Sunday, December 25, 2005


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

One for Sorrow

Remember the black bird on my front porch that I told you about yesterday? Well, it's dead.
Another one!
Should I have done more?
What could have happened to it?
Jamie is convinced that it froze to death.
I immediately thought of all these "bird diseases" that seem to be going around.
Poor little guy.
Can anyone tell me what kind of bird it is?
I am assuming a black pigeon because of the typical pigeon beak.
2 dead birds in less than a month in our house.
That's just plain weird - my home has become a pigeon death bed.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Weekend was pretty great, actually got to spend some time at home. It was still crazy busy time but at least we were in the house and not out running around everywhere.

On friday night Joann and Chris came to visit us. Chris did our wedding video and it was finally complete! Yay! I was so excited to see it, I feel like I finally got to really see the wedding. Everything seemed like such a blur that I was like "Oh, I missed that..." he, he. And Chris...Wow! What an amazing job he did for an "amateur". I mean, seriously, it looks like a professional job and he didn't even charge us anything for it. I'm thrilled at his work...Thanks Chris! Maybe I'll try and post a clip in my blog if I can figure out how to do that. Don't hold your breath, I'm not all that blog literate for stuff like that.

Saturday was spent waiting for the Brick to deliver more of our stuff. We have a new 42" Samsung DLP (I think that's right) and we also have our over-the-range microwave. Kristen helped Jamie install it yesterday and it looks great. Now, if only we could get our oven! It's been on backorder and it's supposed to finally arrive on Thursday.

Saturday night we had my Uncle John's 50th surprise birthday party. I still can't believe that Aunt Dianne pulled it off without him ever having even the slightest idea. Nobody accidentally spilled or slipped up, he thought he was going to a Christmas party. lol :) It was really awesome of her to do that for him.

Yesterday, scrapbooked and did some shopping. I finally got something for Erykah for Christmas. She asked for Bratz clothes but I haven't been able to find any. I guess that stuff sells out quickly. Only big girl sizes left :( But I did find the cutest "kimpossible" black velvety pants/jeans and a really neat shirt to go with it. And we bought her a sled too, a round blue saucer she saw at Walmart and wanted.

And then I went into Reitmans to look for clothes for my mom and saw some really nice clothes for me, I feel so deprived of shopping for ME...I want new clothes for, me, me...gotta hold on, Christmas is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to ripping open those gifts and then doing some shopping with my mama on boxing day.

And you'll never even believe it...Jamie opened up the door to go outside yesterday and I hear him say, "Oh what a fright, Myrna ya gotta come here quick!" And there on our front porch is another bird!! It's a black one...and alive and well as far as I could tell (Whew...finally, not an injured one). And Jamie's like "Is it gonna fly up at me? Can I pass by it?" and he did and the bird barely even flinched. And when Jamie came back home, the bird had perched itself right on our doorstep and again, when Jamie came inside the door, it just stayed there and kinda looked at us. So strange! Why is it so tame? Where did it come from? Jamie was so worried that it was going to freeze to death but I assured him that some birds obviously can bear the winter or else they would fly south...right? This morning, the bird is still there, perched on the far end of the porch by the railing. It bent down next to it and it didn't move. It's all puffed up like a ball, to keep warm I imagine. I notice it's shiny black with a shiny dark green collar. I don't think I would have ever noticed the green had I not been so close. I really gotta take a picture? I need to find out what kind of bird this is...any ideas anyone? Are there black pigeons? Maybe a blackbird of some sort?

My nan would surely freak out ya know...
One black bird means sorrow...she would turn around and go right back home if one black bird crossed her path.
As the old poem goes...
"One for sorrow, two for joy
Three's a girl, Four's a boy
Five for silver, Six for gold
Seven for secrets never to be told."

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sexy Rexy Edition 2

Jennifer just sent me the link (click HERE) to Rex Goudy's website where you can watch the video "Run" from his new album "Under the Lights".

Sexy Rexy sure is lookin' good...don't you agree?

Gotta support my home province (and Canadian Idol) and get me a copy of this CD. Stocking stuffer perhaps?

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sour Girl...What would you do?

Ever had one of those days? One of those days where nothing satisfies? Where nothing is good enough? Those days when it seems the world is against you? Like everyone is playing some kind of sick joke on you behind your back? And you know it really is just your imagination?

I am having those of those days. A day when the song title "Sour Girl" suits me perfectly.

I can't even pinpoint what it is exactly. Nobody did anything. I am just downright contrary. We had our girls cookie exchange today and I think I may have almost ruined it for everyone because I was in such a bad mood. But I think I snapped out of it for at least those few hours this afternoon, surrounded by sugar and flour and chocolate chips and the scent of all those other baking confections permeating the atmosphere.

When I got home I was happy to see that our dishwasher had been installed by Jamie and Mark but it didn't take long for me to get annoyed at Jamie complaining about what to have (or rather, not have) for dinner. We then got ready to go visit Christa's and Kristen's. I was more than happy to go and didn't want to miss the get together but it wasn't long before I was squirming and just itching to come home. I told Jamie to stay, he'll get a ride later with Jenny and Chris. I didn't want to ruin his night and besides, I could probably really use the alone time. Poor guy would probably get eaten alive were he at home "bugging" me.

Maybe it's just leftover illness from yesterday when I had a migraine and had to leave work early. Those terrible headaches are really enough to screw ya over.

The song says that the girl was sour when she met him and happy when she left him...I do believe I started this day sour...I only hope that as I close my eyes I can end the night off on a happy note. Here's hoping to waking up on the right side of the bed tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Joy to the World

...I have just officially wrapped my very first Christmas present of the year. This one is for my sister from Jamie and I. Sorry, can't share what it is but I really think she's gonna love it. My sister is the best person ever to buy gifts for. I love shopping for her and she seems to really like what I buy for her. Great combination.

But boy, I am so behind this year. Normally I wrap gifts as I get 'em. This year I've barely even gotten them and even the ones I have are laying unadorned in the closet of the spare bedroom.

Luckily, gift wrapping is a "chore" I greatly enjoy. I like for my gift wrap to be like a gift in itself. A neatly sealed box, everything is much easier and better-looking in a box. Not too much tape because you actually want the person to be able to get into the box. And then I like to choose a gift paper that I really feel the person will like. My sister, for example, loves red. So I really go out of my way to wrap her gifts in red. I try to do something a little more masculine for the guys and try and keep the santas and penguins and snowmen for the kids.
But then wrapping paper is really not enough. Ya gotta have the bow. It's gotta be the kind that wraps all the way around the box and ties in the middle. Those plastic stick-on ones....really only acceptable if they're used by a grandma who has arthritis and is therefore unable to firmly grasp and tie an appropriate bow. Otherwise, stick-ons are really just the lazy way out. And yes, I do get lazy and use them at some point or another every year....GASP! Breaking my own wrapping rules!
And then the much needed identification for the gift recipient a.k.a. the gift tag. It's gotta match. It's gotta be a co-ordinating colour with the gift wrap and also an appropriate size for the box in which the gift is wrapped. Otherwise, you end up searching frantically over the expanse of a big box only to find a tiny little white rectangle almost hidden in the corner. Write the tag in neat handwriting, place it proudly in a space on the gift for all to see and enjoy.
And that my friends will help you give a gift that recipients will almost not want to unwrap because of how pretty and perfect it looks on the outside.
Caution: Never make the gift wrap better than the actual gift. Otherwise there will be grave disappointment over actually having unwrapped such a pretty box only to find something crappy on the inside.

Just to let you know, this was never the intention at all of my blog to start with. I only wanted to express my excitement at FINALLY getting my first gift wrapped. But while I am ranting and raving, may I express my sincere distaste of gift bags. I tell my family every year that I want my gifts to be wrapped in paper. Tearing the paper to shreds on Christmas morning is one of the highlights of the day. Stress relief perhaps?
Here are the reasons to use a gift bag, in my opinion:

1. The item you are giving is very oddly shaped. i.e. hammer. My first choice would be to put the hammer inside a box. But if no box is found then you do not want to even attempt at wrapping an object such as this. Made for a great Canadian tire commercial tho'. Anybody seem that one? Everything under the tree wrapped exactly in the shape of the actual object, including the dog....ha ha!!!
2. You have carefully and lovingly made (perhaps sewn) the gift bag yourself. My Aunt did this one year for us. I adored those cloth bags!
3. You did not have a box for the item. i.e. a shirt. So you wrapped it up as is (soft and smushy) and then placed it down into the bag. This means the element of surprise is still there. If not in a bag, you would automatically know as soon as you pick up this gift that it is an item of clothing. But now, you get to dig through the tissue paper in the bag, and bonus! you still get to unwrap!
4. Your gift is for your "Secret Santa" or "Kris Kringle" or whatever you want to call it. Cause let's face it, we just end up buying candles or chocolates or a cheesy ornament for this person anyways so why bother with all the fuss of proper gift wrap. (See Caution noted above)
5. You are a mother of 3 crazy kids and 2 cats thus making it impossible to use wrapping paper without it being torn to shreds as soon as you place it out on your flat surface. And then you can't find the tape because your 5 year old has taken it to make a craft out of the empty paper tubes. And all the ribbons you had bought last year on boxing day are "God Knows where" and even if you did find them they've probably been crushed in the back of the closet still in the Walmart shopping bag you bought them in.
So there you have if the holidays weren't crazy enough!
For fun ideas on gift wrapping and decorating, visit Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart, Cityline, HGTV or just do a google search...tons of great holiday ideas, I need to use some of them for my new home.
Wishing you all the best of this blessed Christmas season!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I am officially 4 visitors away from....

Yay! Thanks for reading!
Please leave comments, I love them.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Bliss List

An idea from Daphne's blog...

Here is my bliss list in no specific order:

1. The sound of my nieces laughing. It's so sweet. Children's giggles are definitely one of the most amazing sounds ever. Pure happiness.
2. The way that Jamie always wants to squeeze as close to me as possible on the couch even when there are tons of other spots for him to sit.
3. Creating scrapbook pages I'm proud of and then looking at them over and over and over again and just remembering.
4. Eating breakfast. Love this meal - bacon and eggs, pancakes and strawberries, toast and tea, bagel with cream cheese - love it all!
5. A hot shower with yummy smelling body wash.
6. Being near the ocean...the sound, the smell, the salt spray on my skin...ahhh!
7. Savouring every delicious morsel of a favourite chocolate.
8. Finding awesome stuff at the Dollar Store for only $1 as opposed to $3.97 at Walmart.
9. Getting a new outfit - an entire outfit, complete with shoes and accessories. Even if it's a track suit with flip flops and a scrunchie for my hair.
10. The feeling of the take off in an airplane.
11. Watching a favourite movie for the 17th time.
12. Hearing the girls say "Love you too". Well, Isabella actually only says "too" cause she hasn't quite figured out the rest yet.
13. When Jamie comes home from work and immediately acknowledges me by giving me a hug and/or a kiss hello.
14. Spending time with friends even when we're doing nothing.
15. Breaking out the old Christmas albums.
16. Listening to a gospel choir.
17. A tall refreshing glass of ice cold water, especially if it's straight from the tap (spring/well water) back home.
18. Antiques
19. When someone takes the time to write a hand-written note or card.
20. Our wedding photos
21. Fresh berries
22. Old men who still have a twinkle in their eye that reminds you of the young men they once were.
23. Having a furry friend (my cat) to greet me at the door no matter what. Unconditional love.
24. When Jamie calls me (even when he calls too much) because I know it means I'm on his mind for some reason or another.
25. Pretty painted toes
26. Fresh homemade bread
27. Stopping to smell the roses
28. When Nan and Vicki call me every year to sing "Happy Birthday".
29. Playing a good (and fun) game of volleyball.
30. The peace of going to sleep every night with "I love you" as the last words spoken.

With that I will end, I'm sure I could go on and on. Life is full of so many wonderful "little" things. Sometimes we just have to stop and think and dwell of them to realize how lucky we are. Hope your day is full of blissful moments!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

For the Birds...

What is up with me and birds?

Okay, let me back-track to our moving into the new house this past weekend. On my last blog I made a reference to U-Haul and that you should all wish us luck. Well, I think some of you forgot to cross your fingers for us. On Friday late morning Jamie received a call from our wonderful moving company stating that there had been a change in our reservation. We could no longer have the truck we needed for Saturday morning. They did, however, have a truck that was available for pickup in Bolton (about an hour away) for 3 hours on Saturday! Obviously no good. Thanks a lot eh? They did have a truck for Friday night, they could bump another guy, in turn screwing up another reservation, but we were desperate and took it. Jamie scrambled to gather up his "moving guys" (Mark, Chris, Kristen) who were more than happy to leave work early and help us out. Thank goodness for friends! So, we moved a little early but that's okay. It's just so exciting to be in the new house.

I've painted the living room already "Chivalry Copper" if you can picture that, kinda orangey-brown which sounds really gross but looks quite nice. I used probably the hardest paint technique I've ever done in my life and shall never attempt again. Again, the final product looks great. And Jennifer helped me out a whole bunch on Saturday unpacking boxes and vacuuming and things like that. I can't believe how much kitchen stuff I have/had from the wedding. It was just like Christmas opening all those boxes of new things!

We had some visitors...My Aunt Dianne, Uncle John (who hooked up our phone lines...awesome of him to do that for us!), Tracey and Richard and the girls, Vanessa and Gord and their girls. Funny story...Vanessa was changing Grayson who is 14months old and takes every opportunity during diaper changes to squirm about and run away. And up she gets and runs away and pees on our carpet!! ha ha ha! I laughed so much. Poor Vanessa was so embarassed. And I was still laughing and told her not to be embarassed, Grayson is just a baby enjoying her occasional nakedness. We are officially "christened"

Back to the pigeons...Sunday, we went to Walmart to buy some curtain rods and a few snacks. Went to Christa's to borrow her bar fridge and electric wok, small appliances to sustain us in a big way until we get our "normal" appliances. Back to the house and there were a gazillion pigeons roosting on our eave. Jamie picks up snow and I tell him, "Oh no, don't throw that. You'll hurt them".

Monday morning, I got up worried about driving to work. It is about a 45 minute drive now and I was accustomed to living only about 3 minutes away from work when we lived in Brampton.... I walk out the door and what a fright. There on my front steps is a pigeon! I put my hand to my chest and slowly walk towards it thinking it is dead. It starts to move and I get another start. I begin talking to myself, "Oh no, how can this be happening to me...I have to go to work. I'm going to be late on my first day living out of town!" So I step over the pigeon and go to the truck. I start the truck. Close the door. Start to cry. I get back out of the truck, "I don't care if I'm late for work. I can't leave a hurt pigeon on my steps and not do anything." But what to do? I go over to it. It's wing is crooked, broken. I am crying still, praying, wondering what to do. Nobody to call at 6am. What to do? What to do for the injured bird? I go back in the house. Up the stairs. To the linen closet. Grab one of my fuzziest towels and a box. Back outside. I wrap up the pigeon and think that any people across the street watching now must be making a mental note not to visit the crazy new neighbour lady. I put the warm towel wrapped pigeon in the box and notice that his nose is bleeding, his eyes are closed. I say a prayer over the box. "Lord you say in your word that you take care of even the birds. Please take care of this pigeon." I am crying again but walk to the truck feeling that it would now die in the peaceful warmth of a new red towel and the hand of God.

I called Jamie when I got to work. He wanted to know that I had made it safely. I asked him if he had thrown a snowball at the pigeons. He said he didn't because I told him not to. I told him about the pigeon on the front porch. He checked on it later in the morning. It was dead. Seriously, what is up with me and the birds?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pre Delivery Inspection

Today we had our walk-through (or P.D.I.) on the new house. YAY! This is so exciting! I can't believe Jamie and I are home-owners, well actually one day away from being home owners - we get our keys tomorrow afternoon.

The inspection today was to determine if everything is okay with the house, what needs to be repaired, changed, etc.

For example:
Our staircase to the upstairs is VERY squeaky and creeky
Our front yard has not yet been filled in with dirt so the steps outside drop down a little too far (very unsafe) and is bound to have someone break their neck when we are moving (Jen....stay away...just kidding)
Our eavestrough (sp?) not installed yet
Paint touchups throughout
One of the bedroom doors not latching properly

so yeah, tomorrow we get our keys and we can officially move IN! It didn't even really hit me until today when we went to see the lawyer and had to sign a gazillion papers.

And our first mortgage payment is due on December 24th! Christmas Eve! What luck?!

Speaking of Christmas, is anyone else having as big a problem as me getting out to do shopping for everyone this year? It still seems like I have barely anything done.

Wish me luck for safe (we have rented a for news release...eeekk!) and snow-free moving on Saturday.

Will be posting pictures soon of our completed home. Totally forgot to take pics today.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Darren

...and Happy 2nd Birthday to Caitlynn! See Daphne's blog for pics, what a sweet little girl.

No "intellectual" meanderings this morning. Just a look back at my good weekend.

It started out with a trip to the Mattel toy warehouse sale on Friday after work. Jennifer and I waited in line for about a half an hour to get in. Luckily, our wait was mostly spent inside the building because it was brrrr cold outside. We got our first snow last week. Another reminder of winter being right around the corner. I was excited to get Isabella her Christmas present, Dress and Dance Dora.

And then the girls (Christa, Jen, and I) met for a yummy dinner at East Side Marios. The service was slow but the company and the food was good. And we all indulged ourselves on delicious chocolatey desserts, which we couldn't finish. So sad to waste chocolate so I brought mine home for Jamie to enjoy.
Saturday was a day of shopping with Jennifer. We went to the mall in the hopes of finding some great Christmas deals. We did pretty well, got a few things crossed off our list. I even found a gift for my sister ON SALE and these things NEVER go on sale. Can't tell you what it is's a secret and she sometimes reads my blog. Shhhh! And I got a hooded Old Navy sweatshirt for my brother in law. This seems to be the same gift I give him every single year....but it's what he wants every single year... so who am I to argue? I love it when people give me easy gift ideas instead of leaving me to guess.
Saturday evening was super fun! It was Darren's birthday and Erykah made a chocolate cake...yummy! And we had Swiss Chalet take out for supper. And then Jamie and I went with Darren's friends to play indoor beach volleyball. I know that sounds like a bit of an's an old factory that has been sectioned off into courts filled with sand, a makeshift beach. As good as it gets I suppose in the middle of a city as the onset of winter approaches. Volleyball is so much fun, there were about 14 or 15 of us, it was a blast and time flew. Jamie and I got home around 1am.
Sunday was spent sleeping in until about 10:15am and then I had a baby shower. April got so much nice stuff, especially this awesome homemade toy trunk filled with lots of goodies. Bobbi-Lynn was there with her baby, Shannon, who is 10 weeks old. I got to hold her for a while, my baby
The rest of the weekend, between everything else, I packed as many boxes as I possibly could for our move this week. We get our keys to the new house on Thursday afternoon. Jamie is so excited, called me first thing this morning even though he had only left the apartment a couple of hours earlier to tell me "only 3 days left honey!". It is really exciting, I must admit. Finally, our own home. Finally, we will live together by ourselves. Finally, all those bills to pay....yeah, that's the part that makes me not so excited. But I'm told it's worth it.
Here's hoping for a speedy week at work...and for smooth sailing with all the final details of closing our new house.

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Straight Truth ... thoughts provoked by Oprah's show yesterday entitled "When I Knew I was Gay"

I thought it was a good show and I am really intrigued about the whole topic. I'm not even certain how I feel or what I believe to be true when it comes to "Are you born gay?" or "Do you choose to be gay?" I think it may be a little of both depending on the person.

Totally not the point to my post today. My thoughts are about how some of the people were saying "How they knew..."

Grammy award winning musician Melissa Etheridge recently shared her experience
growing up gay. "I remember crying one Christmas because my grandfather bought
me a truck," she says. "I remember crying because I knew that it wasn't normal
for girls to want a truck."
And others stated similar incidences of girls doing typically "boy" things and boys doing typically "girl" things. For example, the men talking about how they used to dress up in their mothers heels and purses and things.

And they are all agreeing that these are OBVIOUS signs.

Okay, so here's my grief with this logic: I, as well as MANY of my friends and both of my siblings, would definitely be homosexuals if this were accurate. I loved sports growing up, loved the rough and tumble stuff we call "boy" and catching crabs on the beach, helping my dad fix his truck, playing street hockey, digging in the dirt with my tonka trucks. I really didn't like dolls and mostly preferred to have my hands in grease and mud. I did some girly things too but I really was a Tom Boy. I even have a "tonka" scar on my lip where I got a little too close and closed the tailgate of my pickup truck on my mouth.

Many of my girl friends were the same. My sister was the same. And then my brother, though very boyish in his love for all of the above-mentioned things, didn't have a choice with the hand-me-down girly stuff but to play with some of it.

Our next door neighbour, a boy, played with his dolls more than I ever did. He carried them around and took care of his babies all the time.

I understand that if all of these things were coupled with obvious statements of attraction to the opposite sex at a young age then it could certainly be a sign. For example, the one girl talked about telling her mom when she was 10 that she liked women. Yeah, that's probably a good sign. And we all know that there really are some instances where a guy is clearly gay and probably did spend most of his time in his mothers dresses and putting on makeup and dancing in front of the mirror.

But to be honest, I just don't think this in and of itself can say anything about the sexual orientation of a child. I do not understand at all how Melissa Etheridge could have been so upset about simply wanting to play with trucks, unless she was given grief by her family about it. It could have hit a chord because she already "knew" but I really don't see how this alone would be THE sign.

And I don't understand why we freak out so much about children crossing what we consider to be gender lines. All children explore. All children play. All children experiment to try and find themselves and figure out the world around them.

Does this mean that every parent with a daughter who loves softball or a son who enjoys playing dressup should be "worried" and start accepting and directing their children to a homosexual lifestyle? Please parents, life is crazy enough as it is without overanalyzing the fact that your three year old son wanted to be a bunny rabbit for Halloween rather than Batman. And don't, for goodness sake, tell your dear innocent child that they are not allowed to be the bunny rabbit because of what you fear it may mean. Instilling those fears just doesn't work out well in the long run.

I just think that sometimes, often even, if a girl like trucks then she just likes trucks. So what? she loves trucks. Big deal! Really! Why make it into a sexually confusing event for her. And if that girl when she was older then decided that this was not just about the trucks, that it meant more, then I would hope that her parents would love her unconditionally, as always.

And again, I'm not trying to pretend that I really know anything about how it feels to go through this. Most of the guests on Oprah shared the same feeling - that "coming out" was the most difficult thing in their life, that they often wished they were not gay. I don't understand any of it. I just cannot empathize. I can only share my thoughts. My thoughts today may change down the road. But for today, I really feel strongly about this, about not worrying about kids being kids, about not feeling so overwhelmed. I am afraid for my own future children enough as it is.

All said, I am grateful for Oprah...seriously, silly as that may sound to some of you...for allowing us to THINK about things like this, for educating us on a topic we are so ignorant of.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Copying Christa

Who do you want to be under the mistletoe with? In the real world, Jamie. In the dream world, really liking the guy from Prison Break.

What are your favourite Christmas memories? The overall excitement of everything...hanging our stockings, going to bed but not being able to sleep, waking up super early and then waking mom and dad who refused to let us even go into the living room until the fire was started in the furnace downstairs. I swear, they were slow on purpose just to torture us. And then reading the Christmas story, opening gifts, going to dinner at Grannys, supper at Nans. So many things, so many good memories!

Where would you rather spend Christmas this year? I'm excited about being in the new house with Jamie. And mom and dad are coming to visit which is wonderful. But there's nothing quite like being home in Newfoundland for Christmas.

What is your favourite Christmas song? "They stood in silent prayer" by Charlie Pride. Listened to it every single year over and over again on mom and dad's old record player. And another old one on a record in mom's collection but I don't really know the name of it...and I can NEVER find it anywhere online. If anyone recognizes this, please let me know what the name of it is:
There was my mommy in her nightgown
She was jumping all around
with ol' Santa Claus
The record kept a playin'
And mamma kept a sayin'
Ol' Santa was good for the cause
His belly kept a shakin'
Mommy kept
a makin'
Jokes about the look in his eyes
I'll make a little bet
I'll never forget
Mommy twisting with Santa that night

What do you usually do Christmas morning? Get up and open gifts, go to Tracey's to watch my nieces open their gifts, call mom and dad (if they're not already here with us) and my friends, visit Jamie's sister and her family.

Have you bought all your presents yet? Not even close...don't even know what to get for half of the people on my list.

What do you do on Christmas Eve? If Nfld, there's usually church and then we just all hang out as a family and have a "lunch" (in Nfld, "lunch" is a pre-bedtime snack) of tea and yummy baked goods. Here in Ontario, I usually visit with people and then go to Jennifers to drop off her gifts from Chris. Cause she's too nosy for him to keep the gifts at their house. lol :)

Do you spend Christmas with a lot of family? Yes, and my friends too.

Do you go anywhere special on Christmas (vacation) ? Don't vacation, nice to be home for Christmas.

How many items are on your wish list? I honestly couldn't really think of a lot this year... would be great to have some new clothes, scrapbooking stuff, yummy chocolates. My wish list is usually a mile long.

What do you usually eat on Christmas? lots of turkey and sweets

When did you find out that Santa wasn't real? Mom and Dad never really talked about Santa - about his being real or not being real. We were kinda left to figure it out on our own. And then one Christmas I remember so clearly, Tracey and I still shared a room back then. We couldn't sleep and we snuck out of our bedroom. I still remember we were wearing those long flannel nightgowns. We hid around the corner and watched mom and dad stuff our stockings and put all the presents under the tree. I just remember my heart pounding with excitement and anticipation and a certain amount of disappointment over having confirmed that Santa did not exist except in the form of my parents.

Do you still make snowmen and snow angels? haven't for a while but I'm sure it would be a lot of fun and get out there and act like a kid again.

Do you still have snow ball fights with your siblings/parents? Last snowball fight I remember was at Steph's and Jason's house when all the guys started going nuts at each other. I think Jennifer totally fell "tits up" (pardon the expression) cause it was so slippery on the road. Crazy boys!

What's your favourite Christmas movie? How the Grinch Stole Christmas

What do you like doing over the Christmas holidays? visiting with friends and family, eating lots of chocolate (as usual) and other yummy stuff, getting gifts (of course), giving gifts.

What do you plan to do for New Year's Eve? Maybe go to Gage Park cause I heard Glass Tiger was going to be there this year. And it was kinda nice going out and being there last year. I guess it might depend on my parents and the rest of my family/friends though.

What are your usual traditions on New Year's? Don't really have any "traditions", just do whatever, usually visiting everyone.

Got any resolutions? no, don't keep em anyways

What's the weirdest thing you've ever got for Christmas? I've gotten some very weird sweaters and stuff from some of my distant relatives. And Aunt Thelma always gives the little package with avon hand lotion and smelly soaps often wrapped in a teabag box or maybe a cream cracker's a little weird but I love it anyway cause she has so many nieces and nephews but still makes an effort to think of us all.

What's the most expensive thing you've got for Christmas? probably my fancy-schmancy camera

How early do you wake up on Christmas morning? when I was a kid, around 6am, now I try for around 7am but Jamie's a big kid and I know he's going to try to get me out of bed super early.

What do you usually get in your stocking? I love Daphne's description of "Doodads, Thingmajigs, and whatchamacallits....lmao) to interpret, I usually get chocolates (my favourite) and toiletry items (new toothbrush, deoderant, etc), makeup, socks, stuff like that.
Happy Birthday Vanessa!
(my sister-in-law for those of you who don't know)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Oprah's Challenge: What have you done today?

I liked Oprah's challenge last Friday and as stated in her new theme song for the season (I believe it's by Heather Small), "What have you done today to make you feel proud?"

I'm not necessarily going to try and be on the Oprah show (tho' that would be wonderful) but I do think this is a great challenge. Every day is an opportunity to make a difference. Something you do, no matter how small and insignificant it seems at the time, could mean the world to another person.

It's not just about being proud of the BIG things, the things that take the most courage. These things are wonderful, of course, but it's the little things that can sometimes make a real impact:

Christa, it's helping the little old lady in the walker pick up the change that had fallen all from her purse onto the pavement?

Vicki, it's opening your home to your sister and spending countless hours with your nephew at Sick Kids.

Jenny, it's making meals to suit your pain-in-the-butt brother-in-law even on the days you'd rather just say, "screw you buddy!"

Tracey, it's taking your kids to church even though they are sometimes loud and squirmy.

Take the time every day to reflect on what you have done? Have you done anything? Challenge yourself....don't be afraid to feel proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

I'd love for you to share your proud moments.


I'm very excited to announce that I collected a total of 43 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child this year! That's 8 more than the previous record..woohoo!

A HUGE thanks to everyone who participated. These little gifts (to us) are so big for children around the world who literally have nothing. Just imagining the look of those little faces is enough for me to do this over and over again each year.

I believe you reap what you those of you who generously give (whether in this way or in some other way) thank you for planting good seeds.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Little Bella Church Story

Isabella really likes Dora the Explorer.

Isabella is kinda loud and rough and "bad" in church.

Two weekends ago in church with our grandmother visiting, Isabella decided to be extra hyper. Never fails when my sister is trying to make an impression about having well behaved kids. Bella was up in arms, climbing up on the pew, down on the floor, up and down, up and down. She had to be taken out twice, once when she bumped her head on the thingy that's on the back of the pew to hold the hymn books. She also decided to "let fly" (throw) her stuffed bunny across the church. I wanted to laugh so hard. I couldn't believe how far she could throw!

I can just hear Granny now, "tsk these days, can't even be good in oh my what's the world coming to...?"

Yesterday Isabella was being so cute and quiet and nice in church. She was squiggling and wiggling a lot and putting her legs up on the seat and bumping the people in front of us every now and then but all in all she was quite "good" for her. So she's sitting there and scribbling frantically on a small piece of paper, making circles and big round scribbles round and round. And then she very matter-of-factly points and loudly states "Dowa!". Seriously, totally just 18 month-old scratches of ink across the church bulletin and to her it was "Dora". I giggle, her mom whispers, "Yes, Dora...shhhh!", the people behind say "Ah, so cute".

I was sitting between Jamie and Isabella. She still isn't sure about Jamie, looks at him all weird and stuff even though he totally loves her and tries to get her attention. He casually put his arm around me as he often does in church. She looks around me, gives him the "look" and proceeded to push his arm back from around my shoulder. Seems no one but her is allowed to be affectionate with Auntie Myrna.

I swear I missed at least half of the sermon because of paying attention to my niece rather than the Pastor.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Saw this on another blog and thought I'd copy. Here's the have to describe yourself with each letter of the alphabet.

A-Animal Lover
B-Beautiful (that probably sounds *boastful* but I do feel like i'm a beautiful person most of the time, sometimes on the outside, mostly on the inside)
C-Creative, Chocoholic
E-East...specifically "down east" is where I long to be and miss the most
F-Fluffy (i prefer to use this word instead of
H-Helter Skelter (according to my friend, Joann, and she's known me almost literally forever so I have to believe her)
I-Intelligent, intrigued
J-Jamie, my new hubbie
K-Kissing, one of the best things ever
O-Obstetrician (If time were erased by about 10 years, I would become this as a profession)
P-Passionate, Poet
R-Research, I really like to KNOW and study and educate myself on stuff in general. Ignorance bothers me greatly.
S-Sarah LOVE LOVE LOVE this name and should I ever have a daughter, this is the name she will get....oh, and Scrapbooking...another thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE
U-Ultrasound that I have to get to check my, all is well
V-Volleyball, play it once a week with the girls everything about it - drinking it, swimming in it, just the entire nature of it - so calm and peaceful one moment and a complete fury the next - kinda like me!
X-Xsquared is the symbol for reactance. And I sometimes tend to overreact...sometimes!
Y-Young, a year and a half away from the big 3-0
Z-zeolous, zest for life

and I've added the numbers as well
1-day left to deliver shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child
2-two siblings - one sister, one brother
3-number of children I would like to have. Ultimately, 2 of our own and 1 adopted
4-married almost 4 months
5-months pregnant my sister is with her 3rd child
6-time I try to eat dinner
7-my favourite number
8-the hours of sleep I need to get or else I'm a wreck. What to do when I become a mom??!!!
9-number of years I've worked with current company
10-size I was when I lost weight and now I've gained it all back to a size 14

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Daily Annoyances

What annoyances are more painful than those of which we cannot complain?
- Marquis de Custine

I am having a very annoyed day.

Honestly, on my way to work this morning I was praying, "Please Lord, help me to be patient and kind, the person you want me to be." It is not every morning that I pray like this on the way to work but I felt in a great mood and didn't want it to be ruined.

I think I was being put to the test.

First of all, the men at work are insanely annoying with the way they have these little pet names for each other all the while stabbing each other in the back. I heard one man actually say, "Johnny Baby, can you...." and on and on...they always put a -y on the end of every name. Joe-y, Bill-y, Mike-y...oh it's enough to drive ya bonkers. Can I get fired for saying that? But seriously people, you may as well start using "sweetie" and "honey bun".

Secondly: non-stop talking to yourself and me having to listen to it all day long.

Third: having a really disheveled hair day when the really cute computer guy from head office comes to visit. And it's not even like I can really help it cause my hair is naturally a mess and in the words of my dear loving grandmother I always look like a "streel".

Fourth: Dentist appointment

Fifth: Having the dentist ask me what show I would like to watch on the overhead tv screen and then completely ignoring my request for "Oprah" and instead turning on The Happy Days and Mary Tyler Moore.

Sixth: Dentist not giving me enough freezing and then saying "well we'll just try and proceed without giving you more cause we're almost done" Meanwhile, 20 minutes later and 64 winced/tightened/annoyed muscles later...

Seventh: Dentist making me bite down on that thing that keeps your mouth open even when he's not in there working. I know the point but it still sucks...and it makes my jaw ache.

Eighth: Realizing I don't even know how to spell "Eighth"...doesn't look right at all!

Ninth: Denist telling me that I really should see the orthodontist again to fix my jaw which doesn't really bite properly. This "fixing" would require me to have my jaw broken and wired shut for 6 weeks.

Side note: seriously pondered this surgery as a weight-loss option but decided against it.

Tenth: Christa telling me today that the Brick "gift" card that we got with our mortgage from our new home builder is honouring only retail in-store prices rather than the retail online prices, which are cheaper, thus making us spend more to get less. This may or may not be true (we will know after their "Brick" appointment tonight) but I overreacted and was annoyed at the prospect of it none-the-less.

Eleventh: Not knowing what to have for supper

Twelfth: my furry cat jumping into every single box I try to pack making it much more difficult to get done what I have to get done. Actually, this one is kinda funny now that I think about it. Stupid feline.

And with that happy note, I will end my list.

On another happy note, nothing soothes a sore mood like honey surprised me by bringing me a chocolate treat today. Thank God for husbands, the answer to my prayers!

Monday, November 07, 2005

one day late

Happy Birthday Daphne!!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Happy Bonfire Night

It was so strange to move to Ontario where I found NOBODY (except fellow Newfoundlanders) knows anything about "Bonfire Night" or "Guy Fawkes Night".

This is a tradition celebrated in Newfoundland which began in Britain where Guy Fawkes was involved in a plot to destroy parliament (or something like that). To me, it was less about Guy Fawkes, even though we were taught that this was the man it all started with. It was more just about the fire and getting the community (friends and family) together.

For more info:

The website even mentions Newfoundland as being one of the places other than Britain where Bonfire night has been celebrated through the centuries.

Does anyone else remember Bonfire night like I do? It was so exciting for us and the men/guys/boys would spend weeks gathering up wood, old boats, tires, anything that could burn, to try and have the biggest fire in town. It was an event almost everyone participated in on November 5th. As children it was great to enjoy marshmallows and weiners over an open fire on the cold autumn nights. As teenagers, it was just so much fun to simply "hang out" and compete over which town had the best and the biggest bonfire.

Sounds strange to those of you who've never experienced this tradition but it is something I will always remember.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Grandad - In Memory

I've been thinking of my Grandad today. He passed away in May 1995, buried on my sisters birthday on May 24th. Over 10 years ago. Really? Has it been that long? I still miss him...guess that's the thing about having a loved one pass away, missing them never ends, it always hurts to remember.

My grandad...ah, the memories. I always felt so close to my grandparents growing up. They lived next door and were an every day part of my existence. I miss the simplicity of it all, back when I would just spend time with them and life was wonderful because of them.

I remember Grandad:
  • catching rabbits (sounds morbid I know but a memory all the same)
  • eating those little marshallow filled ice cream cone candy
  • falling asleep and snoring in church
  • babysitting me on Sunday nights and going for a "randy" (that means "drive" for you non-newfs) to my uncles house to visit
  • frying me the best eggs in the world
  • mixing lime cordial with a ton of sugar
  • being very impatient waiting for his meals to be served
  • always having a plastic glass in the glove box to stop at a cliff on the side of the road for a drink of the freshest spring water you'll ever find anywhere.

.....and there are so many more...

Packing boxes and I just came across my poetry book. I haven't written in it for a while. Tend to write when I am feeling sad and low. I turn the pages to a poem I wrote a short time after my grandad died. I remember watching him from the kitchen window of our house, seeing him walk up into the back garden, I would cringe when he stumbled. It broke my heart but I felt so inspired by his strength to carry on and work hard even after a stroke left him paralyzed on the right and dominant side of his body.

I remember the days before he died. He lay on his bed and would point and exclaim to my Granny, "Look! Don't you see it?" He was so frustrated that no one could understand but yet he was so peaceful. I believe he was in the presence of his angel. The angel was there when he breathed his final breath. I was there. I sensed it. I will not soon forget the feeling in the room that night.

The poem is called "The Quiet Nod" and it makes me cry every time I read it over to myself. I want to share it with you.

He stumbled and fell as he slowly limped up the narrow path.
A gentle hand reached down and picked him up out of the dirt,
And then held his hand to help him on his way.
He crippled on, not realizing that he was being watched,
Admired for his great strength.
Not strength in himself, but in the hand that held him day by day.

With every passing day he looked up and asked,
"Father, when can I walk on my own again?"
The answer was a quiet nod -
The assurance that one day soon everything would be okay.

On a soft pillow he laid his head and closed his eyes to rest.
Again, a gentle hand reached out and touched his precious brow
And lingered on, always patiently watching.
With childlike faith he held fast to the hand that held him,
His peace, his only trust.
Knowing that all alone he could never carry on day by day.

Again, he looked up into the loving eyes and said,
"Father, I know you will never leave me."
The answer still was just that quiet nod
saying again that everything would be just fine.

He awakened for the final time once cold yet peaceful night
And with his final grain of mortal strength reached out for that hand
that had been there all the time.
He looked into the loving eyes that looked down at him
and understood the hope
that was in his heart and had carried him through each passing day.

With his final breath he whispered,
"Father, is it time to go home now?"
The answer came in a quiet nod...

Thank you Grandad...for everything you have given much still even tho' you are gone.

Until we meet again...

"For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee..." Psalms 91:11

Ladybug Picnic

My title is inspired by the gazillion ladybugs that have inhabited my apartment building. I used to think these little creatures were so cute. In cartoon form they certainly are. Sesame street even had a song, I love the song, still get it stuck in my head...

1, 2, 3...4, 5, 6...7, 8 ,9...10, 11, 12... and they all played games at the ladybugs picnic...They played jumprope but the rope it broke so they sat around playing knock knock jokes...the ladybugs 12 at the ladybugs picnic.
Anyone else remember that song?

But in real live form, I have come to despise these little biting creatures. Yes, they do bite!

We were always told to never kill a ladybug - bad luck or something. And we were told that the number of spots told the age of the days? years? not sure though I'm certain this spot counting thing must be a complete myth. We were also told that ladybugs were "good for the soil" in our veggie garden so it was better to keep them alive.

But lately I have become a ladybug killer. I have to do it with a shoe, can't stand the Crrrrrunch between my fingers....eeewww!!! Jamie and I have had two buzzing around in our bedroom this past week. Unbeknowst to Jamie of course who sleeps through everything. He usually awakens by the THUD..."What was that?" to which I answer "ladybug" and he says "Oh" and is immediately back to snoozing.

And on Tuesday during lunch a ladybug got in the SUV while Jenny and I were on lunch. It was crawling on the ceiling and we got all freaked out like the bunch of wussie girls that we are because we were certain it was going to fly into our hair. So we immediately trapped it inside a Tim Hortons bag. Then sealed the bag. Then felt bad about the ladybug flying around trapped inside the bag. But then we still threw the bag into the trash leading the little spotted insect to certain death.

In an effort to reset the balance, I have decided to educate myself a little more about these "pretty" little red and orangish spotty beetles. In case you're interested:

And for all kinds of cute ladybug cartoons:

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

No such thing as ghosts

Erykah the "Sorceress"
Erykah decided she wanted to be something a little "scarier" this year. She originally wanted to be a skeleton but Tracey couldn't find a costume in her size. So, she decided on's a sorceress/vampire type thing. Not sure of the exact name. But never-the-less, Erykah was very happy about getting to wear black nail polish and red lipstick for trick or treating.

Erykah has always, for some reason, been fascinated with scary stuff. It's very strange hearing a child talk about ghosts and goblins and zombies such even before she was allowed to watch Scooby Doo.

Here's a story for you:

When I moved into my apartment back in January 2003, Erykah was 2 and a half. I didn't know that she had ever heard anything about ghosts or even knew what the word "ghost" meant. Tracey and I were both flabbergasted when one of the first statements she made about my apartment was that there were ghosts. She could see one on the wall of the living room. AND, there were two in my bedroom closet - a red one and a white one. She described the red one as being the scary one. Needless to say, she completely threw me for a loop.

I completely passed it off as her crazy childhood imagination, mostly because i'm a scaredy cat who would never want to believe that such a thing existed into my new apartment.

BUT, there's a part of me that truly believes that children are much more openminded to the supernatural. Their minds have not yet been trained to decide what reality they will choose to accept or not accept. Children just seem to have that "sixth" sense, they have not yet learned to shut it off as most adults have. I'm not sure if I necessarily believe in ghosts but I do think there are many things, unexplainable things, out there in the universe, in the atmosphere, in our everyday lives.

Any thoughts?

Isabella the "Tiger"

Isabella and the Pumpkin

Isabella had the little job of scooping out the pumpkin innards on Halloween night. Erykah had gone on a field trip earlier in the day with her class from school and her pumpkins were fresh and ready for daddy to carve. Isabella would scoop the spoon down into the pumpkin over and over again, but mostly she would turn the spoon upsidedown and lose the pumpkin stuff. She even tried a taste but decided it was yucky.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween in the Office

The girls (Jen, Christa, and I) all decided to dress up in 1950's Grease/Happy Days style poodle skirts.

How to make a poodle skirt:
Search the internet for a photo of a 50s girl as your guide
Visit a second hand store and find a poofy dress/skirt or use an old grad/bridesmaid dress
Make necessary alterations to the skirt (ie. hemline, waistline, etc.)
Sew in a crinoline for added poofiness
Use felt to make a poodle and sew to the bottom of the dress
Optional: sew ribbon as a leash for your poodle
Use matching material to make a hair ribbon and necktie

To complete the outfit you will need:
Matching sweater, cardigan, or tshirt with optional "initial" sewn on.
Shoes (babydolls or white runners)
White "bobby" socks
Tie hair into a high ponytail with ribbon or if you have short hair, use ribbon as a headband.
Optional: Cats eye glasses're on your way to the sock hop....let's do the twist!



Myrna's Poodle

Jen's Poodle


Christa's Poodle

Pumpkin Carving

Friday night and the girls all decided to get together to carve pumpkins. We do this every year. It's so much fun!

From Left to Right...Jenny (we're at her house), Christa, me, and Stephanie.

All Lit up

Christa with Snoopy and Charlie Brown

Me and my 2 Jack-o-Lanterns

Friday, October 28, 2005

Christa has moved

Christa and Kristen got the keys to their brand new house on Wedneday. Last night, Jenny and I drove up to Acton to visit.

I LOVE's so nice. Let me describe:

The house is a 2 bedroom bungalow townhouse. When you first walk in there is a small foyer area and to the right there is the guest bedroom, which has a marvelous front window. So pretty. The ceramic tile throughout the house is light brown. This is Jamie's favourite and I love it too. Just down the hallway past the coat closet and to the left there is a little "nook" area which they have taken full advantage of and fits their fish tank perfectly. They have a really great fish tank, so colourful with caves and plants and bright yellow cichlids and such, one of which was injured during the move. Poor little thing, hope he recovers.
Then to the left again is the laundry (love the fact that this is on the main floor rather than the convenient!) and then the bathroom. I adore the countertop in this bathroom and the shower tiles, the 6ft soaker tub, and everything...the bathroom continues with a "cheater" door into their master bedroom, a nice size room with a walk-in closet and a big window. Coming back out of the bedroom and into the hallway and you're in the kitchen on the right. The kitchen has light coloured cupboards and another great countertop, black and brown marble look, which matches black appliances perfectly. The kitchen is open concept with a "penisula" that overlooks the great room, a room combining both the dining and living area. I love the carpet too. And the best are the door and windows in the back of the house, shedding awesome natural light into the living area.
And let's turn back and go down the front hallway again to the basement door which leads to a huge space to be refinished in future. Their basement easily has enough space for an extra bathroom, third bedroom, bar area, and a tv room/den for the boys to watch hockey games on the big screen.

I know it's hard to picture with that description but I just had to express how much I love this new home.

Congrats to you, Christa and Kristen, on this new step in your lives together. All the's all so exciting, 2nd in line to the excitement of my own new house, only 4 weeks away!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

10 Random Things

Saw this on another blog so I thought I'd copy. Here are ten random (some useless) facts about me:

1. When I was a kid, I had two hamsters named Charlotte and Templeton. Names came from characters in the book "Charlotte's Web" which I adore.

2. One of my nerdiest qualities (among others): I collect stamps and have since about 1985. I think they're great miniature pieces of artwork.

3. I first "met" Jamie in highschool when we were 15. I tried to talk to him cause I thought he was cute and he totally dissed me :(

4. My first car was a 1990 Hyundai Excel, a white one.

5. I have a diploma in Early Childhood Education.

6. Love "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

7. I have never pierced my ears in the "normal" way, only have one at the top of my right ear.

8. My nan used to bite my cheeks when I was a young kid. I used to hate going to her house because of it until one day she actually made me cry. She never did it again after. I have yet to figure out why she did it to begin with. I know my chubby cheeks were probably very cute and tempting but COME ON!

9. I have a completely irrational fear of looking into a mirror at night.

10. The first boy I really kissed was Terry, I was 13. I still have the stuffed blue bunny he gave me as a gift for Easter. I slept with it for years after our two week relationship "broke up". lol :)

Friday, October 21, 2005

My Toy Story

I think I may be going crazy. Admittedly. I've always had the "Toy Story" thing happening in my head. That is, believing that after I go to bed or leave the room, my toys would all come to life. They would talk to each other, play, etc. Fine when you're a child, right?

I still have quite a few of my stuffed toys. Unable to give them up, I dragged many of them all the way from Newfoundland to Ontario. They have moved so many times that I'd stopped unpacking them.

Since we are moving, I've been packing boxes a little bit here and there. And in the top of my closet I discovered a box - full of stuffed animals. Most of them bears, some collectables. There was a dog - a gift from an ex that I decided I should part with. There was another bear, I couldn't figure out where it had come from. No sentimental ties and therefore I decided to put it in the giveaway box as well.

So, I'm sitting there and looking at each and every one of the toys, reminiscing about "teddy McTavish", describing to Jamie about how this scruffy childhood bear was named after hockey player Craig McTavish. My dad watched hockey quite often, as often as he could. Craig McTavish always stood out to me, not because I knew anything about hockey, but because Mr. McTavish did not wear a helmet as did the other players. Jamie stood there watching me in disbelief, shook his head, and then playfully threatened to throw the toys over the balcony. dare he even mention doing such a thing?

I begin repacking the box, carefully placing each bear in to ensure its "comfort", meaning no stuffing into the box but rather strategically placing each one either sitting or laying down, trying not to twist arms and legs into awkward positions. And I realize that I'm talking to them. Yes, OUT LOUD talking to them:

"Ok, I think I'll put you over here and when we get to the house I'm going to put you on top of my dresser" (speaking to Teddy Mctavish)

"No, you'll probably find that uncomfortable. Let me just move your tail a little." (speaking to Puss in Boots)

And then I look over to the giveaway box and they look so sad so what else could I do but begin talking to them as well:

"Ya know, you shouldn't look so sad. I mean, you're going to a nice new home where a little boy or girl will actually play with you instead of you having to stay packed in a box all the time." How ungrateful!!

And suddenly the realization that I probably need counselling due to some unresolved issues. I quickly packed the rest of the toys in silence and taped the box shut.

Please tell me that there is at least one other person in the blogger world who has talked openly to inanimate objects in their adult life...please, just one? anyone? Maybe we could do therapy together.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pretty that way

I kinda straightened my hair today and got a few compliments. One guy in particular told me a couple of times, "I really like your hair like that. Makes you look very pretty." Which leaves me to wonder, do I not look at least a little bit pretty every day? But then I remind myself of the poor state of affairs that is my naturally curly hair which is normally pulled back into a messy bun or something of the sort. So, I'll take the compliment. I admit I love compliments. Love to smile and say, "Well thanks! Appreciate that." May as well...might be the "snake" in me determined through the year of my birth, according to the chinese calendar, that I am to be vain and somewhat self-centered.

But I must admit, that my hair today was really me just being a lazy-ass. See, I decided to wash my hair before going to bed last night and then decided to "put it up" before laying down on my pillow to sleep. (Don't particularly like it when my hair soaks my pillow and I am awakened in the middle of the night confused about why my face feels so moist and cool). Anyways, I woke up this morning and my hair was in an even "sadder" (not a word but I'm using it!) state than normal, somewhere between straight and curly and a little in between...the straight part at the top where I had pulled my hair back in a pony tail and then at the pony tail mark it bushed out into a curly mess. It was 6:35 am and what was I to do?...gotta work at 7...time to wash it again? Nope! So out came the hair dryer and big round brush and my attempt to quickly straighten (by straight, with my hair, I actually mean only kinda wavey and not really all that straight) my hair...but only on the top layer. Any attempt to sway my head back and forth today would reveal a curly poofy underside. I remind myself that this may actually have worked for me to maintain added "body"....Poofy hair underneath preventing straight hair on top from "sticking" to the side of my head and making me look like a hippy (no offense to hippies, totally love the look, but feel I'm personally too "chunky" to really pull off the look in its entirety).

So, there ya have it...and I've attempted a self portrait (photo) will edit that in later so you can share in my "prettiness"...feel free to leave a "compliment"...ha!

Installment 3 - Jamie's "Injuries"

Much to his chagrin, Jamie had a dentist appointment yesterday afternoon. But he really wasn't as uneasy as he typically is, I thought he had finally gotten used to regular cleanings with his new dentist (my dentist, Dr. Meisels, who is wonderful despite his

This time, Jamie had to get a cavity filled. He asked me if I wanted to go along...not to hold his hand as I had originally thought. ha, ha. Jamie knew I had to go to Walmart, next door to the dental office, so this was his way of bringing me without actually having to go inside to help me shop.

Anyways, that was slightly off topic...

So, I'm in the checkout line and Jamie calls, "Oh you're done already?" I ask.
Muffled voice on the other end says, "Yeah, I didn't get it done"
"What happened?"
"I'll tell you when you get in the truck." He sounds like his mouth is filled with cotton balls.
So, I go outside and load up my purchases and then ask again, "What happened?"
"The freezing wouldn't take. It's hard to talk."
At this point, the right side of his face is completely immobile. Not a crease, not a wrinkle, his lips look all funny.
"Well maybe you should go back cause it really doesn't look like you're feeling anything in your face right now".
He notes my sarcasm and says, "Myrrrrna, he had another appointment. He gave me the needle three times. The first time I didn't feel any numbness and he tried to fill my cavity anyways but it hurt too much. And the second time it still hurt."
"The third time he gave me the freezing," he admits, "I think it mighta just been in my head that I THOUGHT it was gonna hurt so it did."
I agree, "uh huh, yeah, that's possible." I giggle, completely amused at my tough-guy husband not being able to handle a filling.
"Well, he said that he's seen this happen before," trying to reassure himself, "He booked me back in for Dec 8th so he can give me laughing gas."
Still giggling...
"Is laughing gas going to make me laugh?" he asked, "I mean, is that really the name for it?"
"No", I tell him, "It's really called nitrous oxide and it will help you relax so the mind games won't start playing tricks on you again and the dentist can get his work done. It'll only make you laugh if something strikes you as being particularly funny. I think they use it on kids a lot."

So, he brooded for the rest of the night...complaining about not being able to eat fajitas for supper. He overheard me laughing on the phone to my mom about his little episode at the dentist. He lay on the couch, acting as though the entire right side of his body was paralyzed. He told me he couldn't help with dishes because his mouth hurt too much, an excuse I absolutely did NOT accept.

"Jamie, your mouth can't possibly hurt after all that freezing." and then I proceed to poke him in his cheek, "Does that hurt?"
"Well no", he whines, "but it FEELS funny."
I laugh again.
"Well Myrna, he stabbed me three "effin" times in the gums. That hurts ya know?!"
"Well Jamie, you don't have to tell me about dentistry!" and I proceeded to rhyme off my excessive dental history, enough to make your head whirl:
10 teeth pulled in total (5 "baby" teeth when I was 12, 4 wisdom teeth when I was about 21, and another 1 just last year)
4 root canals (possibly 5, I stopped counting)
not to mention a crazy amount of fillings and more fillings.
I'm no stranger to getting needles at the dentist - terrible teeth here (blame it on the crazy amounts of apple juice I drank as a kid).

He sulked more. He went to bed being sure to tell me that he was refusing to brush his teeth because he was still in too much pain.

"Love you. G'night" he said.
"Love you too."

I lay in bed and realize that I probably didn't help the situation. My husband, despite being a big baby, likes being reassured about being a big stud. I guess all men are like that. They grow up being told they're not allowed to cry or "act like a girl", never allowed to express how they really feel without being tormented for it. And I continue the cycle...I guess my teasing probably hurt more than the needles. I'll try to be a little more understanding next time and keep my chuckles on the inside.

Jamie, don't get any crazy ideas...your futile attempts at special treatment over such slight impairments will still be in vain.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Oh My...I think this may be very true

Your Inner Child Is Angry
You're not an angry person.But when you don't get your way, watch out.Like a very manipulative kid, you will get what you want.Even if it takes a little kicking and screaming.
How Is Your Inner Child?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Scooby Doo and the Mysterious Salad

Erykah came down to my apartment last night to have her scooby socks repaired. Remember those little white socks back in the day that had the pom pom on the back that hung out over the edge of your shoes? Well, nowadays, the little white socks have non-slip stuff on the bottom with cute colourful graphics on 'em and the "pom poms" are much more creative i.e. Scooby Doo's head. So scooby's head had fallen off and being that my sister is not domestically inclined, Auntie Myrna had to (I say HAD as though I was an unwilling participant...ha!) sew it back on. Just a couple of minutes and the scooby socks were as good as new.

A short time later, after visiting on the computer for a little while, Erykah stated that she was "kinda hungry" and I asked her if she would like to have some of my salad for supper. She agreed and sat down at the table.

"Uh, what's that?" she asked, pointing
"Those are pine nuts." I replied
"Auntie Myrna, what do pine nuts taste like?"
"They're good. Try 'em." I say, pouring dressing on our salads.
She picks one up.
"I dun like 'em." she decides and she smacks her lips together and kinda sticks out her tongue as if to emphasize the "blech".
"Ok," I say, "Well just eat the greens and the cheese with the dressing then."
She picks up a tidbit of cheese and eats. I have already begun digging in and notice out of the corner of my eye that she has scrunched up her nose in that "I'm not too sure about this" pose.
"Um, Auntie Myrna? I think I need more sauce."
"Okay" and I pour on a little more of the orange coloured PC mango salad dressing.
I continue to eat and try not to pay attention to Erykah as she continues sampling this new salad.
But, she has decided.
"Um, Auntie Myrna...this salad tastes kinda Mys-te-ri-ous..." breaking down every syllable to punctuate the word. She puts down her fork.
"Mysterious, eh?"
"Yeah, I think I wanna go have my dads supper. He's having meat!"

Ha! Ha! I was chuckling to myself on the inside but tried to remain non-chalant on the exterior and simply stated, "I'm almost done now and then I'll bring you upstairs."

"Ok Auntie Myrna"

I later deliver her back to her father for supper. I guess Auntie's are only good for so much...I'll have to stick with sewing Scooby socks and keep the salads for myself.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Breathe (2am) by Anna Nalick

I really love this song. The lyrics seem to speak to me (weird, I know!), like we've all been through some of this before. It's awesome! and kinda reminds me of something I might write (not so eloquently perhaps but some semblance of what I may have felt at a particular point in my life).

2 AM and she calls me 'cause I'm still awake,
"Can you help me unravel my latest mistake?,
I don't love him. Winter just wasn't my season"
Yeah we walk through the doors, so accusing their eyes
Like they have any right at all to criticize,
Hypocrites. You're all here for the very same reason'

Cause you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable
And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button, girl.
So cradle your head in your hands
And breathe... just breathe, Oh breathe, just breathe

In May he turn 21 on the base at Fort Bliss
"Just a Day", he said down to the flask in his fist,
"Ain't been sober, since maybe October of last year."
Here in town you can tell he's been down for a while,
But, my God, it's so beautiful when the boy smiles,
Wanna hold him. Maybe I'll just sing about it.

Cause you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable,
And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table.
No one can find the rewind button, boys,
So cradle your head in your hands,
And breathe... just breathe,Oh breathe, just breathe

There's a light at each end of this tunnel, You shout
'cause you're just as far in as you'll ever be out
And these mistakes you've made, you'll just make them again
If you only try turning around.

2 AM and I'm still awake, writing a song
If I get it all down on paper, it's no longer
inside of me, Threatening the life it belongs to
And I feel like I'm naked in front of the crowd
Cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud
And I know that you'll use them, however you want to

But you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable,
And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button now
Sing it if you understand. and breathe, just breathe
woah breathe, just breathe,Oh breathe, just breathe,Oh breathe, just breathe.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


I was involved in a bit of heated discussion with a fellow employee at work the other day.

I was on my lunch break and he walked into the kitchen. I don't quite remember how the conversation started. Typical office small talk I suppose. Something like, "Ah, work! Life sucks and then you die".

I replied, "It's not death that bothers me, it's the process of dying."

"Ya know Myrna", he says, "it doesn't matter. There's nothing after this. We live in hell and that's it."

I was taken aback. "Nah, there's gotta be more", I said, "But I'd rather believe and find out I'm wrong, that there's nothing in the end, rather than not believe and find out that there really is an eternity."

He insists, "Well in my opinion, we live in hell and after this, then MAYBE there's heaven." He sounds doubtful.

Well I had had enough. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It wasn't his opinion of no hereafter that I was pissed about. It was his attitude about his current life.

"I can't believe I'm hearing this." My voice elevated. "You have your health, a wife, TWO daughters, and you can honestly sit here and tell me that you live in HELL! Buddy, you have no idea what you're saying." I laugh a sardonic "ha!".

He persists so I state, "You just told me this morning that your house, if put on the market, is worth almost $400,000! Are you kidding me?! and you think you live in hell?"


I continue to rant and rave...

"People like you should take a trip to a war-torn country. Maybe you should go to Cambodia and tell the children there that are missing limbs because of mine fields that you live in hell over here in Canada. Maybe it wouldn't hurt for you to get a taste of what hell on earth is really like."

Unappreciative bastard! People in third world countries are thankful for everything they have even when they literally have nothing.

"Myrna," he says, "ever since I got robbed, my life is hell." And he proceeds to tell me how he can't trust anybody, he works 7 days a week for nothing, only for someone to come and take it all away.

I tell him I understand that he feels "robbed" but yet I remain unwaivered. "I still can't believe you, you are talking about material THINGS and you still have so much. You work EVERY day! You are rich, there are millions of people in the world who would think they were a king if they had what you have. And besides, it's just STUFF! What if something happened to your family? Don't you value them? I'm sorry, but if this is how you define hell then you have some serious problems."

I felt like I could burst into tears at any moment while talking to him. Tears for him, for being so ungrateful. I feel sad that one day he may know what hell is really like.
For where your treasure is, there may your heart be also.

I am thankful for this truth. I am thankful that we are able to "lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven". It's so sad that we have so many material possessions, we place worth in money, but yet we really do not understand the true value of life and all its virtues. God help us!

With that sad tale, I realize how much I have to be thankful for. On this Thanksgiving Holiday, I have so much:

A wonderful husband
A loving family
Supportive friends
A good job and stable income
A roof over my head (a NEW home, to boot)
Lots of clothes to wear
..etc, etc, etc.

Let us be ever thankful! It could all be taken away in a instant. And when it's all gone then where would we be? Would we still be thankful? I can honestly say that I would struggle. God help me to understand what a thankful heart is really all about.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Operation Christmas Child

A few years ago I began participating in this wonderful project called "Operation Christmas Child" which is sponsored by an International Relief and Christian organization, The Samaritans Purse.

I just loved preparing shoeboxes every year with my sister and in 2003 I decided to introduce OCC at work. We have been very successful!

For those of you who've never heard of this, here's the email I sent to everyone at work yesterday:

Hi All,
Believe it or not - only 79 days til Christmas!

With that in mind comes our 3rd year of participation in "Operation Christmas Child". Last year we collected a total of 32 boxes to send to needy children around the world. Thank you!

Many of us want to help but are never sure how - if we give money, does it REALLY reach the people who need it most? Operation Christmas Child provides a tangible and practical way to give to the real victims, the children, who are so greatly affected by war, famine, extreme poverty, and disease.

You may already know the details's very simple:

1. Come see me for your brochure complete with instructions and Boy/Girl label which you will need to stick to your box when you are done. (I believe you can also print these labels from the website)

2. Find a Shoebox (or any box) - or many people last year used small plastic shoebox sized totes or photo boxes you can find at the dollar store or Walmart.

3. Boy or Girl Is your gift for a boy or a girl? Choose an age (2 - 4 years, 5 - 9, or 10 -14).

4. Begin Collecting Items to fill your Shoebox. This is the fun part! Items can include:
Toys (Doll, ball, yo yo, slinky, cars, etc.)
Toiletry items (comb, toothbrush/paste, washclothes, soap bar inside a plastic bag, etc.)
School Supplies (pens, pencils, crayons, writing pads, colouring books, etc.)
Candy (individually wrapped gum, lollipops, mints, etc.)
Others (socks, tshirts, hair clips, sunglasses, hats, etc.)
Remember DO NOT include:
Liquids (these can freeze or spill)
Food items (candy mentioned above is okay but chocolate, for example, can melt)
Breakables (ceramic figurines, glass cups, mirrors)
Used Items
Harmful or "Scary" Items (war figures, toy guns, sharp objects)

5. Pack your Box. You can wrap your shoebox in Christmas paper if you wish. You may also include a photo of yourself or your family or a letter to "your" child. When you are done, stick your Boy/Girl label on top, check off the appropriate age, and secure the box with an elastic band or two.

6. Drop off - Two options:
Bring them to me on or before FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11th and I will deliver to the nearest drop-off center
Drop them off yourself. Visit the website listed below for the location nearest you.

If you require further information, please come see me (or call). You can also visit the web at

I also have a video tape this year which you can feel free to borrow. It will touch your heart to see the excitement on the faces of children who receive these gifts.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this project. Thank you if you are already involved in similar projects at home, school, or church. We are truly blessed and what better time than Christmas to share our blessings with the world.

Myrna Hynes

So, now that you know all of the details...visit the website and get involved! Your heart will barely be able to contain the love you feel when you make an effort like this to help a child in a hurting world.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Only in Newfoundland

The girls (Christa, Jennifer) and I went to Freezerland during our lunch break to buy some "Newfie only" stuff.

It may seem strange but, yes, there are some snacks, foods, items, etc. that only Newfies understand and appreciate. Except for the occasional speciality store or aisle at the grocery, these things are rather hard come by:

Pineapple and Lime Pop
Caramelog Bars
Salt beef
Sunrise Bologna
Yellow crunchits
Tee Vees and Jam Jams
Savoury (the stuff grown in Mount Pearl does so taste different)
Purity Syrup
Purity Candies (barrels & kisses & peppermint nobs)
Fussels Cream
Salt Cod
Brookfield ice cream
Hard bread
Cream Crackers and Milk lunch crackers

What are your favourites? I'd love to have a "Chipper" right about now :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dare ya

I love this new show, Prison Break...amazing!

And somebody please tell me that Wentworth Miller isn't totally HOT!!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

News on the House

Ever had one of those weekends where you did barely anything but it was still great? Well, I have those all of the time...I'm such a bore...ha, ha!

This weekend was no exception with the usual softball game to watch on Friday night (Jamie's team WON their games!). Christa was babysitting across the street so we went for a walk with baby and dogs on Saturday (a little adventure in "motherhood"). And on Saturday evening AND on Sunday we drove to Acton to check out progress on our new house. We now have windows and doors, garage and basement cement poured, plumbing and electrical and rough-in central vac are done, roof is's all so exciting!

I was trying to teach Isabella how to say my name. I say "Auntie Myrna" and she says "Muuu-ma" and I say "Auntie Myrna" and she says "Muuu-ma" (stressing the uuuu). It was cute.

Church on Sunday and we have a new Pastor. Jamie automatically assumed he was great because they share the same first name (hmmpphh!). But, is it bad to say that I thought he was rather boring? I suppose he's probably just getting to know his new position and congregation. I'm sure things will improve as he becomes more comfortable.

Soon we'll be in Acton and attending a whole new church - a smaller church. Jamie is worried that this smaller church will mean people are like how they were "back home" where you had to be absolutely perfect or else you were condemned. I have my own concerns too but mostly I'm looking forward to being in a church where I can feel like I'm a part of a family, maybe volunteer for sunday school, bake cookies, etc. all the stuff that little ol' church ladies do...ha!

Jennifer and Chris are now contemplating buying a house in Acton. They've been contemplating for a while. I really wish they would just make the move. It would be perfect!

Only 4 more work days after this one and we'll have a extra LONG (another boring?) thanksgiving weekend. Yay!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Another One...Try it!

Your Fashion Style is Classic
You like what's stood the test of time...Simple, well styled clothes that don't scream trendyYou stay updated and modern, but your clothes stay in style for a whileYou wouldn't be caught in animal prints, fake fur, or super bright colors

Celebrity Style?

Daphne's friend Deb had this on her blog so I tried it. I dunno...???

Your Celebrity Style Twin is Kirsten Dunst
More hippie chic than hippie chick.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Happy Baby

Grayson was very excited to get her new trike from Vanessa and Eyon.

Happy Birthday Grayson!

Grayson's 1st Birthday was this past Saturday...September is a busy month. Both of Jamie's sisters had babies only 4 days apart!

Luckily, Grayson lives here in Brampton so we can actually see her grow up. She is just so cute and petite. Watching her walk around surprises me, she doesn't look nearly tall enough to do so.

I was also amazed to see her opening her presents...she gets so excited for a baby so young. You can just see the look on her face when she sees the Winnie the Pooh cake...perhaps her expressions and actions are a mimic of her old sister, Taylor, who can be quite the comedian at times.

I pray for the very best in life for this tiny girl with the button nose. If only we could keep them as young and innocent as on their very first birthday!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Death of a Sparrow

I am sad.

Today, a little sparrow flew into the wall on the outside of our building at work. A guy here at work saw it happen and brought the injured bird to me in the office. Over the years I have become a bit of an animal rights activist in our company - calling the humane society for stray cats and raccoons, chasing seagulls ensnared in fishing line, burying dead birds in our flower garden.

But today I thought I might actually save one of God's creatures. This little "guy" (I kept calling it a boy) was unconscious but breating when handed to me. Jennifer and I prepared a little box with towels, a tiny dish of water, and bagel crumbs. Within the first hour, the little sparrow was chirping a little bit and fluttering about the box. But then he would quickly topple over and close his eyes, still not strong enough to go outside and fly away.

I called the Ontario SPCA Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for help. There were no centers close enough to me here in Brampton to deal with wildlife. But they did direct me to the Brampton Humane Society who told me to keep the little guy in a dark, warm, and quiet place inside a box. They said if he didn't seem strong enough to fly then I should wait for about 6 hours. "It could have a broken clavical", they said (that's the collar bone), "if it isn't back to normal by the end of your work day then we'll come by and pick it up." "That's all you can do", they said, "either the bird will make it or it won't".

Yeah I know....tons of people in the office had given up on the bird already, telling me they would have simply left it outside to die where it lay. Some of them would look in the box and kinda snicker as if I was just being ridiculous. I freaked out a bit at one guy and told him he was an idiot with no respect. I place much more value on a life than simply giving up on it.

Maybe I am silly. The bird did die. It was okay when I left for lunch but when I checked on him an hour later, he was gone. At least he was comfortable, I think. Cozy inside warm towels instead of laying outside on the cold pavement.

I feel teary-eyed. I think of a bible verse (as I often do when I'm troubled). Luke 12:6 says:
"Are not five sparrows sold for two pence? and not one of them is forgotten in
the sight of God." (ASV)

And Joan reminded me of a Sunday School song she used to know. I "googled" for the words:
God sees the little sparrow fall,
It meets His tender view;
If God so loves the little birds,
I know He loves me, too.

He loves me, too, He loves me, too, I know
He loves me, too;
Because He loves the little things,I know He loves me, too.

He paints the lily of the field,
Perfumes each lily bell;
If He so loves the little flow’rs,
I know He loves me well.

God made the little birds and
And all things large and small;
He’ll not forget his little ones,
I know He loves them all.

That kinda makes me feel better.