Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Grapefruit Ban

It's official - I think I need to lay off the grapefruits. Some of you are probably thinking, "..and the problem is?" as I don't believe that this sour fruit is well loved by many. But let me tell you, I love grapefruit. It all started when I was a baby and my grandmother who is also a big fan would feed them to me. I've enjoyed them immensely ever since, in spurts. I could go for months and eat one every day. And then go for months with only one here and there. I'm currently on an "off" period because I was finding citrus fruit upsetting my stomach. And every now and then I try one again. Sometimes I'm fine. But today I think I've decided that my body can no longer handle it. And that sucks! There really aren't a whole lot of super healthy foods that I love, grapefruit is one of them, and I do believe I now officially have to issue a ban on them. Ugh!

In other news, I believe I may have just had the worse bath of my entire life. In the new house, we decided to have a 6ft soaker tub installed. However, it seems that we haven't the hot water capacity to actually fill it. And that, once again, sucks! See, I'm usually a shower girl. But every now and then I just really like to soak in steamy hot water and relax. It's really not so much about the "bathing", it's about the pampering. It's nice to light a candle, add some bath salts, exfoliate, read my book. It's great...usually. The tub was about half full with me already in it, muddy mask face and all, and I noticed it getting considerably cooler by the second. Eeeek! Unbelieveable! Jamie came in and asked what was the matter and just kinda giggled at me, no appreciation whatsoever for hot water, may have been the brown grainy apricot scrub all over me. I tried to lay there and get in some water enjoyment but too many of my body parts were sticking out in the cold air. Normally the hot water has made my bathroom super steamy and this would never be the case. Alas, my relaxation time came to a quick end and another chapter in the "Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair" will have to wait.

Getting out of the bathtub in full view of a NOT steamed up mirror confirmed that I need to go on a diet. Cursed cellulite has overrun my once slim physique and I can't stand it anymore. Christa guided me earlier today to a blog we had come across. www.jillgodon.typepad.com. Christa (skinny girl alert) knows I've been complaining and Jill is on this crazy miracle diet to quickly lose a few pounds. Never one for crash diets and I hate veggies but I think it may be just what I need to give me that jumpstart I need on the way to losing 20 pounds or so. I'm an immediate gratification girl, sorry to say, if I don't see results after 2 days of eating healthy then I'm discouraged. Bad attitude, I know! But anyways, wish me luck...Thanks Jill! (Hope it's okay that I mentioned your blog in my post). I'll need it, how will I EVER survive without chocolate??!!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Housewarming

Jamie and I had our housewarming party on Saturday night. We had a great turn-out. We honestly didn't expect to have quite that many people - I think we counted a total of 38 people at one point. It was fantastic! Lots of food, lots of chit-chatting, lots of fun seeing everyone.

Here are some pics to share:
It was Steph's birthday the next day so I "made" her a cupcake birthday cake. That's me on the right, Steph center, Vicky in front left, Jenny back left, and Christa back right.

Newfies always gather in the kitchen...I guess because it's where all the food and drinks are.

Jen and Steph takin' it easy.

Kristen and Chris

My sister, Tracey, and Isabella in the foreground

Boys! I believe this is where Chris emphatically promises to dance with Vicky at her Jack n Jill. *Keep in mind that Chris DOES NOT dance* And Jamie is in the background telling Cory (Vicky's fiance) that he will be certain to see Chris follow through on that promise. Ha!

Last but not least, but kitty cat being harassed by Jen and Christa and the Ikea Troll.

And a GREAT BIG THANK YOU (you really didn't have to do that) for those of you who brought housewarming gifts for us (gift cards and plants and dishes and food and the ladder...lol).

And thanks for joining us...we had a great time! But ugh...staying up late really messes me up for sleeping on Sunday night for work on Monday mornings!

Friday, January 27, 2006

My Element

Erica has this on her blog..."What mythological creature are you?" and I was not surprised by my answer. I love, love, love the water...love swimming in it, love drinking it, love soaking in it, love the rain, am frightened by it, in awe of it, fascinated by it.

UR A MERMAID:"In the sea the fish have learned to flyOn a moonlight night on wings of silverAs the enchanted stars sail serenely bydo they know where do unicorns gowhere winged horses flyNarwhales lost at sea and never seen againgo, go and ask the magpiewhere do unicorns go."Mermaids are creatures that are half fish and half
human. They are the gentlest creatures of the
sea. You love the ocean and its mysteries.
Water is where you are most comfortable. You
respect all of the ocean's creatures. You
also have lots of curiosity and you love to
explore. You are best at solving mysteries
and arguments. You have befriended many
people yet, you are timid around those you
don't know. You have a gift with medicine and

What mythological creature are you?
brought to you by

Don't know if all of the above statements are true but the water parts certainly are.


Seems like such a long time since I've blogged. Well, that is considering I usually try to post at least 3 or 4 times a week. Work has been crazy and when I go home I'm exhausted. But today I've been tagged by Christa. This is my first tag, how exciting is that? How pathetic am I to be so excited about a tag? he, he...but I am...so here goes:

First time you got kissed. How was it?
Vicki has told me that she caught Craig Burden and I kissing when we were little, like in Kindergarten. Craig was totally my little boyfriend back then...I remember the first time I saw him, he was running around the corner of the school on my first day. He stopped and I stopped and we looked at each other and we were in "puppy love"...lol :) But obviously the kiss wasn't memorable cause I haven't the slightest recollection about it. Anyways, the first one I remember was Sheldon Power at camp when I was 12. It was just a little peck, nothing special. And the first REAL kiss? I was 13, it was in March, the boy was Terry Payne who had sworn his undying love for months and had finally convinced me to go on a date. I was so nervous about the kiss...it was outside of "Lucy's" (our local pool hall that actually only had one pool table...ha ha), I was so scared that someone would see us...but it was alright for the first time I guess.

First time you drove a car. What kind of car?
Before I got my license my dad would sometimes let me put the truck in gear and reverse it out of the church parking lot...but that's it!! No stealing, no fun reckless stories.

First time you scrapbooked. When you look at your page do you love it?
I scrapbooked for the first time at a Creative Memories party at my friend Darla's house. I just loved it and I continued. My page was of Erykah's first birthday party. It's a cute page, I like it. It's very Creative Memories and kinda plain but it's a keeper.

First time you went on a date. Where did you go and with who?
See above "kissing" section. It was Sheldon at camp when I was 12. We held hands and walked around and around and around the complex and barely even spoke. Yeah, it was very exciting.

First time you fell in love. How did you know?
This is a tough one, I think I've been in and out of love about a million times. Well, it's actually about 4 times. Like Christa, at times I thought I was in love but wasn't. But my first love...I guess that was Clayton in highschool. We "went out" for probably a year and a half. I know it was a different kind of love back then, the immature teenage highschool kind...you know the kind where you never tire of each other and you spend every possible moment together, and he hitchhiked to visit me almost every night even though he was petrified of my father, and he gave me cute (ugly) little teddy bears and cards and let me borrow his baggy plaid shirts when I was in that phase...silly stuff maybe...but I still do honestly think we loved each other in the only way we new at that time. The first time he told me, I didn't say it back cause I wasn't sure I knew. But after a little while of pondering I decided that I loved him back.

First time you cooked for someone. Was it yummy?
The first thing I think of is when Daphne and Terry (Yeah, the same Terry from above in the kissing section) all lived together in college. We had literally no groceries in the apartment cause we were super poor. Daphne wasn't home at the time or maybe she was just ignoring us in her room and Terry and I decided that we were starving. The only thing to cook was potatoes (honest to GOODNESS!)...potatoes! So I lovingly peeled them and chopped them up kinda like big fat french fries, and put them in the oven on a cookie sheet, no salt, no nothing. We ate them with ketchup and Terry said they were the best potatoes EVER and they probably were cause we were so hungry. lol :)

First time you got on a plane. Where did you go? Were you scared?
I think I was about 15 and I was visiting my sister who was going to college in Peterborough, Ontario. I few alone, on standby, didn't have a clue, but I don't remember being nervous. I was just so excited that I was going on "vacation" without my parents.

First time you shaved your legs. Did you cut yourself?
I was really young when I first shaved my legs. I used a real razor, no soap, no water,..totally dry legs which got REALLY sore afterwards. My mom caught me and told me I was too young to shave my legs and asked me why I was doing it and I simply told her "but my legs are too hairy" which I'm sure they probably weren't.

First time you put on make up. Looking back how did you do? Did you look good or like a clown?
I remember using a little bit of Tracey's lipgloss or something, probably from the Avon. But otherwise, the "real" stuff came out when we would have sleepovers at Vicki's house cause Vicki and Wendi were allowed to have all kinds of makeup. I'm certain we all looked like clowns with out 80's blue eyeshadow and hot pink lipstick. It all went perfectly with our friendship pins and gimp bracelets, sideways ponytails, and neon green slouch socks.

First time you moved out of your home. Was it an apartment, house, etc?
First time I moved out I had just turned 18 and was going to University in Corner Brook. Daphne and I got a basement apartment together and then Terry later moved in with us. It was quite an interesting experience to say the least, great fun, wouldn't trade those crazy memories for the world.

Now I'm supposed to tag three other people but I'm not going to...sorry but my blogging friends have already been tagged.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dare I admit...

...I voted for the very first time last night. 28 years old and I've never marked an X to express my opinion about the political future of my country. My reason was always that I knew nothing about politics, that my vote would be made purely out of ignorance. And I still really don't know much about politics, I find it boring and difficult to comprehend. It seems all the political parties are bad in one way or another so it was a matter of following my instinct to choose the lesser of the evils. And no, I will not share who I voted for. I will say that my husband and I voted differently. Is that absolutely terrible? I hope not. But he was the one who encouraged to get out there and do my duty as a Canadian citizen. My father also gave me crap for not exercising this priveledge that my fore-mothers fought so hard for. So, I did it. I kinda did the eeny-miney-mo thing while at the polling station but I did it. And I'm proud of myself for taking that step. Maybe this will finally set me in the right direction to take a greater interest in our political future.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Taylors Lanterns...Cute!


Tonight Jamie and I are watching our nieces, Taylor and Grayson, for a few hours while their parents take a few hours to go to a friends 40th surprise birthday party. The babysitter backed out of them so they asked us. But I really don't mind. They barely ever ask us to sit for them and we had nothing planned but a night at home anyways.

It's really quiet here right now. Taylor is busy sharpening her pencil crayons and colouring. Earlier we worked on a little project together. She had gotten this craft-making kit for paper lanterns for Christmas. Her mom (sorry, Vanessa, but it's true) is so not inclined to crafty things and lacks the patience to sit down and work on such a project. My sister is the same way so I'm totally used to it. So Taylor, knowing that I cannot resist, immediately challenged me with the kit. It's so cute. I'm going to go and take a picture right now before I forget and post it later.

Grayson is sleeping, she went down at about 7:30pm. She went to sleep perfectly in my arms, I layed her on the couch and she was fine. Left her for a bit but when I picked her up to bring her to her crib, she totally freaked out. But it wasn't long before she settled once again. She's really a good baby. I can't help but notice Jamie watching me as I attend to her. When I was giving her supper, getting her bottle, rocking her to sleep, he just seems to look at me with this I don't know...like he's pondering what kind of mom I will be, kinda like he's proud of me being good with the kids. It's cool...I could be mis-reading him perhaps, maybe it's wishful thinking since we've been talking a lot lately of starting our own family. He certainly has apprehensions, as do I, but I really do believe we'll make good parents. This practice with our nieces it certainly helping us in the process of what may come.

Taylor has just come in the room questioning why she seems her name in type on the computer screen. I tell her I'm writing in my blog about my night of babysitting, she questions, "what's a blog?", "Can I have one too?" She's 9, full of curiosity and surprises me with questions and comments pertaining to things I think she shouldn't yet be aware of. Such is the life of a pre-teen I suppose.

So I suppose I should end off. Jamie is busy hooking up surround sound for his brother-in-law and Tay has just come to again with yet another kit. It's late, I think she really needs to go to bed.
Happy Birthday Dad!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Who says you can't go home

...yup, definitely would prefer to be at home today. It's such a warm day here, going up to ab0ut 10 degrees celcius. And Jamie is at home today. Poor thing, legs are bothering him so much. He was born with crazy bone structure in his legs. The doctor says his legs are shaped like an "S". So, he has a tendency to have pain, mostly in his ankles and feet.

He is doing his absolute very best to "milk it" and being the bad wife that I am, I don't really give in very much at all.

He came home yesterday describing his appointment with the doctor.
"Do you want to know what the doctor said?", asked Jamie.
"Of course", I said.
So he proceeds to then explain the "S" shaped bones that can no longer be fixed in his adulthood, that his feet have actually formed to compensate fairly well, but that his knees have fluid, etc. He had to go for xrays and will await results in a couple of weeks.
And then he continues, "You know what else the doctor said?"
"and what is that?"
"Well he said that I really need to tell my wife to rub my feet a lot...and he said that I'm not allowed to rub them myself."
Ha! Ha!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mom Update

Just want to give you an update on my mom post-surgery:

My dad called last night to say that she was out, they were back at their room, and she was doing fine. She was groggy and in some pain, she didn't want to talk, but she was doing fine.

The doctor thinks that he got all of the cancer. From what I understand, the surgery she had works this way: they keep her "under" and keep taking a piece of skin and then they test it on the spot for cancer cells. They will keep doing this until they outer edges of the sample show up as being "normal" skin cells and not cancerous ones. The doctor is confident but to be certain they have to wait for the FINAL test results to come back in about two weeks.

She also had the skin on her nose replaced by a skin graph taken from her neck. The skin tissue is not an exact match but the doctor told her that if the cancer is all gone and she is not satisfied then she can go back in and have another skin graph taken from her forehead which is the best possible skin match.

Dad, being ever the positive one, said, "Well I think she looks pretty good considering the surgery and the bandage on her nose." He said she kept fussing with her hair...lol...as if that's what she needed to worry about. He was then on his way to fill a presciption for her for pain killers. They will be staying in St. John's for a few more days to make sure everything goes well before heading back across the province.

Thanks for your prayers...please continue.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Let Freedom Ring

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. My calendar states this as a U.S. only holiday, I think not. And it was great to see how google incorporated Martin Luther King's image into their title today.

When I was 16, for Christmas, my father bought me a framed picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. It showed his profile with mouth agape as though addressing a crowd in one of his great speaches. At the bottom was the bold print, "I Have a Dream..."

I cherished this picture for a number of reasons. Firstly, as a gift from my father as he didn't often go shopping for us by himself. He said that he saw it in the store and immediately thought of me. The "I have a dream..." statement, just that in itself, felt like it had so much validity in my life at that time as I was trying to decide on University or College or wherever it was that I wanted my life to become past highschool. It is a statement valid for anyone and everyone for we all have hopes and dreams.

And then looking at that picture and my mind would echo with the sound of that voice, crisp and strong in the "I have a dream" speach, those words, and I remember a few of the words from the end of the speach...

"Let freedom ring...and when that happens we will be able to speed up that day
when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles,
Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of
the old Negro spiritual: Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, we are
free at last!"

And if you've ever heard any "old-time" preacher you can understand how the words are not just words, they are full of meaning and conviction. The words reverbate through your head and straight to your soul as though a message not only from the mouth of man but direct from God himself. Dr. Martin Luther King, not just a man, but a vessel through which God addressed the people of our nation to make a change and take a stand for all to be equal.

I thank God for these men, and women, who have taken a stand amidst oppression so that my life could be better. Just a young white girl from Canada, never really had to deal with any REAL prejudices, can't ever ever say, will not dare to pretend to know what it was like to be a black man in the southern states at that time or any other, despised for no other reason but the colour of his skin...but I am thankful still because who knows where we would be without a man like Martin Luther King Jr.

Do you think we will ever truly get to the day when we will judge one another not by skin colour but by the content of character?

To read the entire "I have a dream" speach, as you should, go to http://www.stanford.edu/group/King/publications/speeches/

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Surgery Booked

My mom has booked her surgery to remove the Basal Cell Carcinoma on her nose for Monday, Jan 16th in St. John's.

She is, understandably, quite nervous. This is not a hidden area and I would certainly be very anxious as well about having a surgery and a skin graph done on my face. She has mentioned that she is glad it is winter thus making her feel more comfortable about "hibernating" for a while until she has healed.

Of course, as with any surgery there is always the slight possibility of complications. So I ask for your prayers...to comfort my mom in her worries, to keep my parents safe as they travel across the province to St. John's, to guide the doctor as he performs the surgery, and for a speedy and well-healed recovery.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Circle of Life

Christa (sicky) this one is for you...

I was walking through the doors to leave work today, saw two young guys sitting on the steps having a smoke, one of them singing very loudly to the absolute top of his voice, ...
"Nants ingonyama bagithi baba..."
and in case you didn't know, those are the words sung by the african choir at the beginning of "The Circle of Life" at the opening of "The Lion King".

I was standing behind the guy as he was blocking my exit down the steps.
He turned around as I was bursting into laughter and stated, "Oh F**k, now I'm embarrassed".
Me still busting up, "No, that was good...ha ha ha!"
Him, "You like that? I'm gonna join The Lion King next season."
Me, "No really, you should...that was great!" as I'm walking past him to my truck.
He to his friend as I'm almost out of ear-shot, "See? someone appreciates my talent..."

Honest to goodness, I thought I was gonna crack up, that guy totally made my drive home, I would think of him every now and then and start laughing all over again. The other drivers on the road looking across at me probably thought I was completely psychotic.

Just picture it...
Young guy...really cute punky looking sort...singing very loudly...not singing the stereotypical young guy hip hop or heavy metal stuff....but singing the african/tribal choir anthem part of the Lion King theme song...now tell me that's not the sort of stuff to make you split a gut??!!
...and you'll laugh too...

First Bug

Yes, we had our first official bug in the house. Saw it scurry across the floor in the basement while I was doing laundry. Blech! An ugly black beetle thingy. I always hesitate a little to kill them because I feel bad that it may have a family, etc. but then I tell myself I'm being ridiculous and go find the nearest shoe.

Amazing how that act of squooshing an insect really made me feel at home... "sweet" home.

Friday, January 06, 2006


...to my mom and her family on the death of Uncle Doug Barnes who passed away in his sleep last night.

He lived back home in Trout River, Newfoundland with his mother (Nan Barnes) who turned 97 just 2 days ago on January 4th. When she went to wake him this morning, he was gone. Cause of death has not yet been determined but my mom said that he hadn't been feeling well over the past couple of days.

I didn't know my Uncle...met him only a few times but family is still family and his death leaves me sad for his mother, children, and siblings. Heartfelt sympathies to all of them.

On a side note, I should have known perhaps that "something" was going to happen. My "weird" dreams always seem to coincide with birth and death. Here's how it works for me:
To dream of pregnancy means someone in this life will die. Theory: New life in the dream means that a life here must leave to make room for the new.
To dream of death means someone is pregnant. Theory: death in the dream allows for a new life to be reborn
To dream of a dead person also means that someone here will die. Theory: The deceased has come to take someone back with them.

I had a dream about my grandad Goosney two nights ago. He passed away in 1995. Sign? or complete coincedence?

Happy Housewarming

I sent out the official invitations via email today for our housewarming party. Now that Christmas is over we thought that the end of January would be a good time to get everyone together for a little shin-dig to celebrate our new home. January 28th is the date, that's a Saturday, and hopefully will be a good date for everyone (at least almost everyone) to be able to attend.

For those who got my e-vite today please make sure I didn't miss anyone on the list, and forward the message along if I did.

Can't wait to see you there! Feel free to use this as your excuse to come visit if you live far away from us :)

Speaking of invites, now gotta start thinking about the guest list for my sisters baby shower.

Oh, and please link to Christa's blog...Instead of posting the same exact pics, I'll just cheat a little here. As you'll see, she has posted pics of us on New Years Eve at her house. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tara's Reminder

Tara reminded me that I haven't posted a pic of the new house since it's completion...so here it is, still needing trims painted and grass, both to be completed in the spring by the builder.

Did I mention that I saw another "sick" pigeon? It was in our driveway and then hopped it's way over to the neighbours house...and the neighbour made a comment to my dad over the holidays about having to call someone if it died. I think someone's poisoning them, it's a big conspiracy and I'm keeping my eyes peeled. Gotta talk to the neighbour to find out if he's been experiencing these bird deaths too!

Oh, and here's our kitchen sans appliances when we first moved in...

Christmas Morning Photos

My "Angel" Christmas Tree

Sleepy 7am Christmas Morning

Opening our presents

Tracey and Richard

Darren and his new hat

Bella and the Snowman

Dad and Blaine

Mom and Erykah

Matching Yellow PJs

The print is little brown monkeys. And they also have the matching pink bath robes and slippers. Cute!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

As Promised

I had mentioned yesterday about having a gazillion pics from Christmas...so here are some of them for your "enjoyment"...

This is Taylor (she's just turned 9) and the picture with the Gingerbread doll is actually from her birthday party on Dec 23rd.

Grayson is 15 months and such a cutie in her stripey "Prison" pj's, as I like to call them.

The remaining 3 pics were taken on Christmas morning when Jamie and I went to visit.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Over the holidays I got to spend quite a bit of quality time with my two little nieces whom I absolutely adore. Erykah stayed at my house 3 times over Christmas, Isabella just once. I believe that was the first time Isabella stayed anywhere overnight without her parents and she did quite well. She woke up once saying, "Da-dee, Da-dee" (daddy)...then paused and remembered, "Muna, Muna" (that would be me). Which brings me to the reason for this post, I thought I'd share some of the latest & cutest Isabella vocab:

As stated above, Muna means Myrna, she doesn't quite get the "auntie" part yet.

Here are some others:

Kekka - Erykah (she's usually screaming this word)
Jeemie - Jamie
Dannen - Darren
Gwamma - Grandma
aaaaup - (she really stressed the "aaaa" part) - up
ope - open
O sooot - Oh Shoot (making us all laugh out loud when she drops something)
patha - pasta
ites - lights
f**k - fork (yeah I know, it sounds really bad! lol)
move - exactly as it sounds, she's really good at this one especially when it comes to pushing her sister around
mook - milk
noman - snowman
Pop - not "grandpa" but the "pepsi" or "coke" soda kind of pop, another one she's great at cause she loves, loves, loves pop...bad!
yesh - yes
Dowa - Dora
Emmo - Elmo
soos - shoes

I think "Oh Shoot" is one of the very few 2-word sentences I've heard her put together so far. Funny little thing. For everything else, she just kinda freaks out when she can't use her yet-to-be-learned words....crazy feisty girl!

Happy New Year!

Hello all....happy new year! It's been a while since I blogged. Busy with the holiday season...all the hussle and bussle of it all.

I'll have a lot to write to fill you in on the details. I'll spare you and just try to give you a brief overview.

Mom and Dad arrived on Dec 23rd. It was so good to spend Christmas with them. All of us kids are here in Brampton now so it seems easier for them to come here now rather than us all going back home. Of course, back home would be much better, probably more relaxing than the constant running around and shopping that we did, visiting, eating, shopping some more, eating some more. It all worked out great though....they spent a few nights at my house, a few nights at Tracey's and a night with Aunt Rowelle and Uncle Reg.

Of course, Mom and Dad spent Christmas Eve with the kids which is the most important thing. Christmas morning is really all about Erykah and Isabella now...who cares about us adults now, right? Christmas morning is always so much fun...Jamie and I spent the morning alone together which was really nice, first Christmas married and in our new house. We then went to visit Jamie's sister and her family. Taylor and Grayson really got a lot of stuff and I got some great pics of them too. Still need to download and share later. Afterwards Jamie and I came back home to greet the family (Mom, Dad, Darren, Tracey, Richard, the girls, and a straggler...family friend, Blaine...lol) to open more gifts and cook Christmas dinner. Wonderful! We are so spoiled! Yummy!!! Oh boy, did I eat a ton over the holidays!

So what did I get for Christmas? Spoiled as I said already:
Flat Iron to straighten my curly locks (my "big" gift from hubby)
Makeup brushes with natural hair bristles
Lots of scrapbook supplies
Clothes (some for Christmas morning and some shopping on boxing day...eeekk!)
Chocolates, of course, Christmas would not be complete without those
Narnia book set and other books
Pillow, one of the nice memory-foam ones to help me sleep better :)
Track suit (so comfy!)
Lounge/Pj pants with tank tops
2 Angel tree ornaments (my tree is all angels)
Misc....socks, makeup, hair products, gift cards.

Jamie got spoiled too with tons of tools (wrenches, screwdrivers, stud finder, ratchet set, etc.), a leather jacket from Moi, the biggest Toblerone bar in the whole wide world, t-shirts, Tim's coffee, etc.

Erykah and Isabella? Now what didn't they get? Erykah loves "Bratz" and got quite a few dolls and accessories and things, a Furby, she also got Chicken Limbo (a crazy kid limbo stick with a chicken that squawks and drives you nuts especially if you don't make it under the stick properly). Isabella got a new Dora and Elmo. They both got snowsuits and lots of new clothes.

The week flew by so quickly and before we knew it it was New years and the countdown was on at Christa's house. The 6 of us hung out and watched tv and the 1st American Pie movie (still funny!), we watched the Newfie countdown and then our own Ontario countdown, kissed and hugged, ate lots of food AGAIN! and then called it a night. New years always makes me think back (I guess everyone reminisces that way at the start of a new year)...so much to be thankful for. A year has passed with health and happiness, wonderful family and friends, great memories with Jamie and I getting married and moving into our new home. We are truly blessed!

I have so many pictures...I really HAVE to get them on my computer to share with you.

Mom and Dad are gone now. We'll really miss having them around. But they are very happy to be "Home Sweet Home" and I can't blame them. And it's life back to normal now and back to work. It sucks to come back but it's yet another thing I am very thankful for, even on the days I don't want to be here.

Hope you all had a very wonderful and safe holiday season. Looking forward to continuing this blog thing....and who knows what it's store for 2006!!