Saturday, January 21, 2006


Tonight Jamie and I are watching our nieces, Taylor and Grayson, for a few hours while their parents take a few hours to go to a friends 40th surprise birthday party. The babysitter backed out of them so they asked us. But I really don't mind. They barely ever ask us to sit for them and we had nothing planned but a night at home anyways.

It's really quiet here right now. Taylor is busy sharpening her pencil crayons and colouring. Earlier we worked on a little project together. She had gotten this craft-making kit for paper lanterns for Christmas. Her mom (sorry, Vanessa, but it's true) is so not inclined to crafty things and lacks the patience to sit down and work on such a project. My sister is the same way so I'm totally used to it. So Taylor, knowing that I cannot resist, immediately challenged me with the kit. It's so cute. I'm going to go and take a picture right now before I forget and post it later.

Grayson is sleeping, she went down at about 7:30pm. She went to sleep perfectly in my arms, I layed her on the couch and she was fine. Left her for a bit but when I picked her up to bring her to her crib, she totally freaked out. But it wasn't long before she settled once again. She's really a good baby. I can't help but notice Jamie watching me as I attend to her. When I was giving her supper, getting her bottle, rocking her to sleep, he just seems to look at me with this I don't he's pondering what kind of mom I will be, kinda like he's proud of me being good with the kids. It's cool...I could be mis-reading him perhaps, maybe it's wishful thinking since we've been talking a lot lately of starting our own family. He certainly has apprehensions, as do I, but I really do believe we'll make good parents. This practice with our nieces it certainly helping us in the process of what may come.

Taylor has just come in the room questioning why she seems her name in type on the computer screen. I tell her I'm writing in my blog about my night of babysitting, she questions, "what's a blog?", "Can I have one too?" She's 9, full of curiosity and surprises me with questions and comments pertaining to things I think she shouldn't yet be aware of. Such is the life of a pre-teen I suppose.

So I suppose I should end off. Jamie is busy hooking up surround sound for his brother-in-law and Tay has just come to again with yet another kit. It's late, I think she really needs to go to bed.


Tara said...

So many memories of Jacques and I when we began our exploration of becoming parents... the same looks came from Jacques also (trust me it's not just your imagination - even though Jacques may never admit it he still looks at me that way when I am with kids) It's so endearing to see this side of your husband...the gentle sides of their 'manly souls'! You guys WILL make AMAZING parents!

dafrhug said...

I remembering babysitting for my Aunt Melissa during my years in University and it made a big difference in how comfortable I felt with my own when I had them. I'm glad your getting the practice. I don't know Jamie but I know you will be one of the best mom's there is.

Quirky Christa said...

You'll do great...why do you think we always ask you the mom/pregnancy questions? You just have all the knowledge and a knack for that stuff.