Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mom Update

Just want to give you an update on my mom post-surgery:

My dad called last night to say that she was out, they were back at their room, and she was doing fine. She was groggy and in some pain, she didn't want to talk, but she was doing fine.

The doctor thinks that he got all of the cancer. From what I understand, the surgery she had works this way: they keep her "under" and keep taking a piece of skin and then they test it on the spot for cancer cells. They will keep doing this until they outer edges of the sample show up as being "normal" skin cells and not cancerous ones. The doctor is confident but to be certain they have to wait for the FINAL test results to come back in about two weeks.

She also had the skin on her nose replaced by a skin graph taken from her neck. The skin tissue is not an exact match but the doctor told her that if the cancer is all gone and she is not satisfied then she can go back in and have another skin graph taken from her forehead which is the best possible skin match.

Dad, being ever the positive one, said, "Well I think she looks pretty good considering the surgery and the bandage on her nose." He said she kept fussing with her hair...lol...as if that's what she needed to worry about. He was then on his way to fill a presciption for her for pain killers. They will be staying in St. John's for a few more days to make sure everything goes well before heading back across the province.

Thanks for your prayers...please continue.


Quirky Christa said...

Good to hear your mom is doing well, I hope all the final tests come back with positive results.

Messa1981 said...

I am happy to hear your moms surgery went well, I hope she gets well soon! Take Care

tara said...

That's wonderful news Myrna!