Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sweet Dreams

I think the hubster may serioulsy be losing it. I mean, there have been times when I questioned his sanity but lately...oh my goodness! His worrisome nature has really been carrying over to his sleep. Thus in turn, making me unable to rest peacefully. And then he proceeds to remind me, "Well it's for better and for worse, you know?" Somehow I think I have ended up with the "worse" end of that deal because he seems to still sleep wonderfully through all of this and often cannot remember anything. lol, anyways, let me give you some examples:

So far all of the following has happened to Jamie WHILE he has been SLEEPING:

Having entire conversations which are completely both incomprehensible and unintelligible.

Jumping up suddenly and starting to dress in a fury (all the while scaring the living daylights out of me) and in a panic-stricken stupor insisting that I tell him the time because he is OH SO LATE for work when it is really only about 2am in the frikkin morning!

Jumping up suddenly (again scaring the crap out of me) and staring at me blindly and bug-eyed (it's really quite eerie) like he's trying to figure out who I am and then just laying back down and going right back to snoring. And then of course I'm left totally creeped out and awake in a dark room.

Grabbing me in the middle of the night. Okay, so picture this...being awakened by a huge man hand coming down and grabbing your face. Yup, that would be Jamie once again scaring me half to death...and then me screaming "What are you doing???!!!" and then he lays down and goes right back to sleep and remembers none of this in the morning.

Leaning completely over the edge of the bed and almost falling off to grab a pen that was on the floor so he can write down something. Me waking up to hear the pen scratching and scribbling something totally illegible. IN HIS SLEEP may I remind you.

Forcefully knocking over the lamp.

Taking the pillowcase off his pillow.

Throwing a pillow across the room.

And the most recent a couple of nights ago:

Picking up the lamp and laying it down on the carpet because in his dream he was constructing our fence in the backyard (he remembers this dream) and the lamp was the "fencepost" and a pen was a "nail" or something and he was nailing on the slats to the post "in the ground" (our carpet). Something like that. And again I woke up to a scratching sound of the pen and said, "Jamie, what are you doing?!" and he kinda woke up and said, "I don't know" and went back to sleep.

So, there it is...just some of the craziness that happens in the Hynes residence. suggests the following when talking about nightmares. Not sure if Jamie's dreaming can be classified in the "nightmare" category but I think the obvious stress causing these dreams may make the following statement legit in our case:
"....they provide a natural ‘pressure-release’ therapy for the psyche, and especially since they may even provide what amounts to an early cure if we listen to, make an effort to understand and then act upon the valuable insight that dreams try to bring us..."

According to
"To dream that you are building a fence, signifies a solid foundation for future wealth through your economical and industrious character."

Any other interpretations you'd like to share? Personally I'm thinking the hubs is just a little whacked...ha ha!

*Note: My apologies to my dear husband who insisted that I not share these stories to the world in my blog.
Sorry honey, I just couldn't resist :)
Your most loving and supportive wife,


Anonymous said...

im laughing so hard my eyes are watering...!!!lmao

Quirky Christa said...

My God that's hilarious. Definitely have the eye watering going on too, guess that's why I shouldn't be reading friends blogs while at work...he he

dafrhug said...

OMG!!! I would seriously have to go sleep elsewhere. How do you manage to stay in the same bed after all of that? I think I would be afraid to go to sleep at all. LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

Myrna I don't like leaving comments but this is to wacko not to. My coworker would like to know if he has taken out any life insurance policies lately. haha


Messa1981 said...

Hey Myrna,
Thats hilarious, but I can totally relate to that because my parents would tell me things that I would do and say in my sleep as well and I could never remember. I would sleep walk and run all over the house and freak all the babysitters out. I grew out of it though!! It started after my grandpa passed and I guess that was a way my mind was dealing with it. Hopefully its just a fase for him as well and you'll be able to sleep well soon!!LOL!!

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

This is your funniest post ever! First I felt kinda bad cause I was laughing so hard at Jamies' expense. Then I remembered-this is Jamie Hynes the guy who made fun of me for everything. For example, he would say
"Stephanie I made you a bra-it`s 2 beer stoppers and a rubberband" lol

TRE said...

Guess what.. I can relate. Maybe it's a Goosney curse. Richard does all kinds of crazy stupidness in his sleep, the blank stare being the most scary. Happens mostly when he's overtired. Not to scre you or anything, but I did watch a special once where people have killed others in their sleep.. not sure of the disorder name..LOL

Jenny said...

Oh my God, you should create another blog....My husbands wacky dreams. lol.

I don't know what's funnier, Jamie's dreams or his teasing Stephanie about her bra!!! LMAO!!