Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm BACK...

Ok, so it's really weird that I haven't been blogging I know. Normally, I love this "journalling" thing so much that I'm totally on top of it, at least a couple of entries a week. These past 3 weeks, however, have been craziness!! Jenny was off on vacation which meant more work for me to do. And because (shhhhh!) I almost always blog at my desk in the office, that meant no blogging pour moi...suffering. severe. withdrawals. from making the whole world wide web aware of my life story.

I missed telling you about two of my nieces-in-laws birthdays....Happy Birthday Chloe and Happy Birthday Grayson! Born within 4 days of each other on Sept 20th and Sept 24th respectively, they are both 2 years old this year. Unfortunately we don't get to see Chloe on her birthdays because she's back in Nfld but we did go to Grayson's party on Sunday. I have some pics. She's so petite and simply scrumptious. tee hee!

And my niece, Olivia, had her christening on Sept 13th while mom and dad were here visiting. I have lots of pics from that event too. I'm finding my camera (could be the photographer perhaps) taking really dark shots lately. The church was really well lit for the christening but it still seems like a lot of my photos have really dark backgrounds. Not sure how to fix that. Will post later.

Did I mention that I'm really really super glad Jen is back to work today. I'm glad she's back in general too, we literally have barely stopped talking all morning. So much to discuss after 3 weeks.

Congrats to my college bud, Kerri, and her hubby Ryan, who welcomed a new little bundle of joy on Sept 8th. Baby girl Alannah is adorable!

Pregnancy Update: Nothing new except I am slowly but surely growing out of my regular clothing. I have just a couple pairs of pants and a couple of skirts left that fit and I keep wearing them over and over again. But I kinda feel weird starting to wear maternity clothes at this point because I don't "look" pregnant. Know what I mean? Anyways, I do have some maternity clothes that have been very graciously donated to me from family and friends. I'm taking all the hand-outs I can get to fit because it's absolutely startling how much maternity clothes costs to buy new in the store. Of course I'll have to get a few pieces but I'm trying to refrain from spending too much. My next midwife appointment is tomorrow so I'll let you know how that goes. Hoping to hear the heartbeat this time so we'll see. That'll be SO exciting! If not, I have my routine ultrasound appointment made for Oct 26th. I just can't wait!

And I think that's pretty much it for now. I'm sure I'll think of lots more to tell. And keep in touch for the most recent pics.

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