Tuesday, March 07, 2006

To Christa re: Your Last Day

Dear Christa,
Well, here it is: Your last day at work. It's so weird. I think somewhere in my mind I had envisioned us always working together forever. You know how Butcher sucks people in and it seems there's no escape to "the outside". ha ha!

I'm not really the best at being all soppy and tearful in my goodbyes maybe just cause I know I'll still be seeing you often during our evening walks in the summer and during our weekends together with the friends. But I'll still really miss you here every day on a regular basis.

It's just that I don't remember a time when you haven't been a part of my life (maybe that 1 year you spent in Peterborough). And for the past nearly 7 years, you have literally been a part of my EVERY DAY life here at Butcher Engineering. I've spent so much time with you and it's so hard to think of a day not seeing your cute face pass by my cubicle with your quiet little "morning". And your quirkiness, the giggles shared with Jennifer, the smart-ass remarks to Bill, telling you how bad your are at being a receptionist (you do realize I'm just teasing, right?), all of that, all of those "little" things....and more.

I tell you all the time and I don't know if you take me seriously or not so I'll say it again: I have always felt you were like my little sister, always felt kinda protective over you, always felt the need to give my two cents worth even when you didn't ask for it, always kinda feel like the annoying big sister when we drive each other nuts.

So anyways, my two cents worth now is just that I'm sad to not see you ALL THE TIME but I'm so happy and proud of you for taking this scary step to move on in pursuit of better things. You'll do awesome!

I can't believe it - my lil' sis is growing up!

All the best to you. Keep the emails comin', can't wait to hear the details of your first day!

See ya 'round.

Love Myrna


Quirky Christa said...

Huge tears in my eyes but they're not falling...thank goodness cause I'm still here at work!!! I appreciate your kind words chicka...don't worry we'll see each other all the time! Definitely have to start walking again...and yes I do take you serious when you call me your lil sis cause I think of you as a big sis. Thanks....love you lots!!

dafrhug said...

Even though I'm all the ways away in Calgary, I'm going to miss Christa working at Butcher too - you see, Christa has always been the best friend I've ever had and although we are miles apart I still got to pour out myself to her everyday on MSN. lol. And always she was always there. But now that she's starting a new job, I won't be able to do that anymore. :( I'll miss her too.

Jenny said...

Yeah i'm gonna miss you so much too, I did picture us always working together too, being pregnant together and all those good things. It's my first day without you (lol) and I miss you, but thankfully I still have Myrna..cause i'm not sure what I would do without both of you.