Monday, August 21, 2006

Nothing but Grapes and Sunshine

Ok, so I know it's probably really cruel to tease my husband. But in my defense, he is the worse (well, maybe second to Chris Samms) for teasing people about stuff. Therefore, making fun has become an integral part of our relationship as shown in the following example:

We are watching T.V.
The commercial for Sunmaid Raisins comes on.
Sunmaid's current slogan is "Nothing but Grapes and Sunshine".
Jamie: "I didn't know raisins were grapes"
Me (with the smirky dumbfounded look on my face): "What do you mean you didn't know raisins were grapes?"
Jamie: "I didn't know raisins were made from grapes"
Me: Uh yeah (a.k.a *Duh*)...raisins are just shriveled and dried up the slogan says.
Me Again: Laughing "Where did you think raisins came from?"
Jamie: I dunno, I just thought raisins were raisins.
Me: But where did you think they came from? Like did you think they grew on a tree? he he he
Jamie: Stop it, you're not very nice.
Me: Seriously tho (but I'm still laughing), "Did you think they were like a nut of some sort?"
Jamie: I thought maybe they grew on a bush.
Me: Like a raspberry bush? Instead, it's a raisin bush? HA HA!!! I'm writing about this in my blog.
Jamie: NOoooo, that's not fair!
Me: Oh, but I just can't help it, it's so funny!
And then we're both laughing, me hysterically, him trying to pretend he's upset and holding back a grin.
So here I am....making fun of something completely innocent that any of us could have easily taken for granted. Unless you're a geek like me you probably don't question things like "what are raisins?" or "What is tapioca?" (for which I've previously written a blog, you can read the entry here). And now you know the answer to both.
Sorry babe, but you'd do the same to me...*smile*...and it's not so bad, I'm sure you're not the only one.


Quirky Christa said...

Poor Jamie, doesn't get a break at all....ha ha ;)

Ickie said...

I have to agree with you that Chris is the worst. He used to tease me so bad when I was younger, he would actually make me cry.

Stephanie said...

And a prune is a dried plum ;)