Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween in the Office

The girls (Jen, Christa, and I) all decided to dress up in 1950's Grease/Happy Days style poodle skirts.

How to make a poodle skirt:
Search the internet for a photo of a 50s girl as your guide
Visit a second hand store and find a poofy dress/skirt or use an old grad/bridesmaid dress
Make necessary alterations to the skirt (ie. hemline, waistline, etc.)
Sew in a crinoline for added poofiness
Use felt to make a poodle and sew to the bottom of the dress
Optional: sew ribbon as a leash for your poodle
Use matching material to make a hair ribbon and necktie

To complete the outfit you will need:
Matching sweater, cardigan, or tshirt with optional "initial" sewn on.
Shoes (babydolls or white runners)
White "bobby" socks
Tie hair into a high ponytail with ribbon or if you have short hair, use ribbon as a headband.
Optional: Cats eye glasses're on your way to the sock hop....let's do the twist!

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dafrhug said...

You guys look great! Happy Halloween!