Monday, August 28, 2006

Never Cry Wolf


She's like the fable "The boy who cried wolf". And one of these days, something is really genuinely going to be wrong with her and then nobody is going to pay attention, no one will care, no one will listen, and not one single person is going to believe her.

Those of you who know me, probably know exactly who I'm talking about.

Those of you who don't know me really well, probably know someone who is exactly like this.

And doesn't it put ya right smack dab in the middle of a moral dilemma? It's one of those situations where I have no idea how far sympathetic human kindness is supposed to go. Should I take the time each and every day to ask "How are you feeling?" or "What happened?" only to spend 15 depressing minutes listening to how horrible her life is, how terrible the health of her family, how devoid of joy the world around her has turned out to be? Should I pretend to be interested? I suppose I shouldn't pretend, I should genuinely be concerned - if for nothing else, for the state of her mental health. For we have all learned that almost all of these ailments are nothing short of a sad effort to gain attention.

Unfortunately though, I have learned to ignore the daily ailments. I turn a blind eye to the fake coughs and the "oh so terrible migraine headaches" (trust me, I have migraines and I wouldn't be functioning like that if I had a migraine so I'm sorry, but it's hard to believe you), the moaning and groaning, the numerous diseases (and when I say numerous, I mean numerous), the extreme depression, the "mine is worse than yours" syndrome, etc. I could go on and on.

I wonder how all of this started? Childhood perhaps? Was that the only way she ever got any attention - when she was sick? Was someone always telling her she was no good and now that's what she believes? What does a person gain from this type of behaviour?

And seriously, one day something's going to go very wrong. There's going to be a real problem to deal with and then when I don't believe it, I'm going to feel so guilty. I'm going to feel like I should have listened, should have helped out. My conscience is plagued with the thought of it. I'm sure it'll pass...sad to say...but in the meantime, just had to get my thoughts out and allow you a moment to delve into my evil "should really have an easier time being nice" psyche.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First Midwife Appointment

...was yesterday morning. It wasn't in fact a REAL appointment, nothing physical involved. It was more of a chat to introduce, for the midwife (Shirley, in this case) to explain their philosophy and share how the clinic works. Of course, she gave me the shortened version based on the fact that I already have some experience (3, to be exact a.k.a. my sister's 3 girls) with the midwifery clinic.

Shirley and I discussed my crazy heart-shaped uterus. She has had many clients with uterine anomolies and just had a woman deliver her 3rd child with a bicornuate uterus. The woman had to have a c-section for her 1st and 3rd child but delivered naturally for the 2nd. I told her that my family doctor had already sent in a referral to an OB/GYN in Brampton. Of course, I haven't heard from this doctor yet. But that's probably a good thing based on the fact that I've now learned that this particular doctor does not like nor does he cooperate to work with the midwives. He is old and very stuck in his ways and therefore very quick to intervene with medical interventions rather than first using some more natural methods. He is quick to perform a c-section and does not believe in VBAC (Vaginal birth after caesarean). This was the thing back in the day but isn't necessarily the practice now, as many mothers are able to deliver naturally after having a c-section based upon their individual circumstances. She informed me that it was absolutely my choice, that the doctor I was referred to is certainly a wonderful doctor and caregiver who is very cautious. But given the choice, I feel that he is not the one for me. I choose to stick with the midwives and they will in turn consult when needed with an OB who is cooperative with their clinic and practices. After all, I am at quite a high risk of needing a c-section and we have to make sure to do what's best for the baby and for myself. I am so confident in the care the midwives give and am happy they will be the ones to take care of me pre- and post-natally even if I do require surgery during birth.

We also had a discussion about genetic testing. This is a simple blood test and an ultrasound performed at 11 weeks. The results determine possible predisposition to certain birth defects such as downs syndrome. The results can give a false reading. It may come back negative and you still have a baby with "problems" OR it could be a positive in which case they want you to continue with further genetic counselling and diagnostic testing such as CVS or amniocentesis. Here's my opinion on the matter: I advised the midwife that I would NOT be undergoing genetic testing. My reasons? First of all, the test can be false meaning a whole lot of stress if you get a positive result. But most of all, EVEN IF I DID get a positive result I absolutely refuse to have further invasive testing. The most popular seems to be the amnio (which takes a sample of the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby). In my research, I have found that there is between a 0.5 - 1% chance of having a miscarriage after this procedure, a risk I would not be willing to take. Thirdly, let's just say I did have the amnio and it WAS determined that our baby had some sort of "defect" (there is a possibility that these results could still be wrong, by the way, it happened to a friends friend causing her much unnecessary stress), the next question presented to me would be "would you like to abort?" and the answer to this would be an adamant NEGATIVE. And therefore, I do not believe this is the right route for me and will not even being the process of genetic testing. I will take my chances and pray that God chooses to give me a healthy and happy baby. And if not, then I pray He gives us the strength as a family to cope.

In the way of general ultrasounds, I will have one at about 18 weeks. If all is well, this would probably be my one and only ultrasound (not counting the one I had at 6 weeks during my trip to the hospital). Jamie and I have discussed finding out the sex but I really don't want to know at all. It feels like I'd be ruining the surprise. Jamie, on the other hand, is a bit of a nosy-boots so this decision may still be open to some discussion.

And how I am feeling? Physically, I'm pretty good although I have a cold right now. Just had my first pregnancy migraine, haven't had one for a while so I hope this is the last one for long while. Emotionally, (I talked to Christa about this yesterday) I'm feeling very unattractive. My skin and hair always feels oily, I'm breaking out like CRAZY, I'm too tired to care about actually doing my hair so it's ALWAYS up in a twist or a granny bun or a ponytail or a knot of some sort. And I guess I should just suck it up cause I hear that in a couple more months I'll be feeling VERY frustrated with the fact that I'm too big to fit into my regular clothes but will feel too ridiculous to wear maternity clothes since I won't really be showing enough for people to really tell I'm pregnant. This could be quite a rollercoaster ride.

But in all seriousness, despite the doctor visits and the worries over my weird uterus, despite the breakouts and the tiredness, the headaches, or whatever....I am lucky, what I am going through is NOTHING compared to many women and I feel SO VERY BLESSED. I am blessed to have a wonderfully supportive husband as well as family and friends, I am blessed to have gotten pregnant quickly, I am blessed to be in a good health, I am blessed to live in a country where prenatal care is so readily available, I am blessed to feel the changes going on in my body as a new life is growing. I am blessed! God is good!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Nothing but Grapes and Sunshine

Ok, so I know it's probably really cruel to tease my husband. But in my defense, he is the worse (well, maybe second to Chris Samms) for teasing people about stuff. Therefore, making fun has become an integral part of our relationship as shown in the following example:

We are watching T.V.
The commercial for Sunmaid Raisins comes on.
Sunmaid's current slogan is "Nothing but Grapes and Sunshine".
Jamie: "I didn't know raisins were grapes"
Me (with the smirky dumbfounded look on my face): "What do you mean you didn't know raisins were grapes?"
Jamie: "I didn't know raisins were made from grapes"
Me: Uh yeah (a.k.a *Duh*)...raisins are just shriveled and dried up the slogan says.
Me Again: Laughing "Where did you think raisins came from?"
Jamie: I dunno, I just thought raisins were raisins.
Me: But where did you think they came from? Like did you think they grew on a tree? he he he
Jamie: Stop it, you're not very nice.
Me: Seriously tho (but I'm still laughing), "Did you think they were like a nut of some sort?"
Jamie: I thought maybe they grew on a bush.
Me: Like a raspberry bush? Instead, it's a raisin bush? HA HA!!! I'm writing about this in my blog.
Jamie: NOoooo, that's not fair!
Me: Oh, but I just can't help it, it's so funny!
And then we're both laughing, me hysterically, him trying to pretend he's upset and holding back a grin.
So here I am....making fun of something completely innocent that any of us could have easily taken for granted. Unless you're a geek like me you probably don't question things like "what are raisins?" or "What is tapioca?" (for which I've previously written a blog, you can read the entry here). And now you know the answer to both.
Sorry babe, but you'd do the same to me...*smile*...and it's not so bad, I'm sure you're not the only one.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Friends Never Say Goodbye

And yet here we are this past Saturday night saying Goodbye once again to Joann and Chris as they continue their career adventures to New Jersey.

Congrats DR. CHRIS WARREN, by the way, on the PhD AND on the new job position. SO absolutely proud of you!

The move they are making is a great one. A big step on the way to a promising future. Even though New Jersey isn't too far away and even though I don't currently see them A LOT it still feels like I'm really missing them already.

Here's a picture of the 3 of us girls - Myself, Vicki, and Joann on the fabulously comfy Ikea couch.

Joann and Chris,
Thanks so much for the great time on Saturday night - yummy snacks and yummy dinner, great conversation and lots of laughs!
Here's wishing you a safe vacation back home in September, a productive move to your new apartment in New Jersey, and all the success life could possibly bring. You guys are awesome and you deserve every happiness. Love you, miss you already! And I really hope Jamie and I can visit you in the near future when you get settled away in your new home.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Congrats!! to Jason and Steph on the birth of their son, Tristan Jason, born at 9:13am today weighing in at 6lbs 1.5 oz.

Stephy called Christa about 5am this morning to say she was going to the hospital cause she "thought" she was in labour. lol....4 Hours later, she has the baby! I'm absolutely flabbergasted at how quick that was (I can only wish!). What a lucky girl!

I wish them all the best with the new addition and many joyful days ahead.

I just can't wait to meet Tristan!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


This weekend was quite an eventful one...Not necessarily for Jamie and I...but eventful none-the-less.

Three weddings that I personally know of...CONGRATS TO:
Vicky and Corey
Jill and Kevin
Dwayne and Tanya
I've seen pics of all three weddings and they all look SO different but yet SO beautiful!!

Happy Birthday to SIL, Amanda!

As for Jamie and I, we spent the weekend enjoying some much needed relaxation. Actually, I was a little annoyed at Jamie's ability to relax a little TOO much. We definitely have opposing definitions of the word. When I think of a relaxing weekend, I think of having no plans but still doing something: going to the movies, taking a drive somewhere, getting stuff done around the house, etc. When he thinks of a relaxing weekend: Couch, sleep! lol :) In all fairness, I suppose I must admit that he did take about 20 minutes out of his time to do some vacuuming. And we did go to Christa's and Kristen's on Saturday night for supper. So, I guess I should stop complaining and enjoy the non-running around.

Prego Update: Still haven't heard from the obstetrician about an appointment but I do see the midwives on August 21st. Baby Bean (which is what I affectionately call him/her in relation to it's current size) is making me rather tired especially when I have to get up to pee at night and then toss and turn in an effort to make my sore back comfortable. But I'm feeling rather good and for the most part haven't had any sickness worth talking about. Lucky, I hope I continue to be blessed with a "good" pregnancy.

In scrapbooking news, I've been asked by a friend to make 2 gift albums of his kids as Christmas presents for their grandmas. I'm excited about it. It's a lot of work especially when I've been feeling a lot of scrappers block but it'll give me a bit of cash to use for our Christmas gifts. It's wonderful to get paid for something you enjoy doing. Cross your fingers for me that it turns out beautifully.

Here at work and almost time to go for lunch. Jenny has brought leftover homemade pizza to share and I am so frikkin excited about it, I can't even stand the wait! Bye for now!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Storm Brewing

We had a bit of a thunderstorm last night. Apparantly tornados touched down in some surrounding areas, luckily we didn't get that part of the storm. It was so freaky to see the clouds rolling in like a big purplish-black sheet across the sky. Jamie thought it was so cool so we took some pics. Here they are:

*If you have a crappy monitor, such as ours at home, you won't be able to see a single thing in these pics. On my camera screen and here at work they look pretty good.
In this first one, you can see the line on the horizon of the "normal"
night sky against the black clouds rolling in.

Overhead looking from our house to the neighbours,

the clouds are freaky and moving fast!

On the bright side, thunder showers should bring some relief to the crazy heat wave. Maybe that's why Jamie was so excited about the rain clouds.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ketchup Anyone?

There was an article in the Acton paper the other day that I read and was absolutely dying to post and share with you all. It was entitled (or something similar): "The 7 Deadly Ketchup Sins". Because Jamie threw the paper out with the recycling last night, I can no longer post the article in its entirety. I did a google search, but as I feared, the Acton Digest or Acton Chronicles or whatever the heck our town paper is called doesn't yet constitute enough internet-importance. And so, because of my great love of the most wonderfully diverse condiment, I have decided to delve into the recesses of my short-term memory to bring you just some of those 7 deadly sins and then proceed to pick apart each inaccurate point written by obvious anti-ketchup people.

1. Pertaining to Hot Dogs: Ketchup should only be used on hotdogs if you are under the age of 18. The point being that after the age of 18, it is considered "childish" to request less sophisticated toppings than onions or sauerkraut or relish. All together now: "EEEEWWWW!". And even then it is not appropriate to dress the hotdog bun, but only the dog should be dressed with condiments. Well I dare say I would never ever in my entire life eat another hot dog EVER not even EVER if could not dress both the dog and the bun in oodles of oozing ketchup.

2. Ketchup should not be kept in the fridge. I guess that's why the bottle says "refrigerate after opening"? Also, it just tastes better in the fridge.

3. Ketchup should never be used as a second topping over gravy. GASP! What? I have no comment other than "Egad!", my mind simply cannot process this statement.

4. Ketchup should never be used as a "sauce" on steak costing more than $1.99/lb. In my opinion if it costs more, then you should absolutely enjoy the savoury cut of meat to the fullest. Ketchup makes food taste better. Therefore if you want your expensive steak to taste better then adding ketchup just makes sense.

5. The ketchup bottle should also be kept clean and wiped free of any spillage on the lid after each usage. I am in complete and total agreement, nothing worse than a nasty sticky ketchup bottle.

6. Ketchup should never be used on chicken but should always accompany french fries, hamburgers, and eggs. Why must we be so judgemental? Why does the chicken have to suffer? And whilst many people do add ketchup to their eggs, I personally find this rather gross. But people, I am open-minded. If you enjoy ketchup on your eggs, I say go for it. If you enjoy ketchup on your chicken, I say go for that too.

7. If you are a guest at another house and ketchup is not on the table, you are not permitted to ask for it. What kind of inhospitable guest doesn't have ketchup as a regular part of their table spread? If you are this person, do not invite me over to your house for a meal. Please. lol :)

and I will add a #8. in honour of my hubby

8. Heinz - there's no other Keinz. I must admit that while living with Jamie I have become quite fond of Heinz Ketchup. BUT, if it comes down to "No name" ketchup or no ketchup at all, then I choose the NO NAME brand fo' sho'.
Happy Birthday Heinz - 130 years old this year! (Click for some interesting trivia tidbits).

This post goes out to all of you ketchup-lovers out there. (Tho' I doubt anyone could love ketchup than Jamie and I combined. And then add my brother to the mix and it gets ridiculous!)

And also to Jennifer, the biggest non-ketchup lover I've ever met in my entire life. I just don't understand it!