Wednesday, August 09, 2006


This weekend was quite an eventful one...Not necessarily for Jamie and I...but eventful none-the-less.

Three weddings that I personally know of...CONGRATS TO:
Vicky and Corey
Jill and Kevin
Dwayne and Tanya
I've seen pics of all three weddings and they all look SO different but yet SO beautiful!!

Happy Birthday to SIL, Amanda!

As for Jamie and I, we spent the weekend enjoying some much needed relaxation. Actually, I was a little annoyed at Jamie's ability to relax a little TOO much. We definitely have opposing definitions of the word. When I think of a relaxing weekend, I think of having no plans but still doing something: going to the movies, taking a drive somewhere, getting stuff done around the house, etc. When he thinks of a relaxing weekend: Couch, sleep! lol :) In all fairness, I suppose I must admit that he did take about 20 minutes out of his time to do some vacuuming. And we did go to Christa's and Kristen's on Saturday night for supper. So, I guess I should stop complaining and enjoy the non-running around.

Prego Update: Still haven't heard from the obstetrician about an appointment but I do see the midwives on August 21st. Baby Bean (which is what I affectionately call him/her in relation to it's current size) is making me rather tired especially when I have to get up to pee at night and then toss and turn in an effort to make my sore back comfortable. But I'm feeling rather good and for the most part haven't had any sickness worth talking about. Lucky, I hope I continue to be blessed with a "good" pregnancy.

In scrapbooking news, I've been asked by a friend to make 2 gift albums of his kids as Christmas presents for their grandmas. I'm excited about it. It's a lot of work especially when I've been feeling a lot of scrappers block but it'll give me a bit of cash to use for our Christmas gifts. It's wonderful to get paid for something you enjoy doing. Cross your fingers for me that it turns out beautifully.

Here at work and almost time to go for lunch. Jenny has brought leftover homemade pizza to share and I am so frikkin excited about it, I can't even stand the wait! Bye for now!

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Quirky Christa said...

Have to agree all weddings were equally beautiful in completely different ways.

Homemade pizza for suck! :(