Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Speaking of Attitude

I'm thinking that Erykah and Noah should get together. Oh, the stories we could tell. Or, maybe it's really good that they live super far apart.

Erykah sleeps with her little lava lamp turned on as a night light.

Grandma is now here to visit and will be sleeping in the same room as Erykah.

Erykah's mom: "Erykah, I'm not sure Grandma will be able to sleep with that lava lamp going. Maybe you should turn it off while she's here to visit".

Erykah:" Well that's how I get to sleep so Grandma is just going to have to get used to it."

Oh dear!

1 comment:

Quirky Christa said...

I love my lava lamp from years ago...can't sleep to it though. Its currently collecting dust :(