Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Over the holidays I got to spend quite a bit of quality time with my two little nieces whom I absolutely adore. Erykah stayed at my house 3 times over Christmas, Isabella just once. I believe that was the first time Isabella stayed anywhere overnight without her parents and she did quite well. She woke up once saying, "Da-dee, Da-dee" (daddy)...then paused and remembered, "Muna, Muna" (that would be me). Which brings me to the reason for this post, I thought I'd share some of the latest & cutest Isabella vocab:

As stated above, Muna means Myrna, she doesn't quite get the "auntie" part yet.

Here are some others:

Kekka - Erykah (she's usually screaming this word)
Jeemie - Jamie
Dannen - Darren
Gwamma - Grandma
aaaaup - (she really stressed the "aaaa" part) - up
ope - open
O sooot - Oh Shoot (making us all laugh out loud when she drops something)
patha - pasta
ites - lights
f**k - fork (yeah I know, it sounds really bad! lol)
move - exactly as it sounds, she's really good at this one especially when it comes to pushing her sister around
mook - milk
noman - snowman
Pop - not "grandpa" but the "pepsi" or "coke" soda kind of pop, another one she's great at cause she loves, loves, loves pop...bad!
yesh - yes
Dowa - Dora
Emmo - Elmo
soos - shoes

I think "Oh Shoot" is one of the very few 2-word sentences I've heard her put together so far. Funny little thing. For everything else, she just kinda freaks out when she can't use her yet-to-be-learned words....crazy feisty girl!


tara said...

Oh my Myrna...it's so sweet for you to be capturing such sweet details about your neices the way you do. They are so lucky to have you....did I ever tell you that you will be an AMAZING mother one day (maybe?)!!! Sounds like you had a great Christmas....I'm so happy for you. But, i'm still waiting to see pictures of your new house!!!

Quirky Christa said...

Well speaking of swearing when trying to say words when you're little....Kristen's brother used to say FIRE F**K in place of Fire truck....lol.