Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Full Day

Erykah begins her first FULL day of school today. Grade 1 is a big step, maybe more for me than for her. Now she'll have to eat lunch at school and have 2 recesses and take the bus with the "big" kids. So scary!

I was explaining to someone this morning - when we were growing up in Newfoundland, when parents sent us off to school, they knew everyone. They knew all of the kids and all of the parents, they knew the teachers, the principal, the janitor. When my sister sends Erykah off to school here in the city, she doesn't really know anybody. (Although Phew! Luckily Erykah's grandma is a teacher at her school in one of the older grades - a relief that she has someone there for her just in case). But still, it's like a whole other world - sending a 6-year old to a foreign place full of bullies and strangers and hall monitors to fend for herself. I don't like the thought of it.

I was reminiscing about Erykah's journal from last year and it makes me remember the wonderful things about school. She's learning so much, has learned to print and spell some small words, enough to write a sentence or two. My sister showed me the journal and I understood why mom always said when she needed cheering up, she would read my school journal. The entries are simple and full of spelling mistakes - the mistakes that show how hard she's trying to "sound out" the words (not knowing yet that some words really do spell differently than they sound until you learn the "tricks"). Each entry has a little drawing and the description below. For example, the "My mommy is having a baby" entry. OR the "I'm going to the ballpark tonight with Auntie Myrna" entry. And my ultimate favourite: the "Hmmm. How did Danielle's blue pencil get in my pencil case?" entry. So cute.

And now begins another year of learning so many new things. I called Erykah and Taylor both last night and wished them a good day and talked about their new backpacks and asked about their new school clothes, etc. They seem happy to be going back so I'm trying to be happy too amidst the worry.

What in the world am I going to do when I have my own kids?


Quirky Christa said...

What will you do when you get your own kids?? lol
Very nice of you to call your nieces to wish them well for their first day of school.

dafrhug said...

It is scary sending them off to school where we, nor them, know anyone. But I'm sure they will all make friends quickly. We told Joshua that every other kid there was as scared as he was so to just go up to them and make friends and he told me that is exactly what he did.

Tara said...

You'll CRY!!!

Anonymous said...

im erica mom.i met u last year in pei.it is a very sad and exciting day when they start school the first day.my grandson went to daycare for the first day today,i could hardly wait for him to get home .he is just 2.he cried for little while after his mom left,then he was fine.then his mom went home and had good cry