Monday, June 19, 2006

I've Never Been a Hero

Vicky and Cory's Jack n Jill this past Friday night. I'm not a drinker but I always have loads of fun watching everyone else get completely wasted. And I must say, my method is much better for the hangovers.

So I have lots of pics to share:
Of Christa and Jenny "selling" shots although through some observation I noticed they seemed to be drinking more than selling. Good job girls! lol :)
Of the most fabulous dance moves EVER!
Of Kristen being super drunk and then getting sick and disappearing into the back of Jason's pickup truck to lie down.
Of the groom, Cory, with his crooked trucker hat and wearing his "sunglasses at night"
and lots of other misc. silly shots.

But there are none of MOI being the hero of the night as explained in the following scenario:
Jamie and I show up at the door, hand in our tickets, buy drink tickets, etc. when a distraught girl walks in and asks to use the phone in the building.
We have no idea where the phone is in the building so she leaves.
I go to the Jack n Jill.
I come back out to take my turn at the door and the girl was coming in again. She was crying and looked so sad and totally distressed and so I offered her to take my cell phone to make her call. And I totally didn't even notice that she was kinda freaky with super-dyed jet black goth hair with a skull on the back of her jacket cause I'm totally good in that non-judgemental "you don't look at all like you're going to steal my cell phone" kinda way but then Kim puts doubt in my mind and asks, "Are you gonna just let her take your phone outside" and I respond in an uneasy, "um, yeah of course, I totally have full and complete trust in the strange sobbing girl with the skull and crossbones on her jacket". (Phew...that was the longest sentence ever!)
And 4.38 minutes later she arrives back in the building and hands me my cell phone and says "Thanks!" and I ask, "Are you ok?" cause she's still crying and she says "Yes" and walks out re-confirming my faith in humanity.
And then everyone was totally on my butt to make sure she didn't make some outrageous call to a foreign country thus costing me a bloody fortune so I was forced to check the outgoing calls and I was back on hero status when I found it was just a 647 Toronto number. Had it been a call to say Mongolia, for example, this email would be thusly named "I've never been an idiot" (except that would be a lie) so it all worked out in the end.

Photos soon...

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