Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tara's Reminder

Tara reminded me that I haven't posted a pic of the new house since it's here it is, still needing trims painted and grass, both to be completed in the spring by the builder.

Did I mention that I saw another "sick" pigeon? It was in our driveway and then hopped it's way over to the neighbours house...and the neighbour made a comment to my dad over the holidays about having to call someone if it died. I think someone's poisoning them, it's a big conspiracy and I'm keeping my eyes peeled. Gotta talk to the neighbour to find out if he's been experiencing these bird deaths too!

Oh, and here's our kitchen sans appliances when we first moved in...


tara said...

WOW, Myrna....nice place and pictures...and lots of them! I love it....I love pictures! Thank you so much for doing this JUST FOR ME!!! hee!heee! just kidding!

Quirky Christa said...

Post more, your house is so nice. I love it.