Friday, January 27, 2006


Seems like such a long time since I've blogged. Well, that is considering I usually try to post at least 3 or 4 times a week. Work has been crazy and when I go home I'm exhausted. But today I've been tagged by Christa. This is my first tag, how exciting is that? How pathetic am I to be so excited about a tag? he, he...but I here goes:

First time you got kissed. How was it?
Vicki has told me that she caught Craig Burden and I kissing when we were little, like in Kindergarten. Craig was totally my little boyfriend back then...I remember the first time I saw him, he was running around the corner of the school on my first day. He stopped and I stopped and we looked at each other and we were in "puppy love" :) But obviously the kiss wasn't memorable cause I haven't the slightest recollection about it. Anyways, the first one I remember was Sheldon Power at camp when I was 12. It was just a little peck, nothing special. And the first REAL kiss? I was 13, it was in March, the boy was Terry Payne who had sworn his undying love for months and had finally convinced me to go on a date. I was so nervous about the was outside of "Lucy's" (our local pool hall that actually only had one pool table...ha ha), I was so scared that someone would see us...but it was alright for the first time I guess.

First time you drove a car. What kind of car?
Before I got my license my dad would sometimes let me put the truck in gear and reverse it out of the church parking lot...but that's it!! No stealing, no fun reckless stories.

First time you scrapbooked. When you look at your page do you love it?
I scrapbooked for the first time at a Creative Memories party at my friend Darla's house. I just loved it and I continued. My page was of Erykah's first birthday party. It's a cute page, I like it. It's very Creative Memories and kinda plain but it's a keeper.

First time you went on a date. Where did you go and with who?
See above "kissing" section. It was Sheldon at camp when I was 12. We held hands and walked around and around and around the complex and barely even spoke. Yeah, it was very exciting.

First time you fell in love. How did you know?
This is a tough one, I think I've been in and out of love about a million times. Well, it's actually about 4 times. Like Christa, at times I thought I was in love but wasn't. But my first love...I guess that was Clayton in highschool. We "went out" for probably a year and a half. I know it was a different kind of love back then, the immature teenage highschool know the kind where you never tire of each other and you spend every possible moment together, and he hitchhiked to visit me almost every night even though he was petrified of my father, and he gave me cute (ugly) little teddy bears and cards and let me borrow his baggy plaid shirts when I was in that phase...silly stuff maybe...but I still do honestly think we loved each other in the only way we new at that time. The first time he told me, I didn't say it back cause I wasn't sure I knew. But after a little while of pondering I decided that I loved him back.

First time you cooked for someone. Was it yummy?
The first thing I think of is when Daphne and Terry (Yeah, the same Terry from above in the kissing section) all lived together in college. We had literally no groceries in the apartment cause we were super poor. Daphne wasn't home at the time or maybe she was just ignoring us in her room and Terry and I decided that we were starving. The only thing to cook was potatoes (honest to GOODNESS!)...potatoes! So I lovingly peeled them and chopped them up kinda like big fat french fries, and put them in the oven on a cookie sheet, no salt, no nothing. We ate them with ketchup and Terry said they were the best potatoes EVER and they probably were cause we were so hungry. lol :)

First time you got on a plane. Where did you go? Were you scared?
I think I was about 15 and I was visiting my sister who was going to college in Peterborough, Ontario. I few alone, on standby, didn't have a clue, but I don't remember being nervous. I was just so excited that I was going on "vacation" without my parents.

First time you shaved your legs. Did you cut yourself?
I was really young when I first shaved my legs. I used a real razor, no soap, no water,..totally dry legs which got REALLY sore afterwards. My mom caught me and told me I was too young to shave my legs and asked me why I was doing it and I simply told her "but my legs are too hairy" which I'm sure they probably weren't.

First time you put on make up. Looking back how did you do? Did you look good or like a clown?
I remember using a little bit of Tracey's lipgloss or something, probably from the Avon. But otherwise, the "real" stuff came out when we would have sleepovers at Vicki's house cause Vicki and Wendi were allowed to have all kinds of makeup. I'm certain we all looked like clowns with out 80's blue eyeshadow and hot pink lipstick. It all went perfectly with our friendship pins and gimp bracelets, sideways ponytails, and neon green slouch socks.

First time you moved out of your home. Was it an apartment, house, etc?
First time I moved out I had just turned 18 and was going to University in Corner Brook. Daphne and I got a basement apartment together and then Terry later moved in with us. It was quite an interesting experience to say the least, great fun, wouldn't trade those crazy memories for the world.

Now I'm supposed to tag three other people but I'm not going to...sorry but my blogging friends have already been tagged.


Quirky Christa said...

Thanks for playing along...figured you would have tonnes of people to tag...he he.

Ickie said...

Shaving your legs with no soap or water, thats hilarious. That really must of hurt.