Thursday, January 12, 2006

Surgery Booked

My mom has booked her surgery to remove the Basal Cell Carcinoma on her nose for Monday, Jan 16th in St. John's.

She is, understandably, quite nervous. This is not a hidden area and I would certainly be very anxious as well about having a surgery and a skin graph done on my face. She has mentioned that she is glad it is winter thus making her feel more comfortable about "hibernating" for a while until she has healed.

Of course, as with any surgery there is always the slight possibility of complications. So I ask for your comfort my mom in her worries, to keep my parents safe as they travel across the province to St. John's, to guide the doctor as he performs the surgery, and for a speedy and well-healed recovery.


Quirky Christa said...

Hope everything goes okay, wish her luck for me.

Ickie said...

I will pray for a safe trip for them and for a good recovery for your mom.

dafrhug said...

Mom was just telling me about her surgery yesterday. My thoughts and prayers are with her.