Thursday, March 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Birthday Wishes to my Honey!

OMG! And he has been driving me nuts over this birthday (his 29th) for the last 3 weeks at least...

It started with the, "Myrna, you know what's coming up soon, right?! MY BIRTHDAY!"

I swear I've never seen anyone so excited about their birthday. His theory: It's the one and only day of the year that is ONLY for him, to celebrate him, to have all the attention on him. And that is wonderful! (If only he had a doting wife...poor guy!)

Couple of weeks ago:
Jamie: "So what did you get me for my birthday?"
Me: "Nothing yet...why?"
Jamie: "Well, I've decided that I want a hammer, a good one like Chris's ...and a good level...and a Dairy Milk cake from Fortinos...and for supper I want a lasagna and homemade pizza and honey garlic spare ribs."
Me: "Nothing else now? Number one: I am not Barb and refuse to cook you a variety of main dishes so you'll have to pick just one. And number two, WHY do you need a hammer like Chris's...Chris works building houses. You on the other hand..."
Jamie: "Well it has to be a 20 oz one so I have lots of POWER!"
Me: "Well I can't get the level too, too expensive."
(We had decided from the start that birthdays were a $50 limit including cake. Nice to get gifts but don't like to go overboard)
Jamie: "I think we should up the budget just for this once cause you always get spoiled and get more stuff on your birthday."
Me: "It's not my fault you pick out a cake that costs $23.99!! and I pick out a McCain cake that's $2.99!"
Jamie: "Not fair...I really want all of it" (in a sulky voice like a kid)
And I laugh and tell him to stop goofing around and he laughs, end of conversation.

A couple of days ago, we're sitting at the dinner table:
Me: "Jamie, I think we should talk about our vacation and what we are going to do if we don't go down south."
Jamie: "Um, actually I think we should talk about my birthday...."
and we continue in a conversation very similar to the one you just read about in previous scenario.

Yesterday, also at the dinner table:
Jamie: "Are you getting me Swiss Chalet for my birthday?"
Me: "No, I thought you wanted lasagna and pizza and spare ribs"
Jamie: "You're making all three?!" (super excited voice)
Me: "Are you crazy?"
Jamie: "I want Swiss Chalet then"
Me: "and there goes the rest of your budget with the cake and the supper so no gift for you."
Jamie: "Hon, I have an idea,..." evil laugh, " know how Kitty is a part of our household..."
Me: "Yeah...???" (Puzzled, I have no idea where this is leading)
Jamie: "Well I just don't think it's fair that Kitty gets to live here but he doesn't give me a birthday gift"
Me: "WHAT?!" as I burst into a fit of laughter, "Are you for real?"
Jamie: "See that solves our money problem cause if you combine the money that Kitty should spend on me with the money that you would spend on me then I can get whatever I want."

How can a girl keep up with this guy...just wait til next year, his 30th!!! Ugh!
But it sure does keep me entertained, that's for sure!

Jamie, here's to you babe...wishes for many more years of these "fun" birthday discussions!

And our children (if they turn out like this).....Oh My!


Stephanie said...

Myrna, I can see that Jamie hasn`t changed a bit. Your stories are so funny. Happy B-Day Jamie! (I always remember it cause it`s the same day as my sisters)

Quirky Christa said...

That boy is nuts! Jamie sorry to break the news but Kitty doesn't love you and refuses to give you a gift! Thought you would have figured that out by now since you've been with Myrna this long and he hasn't given you anything yet.

dafrhug said...

LMAO. He reminds me of Colin. His birthday is in September and he starts at least six months before planning what he's going to do. lol. And then when it gets here he expects to get special treatment the whole week before and the whole week after his birthday. lol. I wish it was just the one day.

tara said...

Happy Birthday Jamie....YOU BIG SUCK!!! (just kidding) Actually I'm on Jamie's side....birthdays should be THAT special because it is the ONE day that is for celebrating YOU!!! (sorry Myrna)...still nonetheless, I love hearing your conversations (they make me laugh)!!!

Ickie said...

When is his birthday? Mine is the 27th. I think i side with Jamie too because this will be our last year in our twenties. It kind of scary to me.