Thursday, June 22, 2006


Love this poem....
Kids Who Are Different
by Digby Wolfe

Here's to the kids who are different,
The kids who don't always get A's,
The kids who have ears twice the size of their peers,
And noses that go on for days...

Here's to the kids who are different,
The kids they call crazy or dumb,
The kids who don't fit, with the guts and the grit,
Who dance to a different drum...

Here's to the kids who are different,
The kids with the mischievious streak,
For when they have grown, as history's shown,
It's their difference that makes them unique.

Really have to use it on a scrapbook page. Maybe a scrapbook page about our "decalit" (that how's Erykah says "delicate") Erykah who has broken her second bone this week. The first break was about 3 years ago - her collarbone. This time, she was playing outside, fell down (cause she's, um, just slightly clumsy), and fractured her elbow.
Erykah called me yesterday on my way home and our conversation went something like this:
Hi Auntie Myrna
Hi Erykah, how are you?
How's your elbow?
Is your elbow broken or is it pulled out of joint?
I dunno
What did the doctor say?
My elbow has a crack in it
Ouch, that's not good
But it didn't even hurt...and I have a pink cast. And it didn't even hurt when the doctor put the cast on and my dad got to help.
Oh really, well that's nice. Can I sign your cast?
Yeah it's the kind you can write on
So, will you go to school tomorrow?
Um yeah, and then all my friends can write their names on my cast
That's cool! Which arm is it?
I think it's my left
And what are you going to do if your arm gets itchy?
Well if I just leave it alone then the itch will go away Auntie Myrna!
Oh, okay. And what time did you get home from the hospital?
I dunno what time
Did it take you a long time or a short time at the hospital?
Um well, we got in after not waiting very long
And then I hear Isabella "the terror" in the background and we got disconnected so I assumed it was Isabella who hung up on us (which I don't think it was....poor girl getting the blame for something she didn't even do...I'm telling you it's the curse of being the middle child)
But anyways, my sister called me back and told me that all went well and the cast is bright neon pink and Erykah is doing very well and has to keep the cast on for about 3 weeks before they go back for the next appointment to check how the bone is doing.
Oh, the adventures of a 6year old.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dance Dance

Erykah had her recital on Saturday. She's in Tap and Ballet, her third year. It's so super cute watching the little ones doing their routines.

Here's a video clip of a portion of the "The Night Before Christmas" which was her routine for ballet.
To help you pick her out of the crowd:
At the very beginning she is in the 2nd row on the left behind the little black girl. Then she moves with 2 other little girls to the back left with one of the "big" girls. Then I follow her with my camera as she runs across the stage. When they come back to the front (when the fast music starts) she's the third from the right, bopping around in complete :) And then my battery dies.

A few pics from "California Girls" which was her tap routine. It's really hard to get good shots when they're moving all around (and they tell you before the performance that camera are not dare they?). So the flash is off and all the photos turn out fuzzy but you get the basic idea. Erykah is on the immediate left of the instructor on all of the pics.

Monday, June 19, 2006

I've Never Been a Hero

Vicky and Cory's Jack n Jill this past Friday night. I'm not a drinker but I always have loads of fun watching everyone else get completely wasted. And I must say, my method is much better for the hangovers.

So I have lots of pics to share:
Of Christa and Jenny "selling" shots although through some observation I noticed they seemed to be drinking more than selling. Good job girls! lol :)
Of the most fabulous dance moves EVER!
Of Kristen being super drunk and then getting sick and disappearing into the back of Jason's pickup truck to lie down.
Of the groom, Cory, with his crooked trucker hat and wearing his "sunglasses at night"
and lots of other misc. silly shots.

But there are none of MOI being the hero of the night as explained in the following scenario:
Jamie and I show up at the door, hand in our tickets, buy drink tickets, etc. when a distraught girl walks in and asks to use the phone in the building.
We have no idea where the phone is in the building so she leaves.
I go to the Jack n Jill.
I come back out to take my turn at the door and the girl was coming in again. She was crying and looked so sad and totally distressed and so I offered her to take my cell phone to make her call. And I totally didn't even notice that she was kinda freaky with super-dyed jet black goth hair with a skull on the back of her jacket cause I'm totally good in that non-judgemental "you don't look at all like you're going to steal my cell phone" kinda way but then Kim puts doubt in my mind and asks, "Are you gonna just let her take your phone outside" and I respond in an uneasy, "um, yeah of course, I totally have full and complete trust in the strange sobbing girl with the skull and crossbones on her jacket". (Phew...that was the longest sentence ever!)
And 4.38 minutes later she arrives back in the building and hands me my cell phone and says "Thanks!" and I ask, "Are you ok?" cause she's still crying and she says "Yes" and walks out re-confirming my faith in humanity.
And then everyone was totally on my butt to make sure she didn't make some outrageous call to a foreign country thus costing me a bloody fortune so I was forced to check the outgoing calls and I was back on hero status when I found it was just a 647 Toronto number. Had it been a call to say Mongolia, for example, this email would be thusly named "I've never been an idiot" (except that would be a lie) so it all worked out in the end.

Photos soon...

Miscellany Jack n Jill

Jennifer about to do a wrestling move and Cory insisting I take a picture of her boobs in the process,...LMAO!!

The Groom

Friend Dexter cuddling with Stephy and baby Tristan

You would think she'd be able to put down her drink for at least the 2 SECONDS it took to collect her door prize

More Miscellaneous Jack n Jill

Yours truly and Jennifer

"Bartenders" - my hubby suspiciously looking like he's groping Brian in the nether-regions

Jen Higgins (left) with Bride to be, Vicky (on the right)

Smooth Moves

"Selling" Jello Shooters


I was warned by Kristen not to post any "Stupid" pics of him being super drunk outside lying, sitting, or otherwise engaged with Jason's pickup truck. And because I am such a smart girl I decided that I should probably not take the chance of him reaping vengeance on me in future. And so I include just this one photo of how the night began with a close relationship to the beer fridge therefore beginning the downward spiral of drunken sickness.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sweet Dreams

I think the hubster may serioulsy be losing it. I mean, there have been times when I questioned his sanity but lately...oh my goodness! His worrisome nature has really been carrying over to his sleep. Thus in turn, making me unable to rest peacefully. And then he proceeds to remind me, "Well it's for better and for worse, you know?" Somehow I think I have ended up with the "worse" end of that deal because he seems to still sleep wonderfully through all of this and often cannot remember anything. lol, anyways, let me give you some examples:

So far all of the following has happened to Jamie WHILE he has been SLEEPING:

Having entire conversations which are completely both incomprehensible and unintelligible.

Jumping up suddenly and starting to dress in a fury (all the while scaring the living daylights out of me) and in a panic-stricken stupor insisting that I tell him the time because he is OH SO LATE for work when it is really only about 2am in the frikkin morning!

Jumping up suddenly (again scaring the crap out of me) and staring at me blindly and bug-eyed (it's really quite eerie) like he's trying to figure out who I am and then just laying back down and going right back to snoring. And then of course I'm left totally creeped out and awake in a dark room.

Grabbing me in the middle of the night. Okay, so picture this...being awakened by a huge man hand coming down and grabbing your face. Yup, that would be Jamie once again scaring me half to death...and then me screaming "What are you doing???!!!" and then he lays down and goes right back to sleep and remembers none of this in the morning.

Leaning completely over the edge of the bed and almost falling off to grab a pen that was on the floor so he can write down something. Me waking up to hear the pen scratching and scribbling something totally illegible. IN HIS SLEEP may I remind you.

Forcefully knocking over the lamp.

Taking the pillowcase off his pillow.

Throwing a pillow across the room.

And the most recent a couple of nights ago:

Picking up the lamp and laying it down on the carpet because in his dream he was constructing our fence in the backyard (he remembers this dream) and the lamp was the "fencepost" and a pen was a "nail" or something and he was nailing on the slats to the post "in the ground" (our carpet). Something like that. And again I woke up to a scratching sound of the pen and said, "Jamie, what are you doing?!" and he kinda woke up and said, "I don't know" and went back to sleep.

So, there it is...just some of the craziness that happens in the Hynes residence. suggests the following when talking about nightmares. Not sure if Jamie's dreaming can be classified in the "nightmare" category but I think the obvious stress causing these dreams may make the following statement legit in our case:
"....they provide a natural ‘pressure-release’ therapy for the psyche, and especially since they may even provide what amounts to an early cure if we listen to, make an effort to understand and then act upon the valuable insight that dreams try to bring us..."

According to
"To dream that you are building a fence, signifies a solid foundation for future wealth through your economical and industrious character."

Any other interpretations you'd like to share? Personally I'm thinking the hubs is just a little whacked...ha ha!

*Note: My apologies to my dear husband who insisted that I not share these stories to the world in my blog.
Sorry honey, I just couldn't resist :)
Your most loving and supportive wife,

Friday, June 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Jenny!!

A Day Late

I didn't have a chance to sign on and post yesterday so here it is today:


Her party is on Sunday so hopefully I'll get some good pics to post.

6 years have flown by WAY too fast!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Condolences the wife and children of my cousin, Milton Barnes, who passed away yesterday after a hard battle with cancer. He fought and held on much longer than anticipated. Unfortunately even with a will so strong, the body can only handle so much. May he rest in peace and may his family find comfort during this difficult time.

Death is a friend that alone can bring the peace his treasures cannot purchase, and remove the pain his physicians cannot cure. ~Mortimer Collins
What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.
~ Richard Bach

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dear Tara...

...Thinking of you and your family today and remembering the sweet baby Joshua.

I found a couple of quotes/poems online that I really love and wanted to share.

Tiny Angel
Tiny Angel rest your wings
sit with me for awhile.
How I long to hold your hand,
And see your tender smile.
Tiny Angel, look at me,
I want this image clear....
That I will forget your precious face
Is my biggest fear.
Tiny Angel can you tell me,
Why you have gone away?
You weren't here for very long....
Why is it, you couldn't stay?
Tiny Angel shook his head,
"These things I do not know....
But I do know that you love me,
And that I love you so".
--Author Unknown

Those who have lost an infant are never, as it were, without an infant child. Their other children grow up to manhood and womanhood, and suffer all the changes of mortality; but this one alone is rendered an immortal child; for death has arrested it with his kindly harshness, and blessed it into an eternal image of youth and innocence.
- Leigh Hunt (James Henry Leigh Hunt

Friday, June 02, 2006

Take Home Chef

Flicking through the channels yesterday around 5pm and came across this show on TLC called "Take Home Chef". I had never heard of it before and the chef was lookin' pretty cute so I decided to stop and have a look.

Basic Synapsis: Cute Aussie chef Curtis goes into local grocery store (filmed in the U.S.), tracks down a girl who's shopping for dinner, while she's looking completely flabbergasted and overwhelmed by the cameras, he asks her to take him home.... where he cooks the family meal. One of the girls responses yesterday, "Well if your food tastes as good as you look then I'm in." lol :)

I thought it was great! It's new and different and fun...and he makes dessert too...lovin' it!

The website has Curtis' bio, pics, recipes, episode guide (episodes are named after the girl who takes him home), etc. Check it out!