strangers and hall monitors to fend for herself. I don't like the thought of it.

I was reminiscing about Erykah's journal from last year and it makes me remember the wonderful things about school. She's learning so much, has learned to print and spell some small words, enough to write a sentence or two. My sister showed me the journal and I understood why mom always said when she needed cheering up, she would read my school journal. The entries are simple and full of spelling mistakes - the mistakes that show how hard she's trying to "sound out" the words (not knowing yet that some words really do spell differently than they sound until you learn the "tricks"). Each entry has a little drawing and the description below. For example, the "My mommy is having a baby" entry. OR the "I'm going to the ballpark tonight with Auntie Myrna" entry. And my ultimate favourite: the "Hmmm. How did Danielle's blue pencil get in my pencil case?" entry. So cute.

And now begins another year of learning so many new things. I called Erykah and Taylor both last night and wished them a good day and talked about their new backpacks and asked about their new school clothes, etc. They seem happy to be going back so I'm trying to be happy too amidst the worry.

What in the world am I going to do when I have my own kids?