Monday, October 03, 2005

News on the House

Ever had one of those weekends where you did barely anything but it was still great? Well, I have those all of the time...I'm such a bore...ha, ha!

This weekend was no exception with the usual softball game to watch on Friday night (Jamie's team WON their games!). Christa was babysitting across the street so we went for a walk with baby and dogs on Saturday (a little adventure in "motherhood"). And on Saturday evening AND on Sunday we drove to Acton to check out progress on our new house. We now have windows and doors, garage and basement cement poured, plumbing and electrical and rough-in central vac are done, roof is's all so exciting!

I was trying to teach Isabella how to say my name. I say "Auntie Myrna" and she says "Muuu-ma" and I say "Auntie Myrna" and she says "Muuu-ma" (stressing the uuuu). It was cute.

Church on Sunday and we have a new Pastor. Jamie automatically assumed he was great because they share the same first name (hmmpphh!). But, is it bad to say that I thought he was rather boring? I suppose he's probably just getting to know his new position and congregation. I'm sure things will improve as he becomes more comfortable.

Soon we'll be in Acton and attending a whole new church - a smaller church. Jamie is worried that this smaller church will mean people are like how they were "back home" where you had to be absolutely perfect or else you were condemned. I have my own concerns too but mostly I'm looking forward to being in a church where I can feel like I'm a part of a family, maybe volunteer for sunday school, bake cookies, etc. all the stuff that little ol' church ladies do...ha!

Jennifer and Chris are now contemplating buying a house in Acton. They've been contemplating for a while. I really wish they would just make the move. It would be perfect!

Only 4 more work days after this one and we'll have a extra LONG (another boring?) thanksgiving weekend. Yay!


Quirky Christa said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. The progress on the house is so exciting. Can't wait for us all to move, hopefully Jen and Chris move too

dafrhug said...

Sounds so exciting. My life seems kinda dull in comparison. I don't even remember what I did Friday night and Saturday we got Colin's dad to babysit and went out for a friends birthday. Had too many beverages and felt like shit at work on Sunday. Fun hey?