Friday, March 10, 2006

Nothing Yet

It's a good thing I'm not the pregnant one because I am becoming increasingly impatient regarding my sisters prolonged and overdue pregnancy. I believe this impatience comes in part due to my impatient mother. Mother flew in from Newfoundland to help with the baby for two weeks and has currently "wasted" the first 3 days of said trip in helping with none other than all the stuff that fussing moms/grandmas do when they're bored of waiting for their daughters babies to arrive - kids laundry, cooking, cleaning oven, sweeping floors, mopping floors, painting Erykah's bedroom, helping unpack, putting Isabella down for naps (this effort is usually in vain as she awakens max 10 minutes later), sweeping again, etc, etc, repeat all of the above. And although this is still a huge help to my humungous sister who is terribly housewife challenged even at the best of times (ie. not being 41 weeks prego), it is still defeating the purpose. My mom's biggest worry seems not to be so much about Tracey coping with new baby but seems more about Tracey coping with a new baby with the combination of Isabella, the crazy little curly-haired 2nd child of my sister who is not yet 2-years old and is extremely rambunctious and way too smart for her own good. Three kids really does seem like SO, WOW! What was my sister thinking? But, my goodness, is it really? I am one of three. And what about back in the day when they had 13 kids!? Okay, let's not even go there cause it's clear that those people were drastically affected by no tv, too much time on their hands ( making) and high on fresh air and fresh water and fresh vegetables (all of which we no longer understand the meaning of) which must have contributed to extremely fertile reproductive systems...oh, and lack of good birth control may have been a factor.

Anyways, I just got slightly carried away and off topic.

My intention of this post was strictly to post a couple of pics of my prego sister. Took the pics last week. My sister was not exactly thrilled, "Why do you always have to take pictures of everything?" (Well if I didn't take pictures then WHO, pray tell, would document all of these wonderful moments of your childrens lives??) So here are the pics. She's huge I tell you and due to my lack of photography skills, the pics do not even come CLOSE to doing justice to the size of her belly. It is so big in fact that I can hardly even believe it when I see her. It's like "WhoA! Where the heck did that come from?" I just can't get over it...She is so big (Caution: Tracey, do not read the may know all of these things already but the fact that I have noticed and am sharing with the internet world may not make you feel any better about your current state):
- She has to turn sideways at the sink to do the dishes or else she cannot reach
- She takes naps SITTING up in the chair because her belly gets in the way of sleeping comfortably in the bed
- She can easily rest stuff on top of her belly (and not just a cup, more like her whole entire meal as if she has a built-in table)
- She often refers to herself as being a beached whale
- She does not have a jacket that will "do up" even a little bit in the front.
- Richard complains that no matter where her turns or which way he goes, he's always bumping into her stomach.

Enjoy,...cross your fingers for the baby to come soon and quickly.


TRE said...

Thanx!! Thanx A Lot!!!!

dafrhug said...

lol, I know exactly how she feels....Caitlynn was due on Nov 7th and didn't arrive until the 19th. I 'almost' went insane! I hope she doesn't have to wait as long as I did. Luckily, mom planned on arriving a week after baby came and as it turned out she got to observe the birth. Good thing she didn't plan to.

tara said...

MY GOD, Tracey looks FANTASTIC for being overdue! Wish her all the best of luck with the arrival of her little one! And despite Tracey...please keep us (the internet world) updated with the progress of any happenings!!!

Stephanie said...

I think your sister looks really cute. Can`t wait to see pics of the new little one.