Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Speed Demons

Angie and Darrel were here visiting Jennifer and Chris last week, all the way from Iqaluit, Nunavut. The boys decided they wanted to go to the indoor race track on Saturday night. Jamie was quite excited since he had been there once before with the guys from his work and knew how much fun it was. Big guy + tiny little go-cart = very tight squeeze. lol :) Crazy boys, they were whipping around the track like mad guy looked like he was getting pretty upset at Jamie for not letting him pass. I could just picture the go-carts turning into bumper cars...eeek!

Here are a few pics. Us girls have definitely got to try it next time. Spectating and taking pics not quite as fun but still good. Got a couple of shots but mostly they're fuzzy (hard to capture the zooming cars on the race track) not to mention we were trying to take pics through the glass upstairs.
The Boyz


Dark Fuzzy Racetrack

Christa and ME

Jen & Angie

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Cuba here we come!

It's official! Jamie and I are going to Cuba! Yay! This is so exciting!

We decided to go on April 9th (a Sunday) and will stay until the following Sunday, the 16th. This is the week before Christa & Kristen, Jen & Chris are going so we've all worked it out perfectly to overlap the weekend so we can spend it together in Cuba. See, It's impossible for us all to vacation together because Jen and I can't have the same time off at work. But this is the next best thing and I am so happy that it's all falling into place. At first we thought it was going to be impossible for us to stay at the same resort but last night it all worked out. We had called the travel agent and there was nothing. Online, there was nothing. But then, all of a sudden the right dates in the SAME resort appeared at and we booked it up. Kristen really loved the look of this resort and had heard good things about Iberostar as a chain and the reviews online are great! So we're all going with it. They (our friends) will be booking on Monday to fly the Friday, April 14th giving us the whole weekend to spend together and have fun. I just can't wait!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Olivia's First Restaurant Visit

Here are a few pics of our dinner at "Casey's" with Mom on Monday night before she left to fly back to Newfoundland. Olivia slept almost the whole time but Isabella made up for it by trying to escape to run around the tables. lol :)

My Mama and Erykah

Remember skinny scrawny little Darren - well now he's with Bella.

Tracey and Olivia who as of today is 9 lbs 6 oz.

The Case of the Missing Mug

Just went for my mid-morning snack and a hot chocolate and my missing MUG has re-appeared. And it was all dirty and it had been left out in the maintenance office or somewhere for the last 2 months since I last saw it.

Ok, some background info:
When I started working here, I brought my own mug. It is white with cartoon cows on it frolicking in the flowers. Yup, no company logo for confusion...just cows!

And I have used this same mug every day for the past 9 years and something. Just like I use the SAME water glass and the SAME fork.

It's not that I am a germ-o-phobe or anything. I just really like the monotony of using the same stuff. I have been like this with glasses and utensils since I was a child. Remember those glasses you would get free at the gas station with a fill-up? Remember the ones with the Care bears on them? Well that was my glass as a kid. I used it every day until it broke. And then I started using a new cup. The same one. Every day.

And I am like it at home too. I use the same glass (Jamie calls it the ugly brown glass). And that's just how it is. Perhaps a little obsessive compulsive but whatever.

And now after finally coming to terms with my cow mug being gone forever, it has returned. I am so happy about it. I really am at the level of being ridiculous enough to be happy about the return of my cow mug.

Oh, and Christa...your teddy bear mug has returned too!! Not that you'll be needing it since you LEFT US!...but we could always fed-ex it.


That's how long it seems since I last posted in my blog. Lots of stuff on the go with the new baby and my mom being here to visit and all of that.

Olivia is doing wonderfully. She's so cute when she's all curled up and her hair is all stuck up in a mohawk on top of her head. She's different than Erykah and Isabella were when they were babies, she's probably a LITTLE more like Erykah with some of her features. But her's hilarious...and it's thick and STRAIGHT! But God only knows what it'll look like down the road, they change so much and so quickly.

My mom went back home yesterday morning. She was really a lot of help to my sister. So great of her to fly up to help out with the baby and the 2 girls. And now my sister may have her hands full. But she'll be okay with a little added patience. Erykah is pretty self-sufficient and quite helpful. Isabella is good too, don't get me wrong, but she's so rough and really "extra"! I feel bad that I don't get to help as much now that I live out of town. It was so easy with Erykah and Isabella when I lived in the same apartment building. We were all together and I could go up and visit or they could come down and visit anytime. It's weird. It's hard. I don't like it. That's the only thing I hate about our moving.

And now that Jamie and I are thinking about having our own baby, I believe I have FINALLY convinced him that we need a vacation. This could be our last opportunity to go away together and I really feel it's important to do that before we start a family. Last week after the reality set in that the friends (Jennifer and Chris, Christa and Kristen) are definitely going away, I think he realizes how great it would be. And I am so so so happy about that! We have scheduled off the week of April 10th and have applied for our passports. Haven't officially booked anything yet but it looks like CUBA here we come!! And if anyone has any hotel/resort recommendations, PLEASE share!

And so now comes the urgent need for some weight loss. I swear, I am the heaviest I have ever been and I hate it, I feel crappy. It's been really packing on and I don't quite understand it. But anyways, I've been trying to "Be good" on my own and thought I was doing ok but the weight scale says differently. So it's back to Weight Watchers I go. Sometime this week. I will start to be accountable for my food intake. And start trying to exercise more. And now to convince my dear hubby to walk with me or eat healthy with me. He's the worse! I mean it...such a picky eater...and hates to go for walks....continues to talk about us needing to lose weight but doesn't actually want to do anything about it. Let me share a list:

Jamie's List - "I can't walk tonight because...."

- Too tired
- Too late
- Too early
- Too cold
- Too hot
- Not enough time
- Too lazy
- Don't feel like it
- I can't keep up to your fast walking (bologne!)
- Ate too much supper
- Too rainy
- Too foggy
- Too snowy
- Feet hurt
- Legs hurt
- Head hurts

...and the list goes on and one, etc, etc. Kinda frustrating. Any suggestions to get our asses in gear?

And today is:

and to my little cousin HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY CAILEIGH!!!

Don't forget to share those resort recommendations! So exciting,...I just can't wait!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This one was taken today on my visit at lunchtime. Eyes finally open for a second!

My first cuddle with the new baby

The Family

Baby Feet

Olivia (9lbs of her) being weighed...the scale reminds me of how they weigh fish back home...ha ha!

Olivia just minutes old...being examined by the midwife.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Happy "Birth" Day!

Hey All,
Congrats are finally in order...After almost exactly 24 hours of contractions, at 2:55 am this morning, March 13th, my sister gave birth to a new baby daughter. Olivia Mary weighed in at a WOW 9lbs and is 21-1/4" long. Baby was super quiet (as opposed to vocal Erykah and Isabella) and has lots of dark curly hair, chubby cheeks, had a great apgar score of 9 out of 10 and has the cutest 10 fingers and 10 toes (you know how I LOVE baby hands and feet).

Just a quick post to say that Mommy and baby (as well as daddy and sisters) are doing very well at home where the birth took place. Thanks to midwives Alex and Cathy for assisting in the birth. These midwives are truly amazing.

Tracey, awesome job bringing this new little life into the world. All the best to you!

Lots of pics tomorrow when I get back to work with my digital camera (which in my sleepy stupor I left behind at my sisters apartment).

Friday, March 10, 2006

Nothing Yet

It's a good thing I'm not the pregnant one because I am becoming increasingly impatient regarding my sisters prolonged and overdue pregnancy. I believe this impatience comes in part due to my impatient mother. Mother flew in from Newfoundland to help with the baby for two weeks and has currently "wasted" the first 3 days of said trip in helping with none other than all the stuff that fussing moms/grandmas do when they're bored of waiting for their daughters babies to arrive - kids laundry, cooking, cleaning oven, sweeping floors, mopping floors, painting Erykah's bedroom, helping unpack, putting Isabella down for naps (this effort is usually in vain as she awakens max 10 minutes later), sweeping again, etc, etc, repeat all of the above. And although this is still a huge help to my humungous sister who is terribly housewife challenged even at the best of times (ie. not being 41 weeks prego), it is still defeating the purpose. My mom's biggest worry seems not to be so much about Tracey coping with new baby but seems more about Tracey coping with a new baby with the combination of Isabella, the crazy little curly-haired 2nd child of my sister who is not yet 2-years old and is extremely rambunctious and way too smart for her own good. Three kids really does seem like SO, WOW! What was my sister thinking? But, my goodness, is it really? I am one of three. And what about back in the day when they had 13 kids!? Okay, let's not even go there cause it's clear that those people were drastically affected by no tv, too much time on their hands ( making) and high on fresh air and fresh water and fresh vegetables (all of which we no longer understand the meaning of) which must have contributed to extremely fertile reproductive systems...oh, and lack of good birth control may have been a factor.

Anyways, I just got slightly carried away and off topic.

My intention of this post was strictly to post a couple of pics of my prego sister. Took the pics last week. My sister was not exactly thrilled, "Why do you always have to take pictures of everything?" (Well if I didn't take pictures then WHO, pray tell, would document all of these wonderful moments of your childrens lives??) So here are the pics. She's huge I tell you and due to my lack of photography skills, the pics do not even come CLOSE to doing justice to the size of her belly. It is so big in fact that I can hardly even believe it when I see her. It's like "WhoA! Where the heck did that come from?" I just can't get over it...She is so big (Caution: Tracey, do not read the may know all of these things already but the fact that I have noticed and am sharing with the internet world may not make you feel any better about your current state):
- She has to turn sideways at the sink to do the dishes or else she cannot reach
- She takes naps SITTING up in the chair because her belly gets in the way of sleeping comfortably in the bed
- She can easily rest stuff on top of her belly (and not just a cup, more like her whole entire meal as if she has a built-in table)
- She often refers to herself as being a beached whale
- She does not have a jacket that will "do up" even a little bit in the front.
- Richard complains that no matter where her turns or which way he goes, he's always bumping into her stomach.

Enjoy,...cross your fingers for the baby to come soon and quickly.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Blue Lips

Erykah decided to put on some blue lipstick. Don't ask me where she got it, I have no idea. It looked kinda silly but you know little girls and makeup...and at least she actually got it on her lips.

And then Isabella disappeared and things got really quiet and my sister said, "Ok, where's Isabella? She's into something cause it's too quiet here." And sure enough, she was in Erykah's room and had found the blue lipstick and hence this picture which I simply couldn't resist:

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Speaking of Attitude

I'm thinking that Erykah and Noah should get together. Oh, the stories we could tell. Or, maybe it's really good that they live super far apart.

Erykah sleeps with her little lava lamp turned on as a night light.

Grandma is now here to visit and will be sleeping in the same room as Erykah.

Erykah's mom: "Erykah, I'm not sure Grandma will be able to sleep with that lava lamp going. Maybe you should turn it off while she's here to visit".

Erykah:" Well that's how I get to sleep so Grandma is just going to have to get used to it."

Oh dear!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

To Christa re: Your Last Day

Dear Christa,
Well, here it is: Your last day at work. It's so weird. I think somewhere in my mind I had envisioned us always working together forever. You know how Butcher sucks people in and it seems there's no escape to "the outside". ha ha!

I'm not really the best at being all soppy and tearful in my goodbyes maybe just cause I know I'll still be seeing you often during our evening walks in the summer and during our weekends together with the friends. But I'll still really miss you here every day on a regular basis.

It's just that I don't remember a time when you haven't been a part of my life (maybe that 1 year you spent in Peterborough). And for the past nearly 7 years, you have literally been a part of my EVERY DAY life here at Butcher Engineering. I've spent so much time with you and it's so hard to think of a day not seeing your cute face pass by my cubicle with your quiet little "morning". And your quirkiness, the giggles shared with Jennifer, the smart-ass remarks to Bill, telling you how bad your are at being a receptionist (you do realize I'm just teasing, right?), all of that, all of those "little" things....and more.

I tell you all the time and I don't know if you take me seriously or not so I'll say it again: I have always felt you were like my little sister, always felt kinda protective over you, always felt the need to give my two cents worth even when you didn't ask for it, always kinda feel like the annoying big sister when we drive each other nuts.

So anyways, my two cents worth now is just that I'm sad to not see you ALL THE TIME but I'm so happy and proud of you for taking this scary step to move on in pursuit of better things. You'll do awesome!

I can't believe it - my lil' sis is growing up!

All the best to you. Keep the emails comin', can't wait to hear the details of your first day!

See ya 'round.

Love Myrna

Any Day Now... sister will be giving birth to her 3rd child. My mother arrives this morning from Newfoundland, flight should touch down at Pearson in about 15 minutes. My Nan is coming as well. Mom was really hoping that Tracey would be in labour last night or this morning so she could have optimal time to help my sister care for the baby and keep the other two under control. Alas, nothing yet. Erykah and Isabella were both overdue with labour lasting almost 2 days in total from first contractions to actual delivery!! We are hoping that this 3rd baby will decide to make a quicker entrance into the world. Will, of course, keep you posted.

I have some wonderful baby news to share from Vicki. First of all, I'll give you a little bit of background info. My good friend, Vicki. Her sister, Wendi, had a baby boy, Michael, in August 2005. Michael was about a month early and had complications so vast that I cannot even begin to describe them accurately. Michael had been sent from Newfoundland to Sick Kids hospital in Toronto where he had several surgeries, procedures, etc. and had stayed with his mom UNTIL last week when he finally got to GO HOME! It's so exciting, we've all been praying so very much for this time to come. Michael still has a long road ahead. Wendi, her husband, and family will need a lot of support during this adjustment, they will still need to bring Michael back and forth to doctors and specialists. I cannot even begin to imagine the stress but I am so happy for this miracle boy, I just had to share the progress.

Monday, March 06, 2006

All Together Good

...that's the theme for Pizza Delight which I had this weekend, Yummy!!!! Jamie and I decided to stop in there on the way home from visiting Mark and Kayla and baby Logan. So good! And baby Logan is just the cutest. It was awesome holding him and putting him to sleep and all that. So sweet. Kayla is doing well despite the fact that she has mastitis, a nasty painful boob infection, poor girl :( And Mark is also doing well, we found him in his favourite new position in the recliner with baby on his chest sleeping. he he. And they really have a lot of help with Kayla's sister staying with them and being a nurse and all. Jamie has been petrified about having kids after Mark coming to work this past week tired as heck. But Mark really reassured him during our visit that it was all very worth it. Thank goodness, cause Jamie would never has taken my word for it. And I tell ya, I'm havin' some serious baby fever ya know. I think I'm as "ready" as I'll ever be and we're really not getting any younger.

Speaking of babies, I got majorly puked on by one for the first time ever. After ALL THE TIME I've spent with Erykah and Isabella, they've never thrown up around me EVER. My sister says they've actually only ever thrown up one time each (very good for kids or so I hear). Anyways, we went to Vanessa's (Jamie's sister) to watch her kids on Sunday afternoon for an hour or so. Grayson was napping and when she got up she was all hot and flushed. When Vanessa got home she asked if I could hold Grayson while she gave her some childrens tylenol. So I did. And then she cried. And then she started coughing. And then the projectile sour-milk vomit. It was great. I thought Jamie was going to puke too. Oh the joys of children. Didn't I just say that I really wanted one?

And after rubbing my sweater "clean" with baby wipes we headed out to my sisters apartment. They've just moved down 2 floors to a 3-bedroom. Erykah and Isabella had shared a room in the old apartment but now Erykah will have her own bedroom. Grandma is coming from Newfoundland tomorrow (since my sister is due ANY DAY NOW) so I asked Erykah, "Your own room? Wow! So it's just going to you and Grandma sharing?" and she got all shy quiet and giggly, I can tell she's really excited. Grandma promised to help her paint her new room a light pink. And Isabella? She is just one funny little expressive character who talks constantly although you can't understand a word. (see Bella-isms). And my extremely pregnant HUGE-belly sister with slip-on shoes because they're the only ones she can actually put on was bundling them both up to go to Fortinos to shop for a shower curtain. Grocery store shopping very often turns into an interesting phone call story from my sis, as you can well imagine. As cruel as it may sound, I think I may now understand why my mom kept me on a leash...(yeah, I'm serious, she sometimes did! She tells me this funny story about me begging her to "I hode it" thus defeating the purpose.). ha ha!

Boy, I love those kids!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Birthday Wishes to my Honey!

OMG! And he has been driving me nuts over this birthday (his 29th) for the last 3 weeks at least...

It started with the, "Myrna, you know what's coming up soon, right?! MY BIRTHDAY!"

I swear I've never seen anyone so excited about their birthday. His theory: It's the one and only day of the year that is ONLY for him, to celebrate him, to have all the attention on him. And that is wonderful! (If only he had a doting wife...poor guy!)

Couple of weeks ago:
Jamie: "So what did you get me for my birthday?"
Me: "Nothing yet...why?"
Jamie: "Well, I've decided that I want a hammer, a good one like Chris's ...and a good level...and a Dairy Milk cake from Fortinos...and for supper I want a lasagna and homemade pizza and honey garlic spare ribs."
Me: "Nothing else now? Number one: I am not Barb and refuse to cook you a variety of main dishes so you'll have to pick just one. And number two, WHY do you need a hammer like Chris's...Chris works building houses. You on the other hand..."
Jamie: "Well it has to be a 20 oz one so I have lots of POWER!"
Me: "Well I can't get the level too, too expensive."
(We had decided from the start that birthdays were a $50 limit including cake. Nice to get gifts but don't like to go overboard)
Jamie: "I think we should up the budget just for this once cause you always get spoiled and get more stuff on your birthday."
Me: "It's not my fault you pick out a cake that costs $23.99!! and I pick out a McCain cake that's $2.99!"
Jamie: "Not fair...I really want all of it" (in a sulky voice like a kid)
And I laugh and tell him to stop goofing around and he laughs, end of conversation.

A couple of days ago, we're sitting at the dinner table:
Me: "Jamie, I think we should talk about our vacation and what we are going to do if we don't go down south."
Jamie: "Um, actually I think we should talk about my birthday...."
and we continue in a conversation very similar to the one you just read about in previous scenario.

Yesterday, also at the dinner table:
Jamie: "Are you getting me Swiss Chalet for my birthday?"
Me: "No, I thought you wanted lasagna and pizza and spare ribs"
Jamie: "You're making all three?!" (super excited voice)
Me: "Are you crazy?"
Jamie: "I want Swiss Chalet then"
Me: "and there goes the rest of your budget with the cake and the supper so no gift for you."
Jamie: "Hon, I have an idea,..." evil laugh, " know how Kitty is a part of our household..."
Me: "Yeah...???" (Puzzled, I have no idea where this is leading)
Jamie: "Well I just don't think it's fair that Kitty gets to live here but he doesn't give me a birthday gift"
Me: "WHAT?!" as I burst into a fit of laughter, "Are you for real?"
Jamie: "See that solves our money problem cause if you combine the money that Kitty should spend on me with the money that you would spend on me then I can get whatever I want."

How can a girl keep up with this guy...just wait til next year, his 30th!!! Ugh!
But it sure does keep me entertained, that's for sure!

Jamie, here's to you babe...wishes for many more years of these "fun" birthday discussions!

And our children (if they turn out like this).....Oh My!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Marriage Congrats! Monica and Quinton who just went to Vegas for a vacation and came back hitched. All the best!