Friday, September 15, 2006

My Couch is Calling Me

Well Mom and Dad are at the airport now and will be flying back home to Newfoundland in about 1 hour. They arrived last Wednesday night, kind of a last minute decision. Unfortunately I wasn't able to spend as much time with them as I would have liked because I couldn't take any time off work. But, it's okay, we made the best of our evenings together. They took turns staying with my sister and I and we had one weekend to spend together. Gotta do as much as you can when you don't get to see each other all that often. Hope they have a good flight back. Good thing that storm has passed now. Mom would have been freakin' out if not.

The week at work has been absolutely crazy since Jenny is home in Newfoundland as well. That means I have two desks to work on. I seriously cannot wait to just get home and lay on my couch and put my feet up and do diddly-squat!!

Mom thinks my pregnancy is showing a little bit...he he...she says I have "a little pook" lol :) Personally I think the "pook" has always been there and I'm just at the point now where I can no longer suck it in. Know what I mean? But before long I guess I'll be seeing a real change in my growing belly. I'm so excited to get to the point where I actually look pregnant. I think pregnant women look so cute. But I know when I get to that point I'll probably be feeling like an ugly beached whale. Oh well, just gotta think of the final outcome and it's all worth it.

I was so excited about scrapbooking for a bit this weekend but it seems Christa has ditched me in favour of cooking cod fish....lmao! I suppose I can forgive her since it's such a yummy meal.

And now I really gotta leave this place (i'm finishing up at work and typing this) and go home to my hubster. (Who, by the way, really hurt his back and is probably very stoned on pain killers and muscle relaxers right now).

Bye for now :)


Quirky Christa said...

Not ditching you, just got you excited for scrapbooking before I realized I was losing my mind and couldn't really commit to that.

Stephanie said...

Glad you had a good time with your parents-even if it was a short visit.