Saturday, May 30, 2009

In the Weeds

I've been wanting to post this scrapbook layout for a while and just kept forgetting. Then, this morning, while reading Christa's Photography Blog, I received my inspiration.

I think we've all been "in the weeds" sometimes, in desperate need of something, ANYTHING, to give us guidance.

Last summer, I took this dandelion photo at a tourist lookout point on our way home from Norris Point. I was feeling discouraged one day and sat down in my scrapbooking chair, my creative outlet, and pulled out the photo. I began thinking about this simple dandelion - if I could just see past it's nuisance - what else would it represent?

Beauty, for one. If other flowers can be yellow and beautiful then why not this one? My photo would have been quite dull with just the stone and grass. But the gold of that dandelion sticking out in contrast, that's what made the picture! How dull our lives would be if we only had a nice comfortable carpet of grass nestled among the security of a stone wall? I'm sorta thinkin' we need a few dandelions once in a while.

Secondly, I was reminded of perserverance. No matter how many times we pull out those weeds from our garden, they always reappear. They don't give up. How many of us, when faced with the dandelions of life, just throw our hands up and say, "Woe is me!"? Most days, it seems we'll never get rid of the weeds. We need to be like the weeds - we need to fight to stay in the garden where we belong!

And thirdly, I thought of how humble the dandelion is. A dandelion doesn't care where it is - "adorning ditch or rich man's grave". Whatever situation it finds itself in, it blossoms anyways. It doesn't only grow in grand gardens fit for a queen, with caretakers to attend to it. It feels equally at home dotting the sides of a dirt road, being seen by few and appreciated by even fewer. Sometimes, if we would just humble ourselves, we would find ourselves growing so much more, reaching out to people so much more, living our lives to the fullest so much more.

And so, my thoughts to you this morning would be (there I go sounding like a sermon, don't be discouraged, take inspiration from a little weed, keep your face to the sunshine, and GROW grow grow like nobody's business!

If you'd like to read, here's my poem:

To You, Dandelion
To you, O Dandelion gold!
Upon thy bloom my eyes behold.
Sent by God in field alone,
To beautify a wall of stone.
While others mayhap pass you by,
And looking on your face do sigh,
I see your roots hold in the storm,
When from your grassy home are torn.
Your flowers never seek to change,
Adorning ditch or rich man's grave.
You see no care for grand display
When set upon the fields of May.
You never keep a thought of ill,
tho' seldom poised on windowsill.
You simply grow from where you lay
To praise your maker all the same.

- Written by Myrna Hynes
February 17, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Couple Time

The hubster and I got to spend a night away on Saturday to visit Jen and Chris is Norris Point. My parents graciously agreed to babysit Sarah and she was more than happy to wave bye-bye to us to spend time at "gwamma's howse". This is the first time we've ever both been away from Sarah. It was strange but we had a great time. And Sarah barely even noticed us gone!

Jenny was officially 40 weeks preggers on Saturday, the 23rd. It's hilarious how everyone keeps calling her house to check in on her - especially her mom and mom-in-law who call like 6 times a day to ask, "Any sign yet?" And then Jennifer says, "No" and hangs up the phone with a, "Do they not realize that I WILL call if I go in labour...ugh!" Poor Jenny isn't all that easily frustrated but it seems her impatience is coming out a little bit now that she can't see her feet or get off the couch without several attempts.

And poor thing was probably happy to see me go on Sunday too so she could get some peace from my constant belly-touching. And you know it's bad when the hubster notices (my Jamie notices very little) and tells you you've become a little obsessed. Why yes, yes I am obsessed. My friends having babies is the next best thing in excitement to my own baby. And I am fascinated at getting kicked by tiny baby feet.

Speaking of feet, Jenny now has the cutest labour-ready toes ever! I decided that since she couldn't reach her own feet that I would paint her toes a pretty pink with daisies. Cute or what?! And then we watched a girly movie and ate chips and chocolate, sorted out wedding photos, and chatted endlessly about nothing at all. Christa, we missed you!!

And I'm still pretty much sticking with my decision that Jen will go in labour on Wednesday, the 27th. But it really wouldn't surprise me at all if she went overdue even longer since the next full moon isn't until June 8th! (I know it sounds silly but some studies actually show an definite increase in births around the full moon). And since a regular term pregnancy is actually 38-42 weeks and not simply "40" then Jennifer wouldn't technically be overdue until June 6th. Jenny, if you're reading this, I'm sorry, I know that's the last thing you want. And I would never wish it on you. I know you want to meet your little one soon. And so do we!!

Come on baby Samms...stop being stubborn like your dad and get out here! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Uncle Andy's Heffer

My Uncle Andy keeps cows and sheep and all manner of farm animals. And he had a huge cow who provided us with the hugest steak you've ever seen in your life. We decided to grill it one night last week for supper.

To compare, here's my place setting ON TOP of the steak (and my cutting board is 18" x 24")...

Only thing is it was impossible to marinate as is because we didn't have a dish large enough. So Jamie had to cut it up before putting it on the bbq. After it was cut, we had about 7 "regular" sized steaks. My parents and us - We had quite the hefty feast!

Thanks Uncle Andy and Mrs. Cow!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Ramblings in Point Form

1. I spent the entire day outside yesterday with Sarah. It was a beautiful day and I decided it would be a good idea to clean up the yard. Today I see lots of rosy-cheeked sunkissed people who obviously did the same. And then I look in the mirror. 5 Hours of sun and the only thing "glowing" about me is the sun reflecting off my pasty white skin. Ugh!

2. Prison Break finale on Friday night and Michael freakin' DIED! Like, WTH?! It was still good but I was kinda hopin' for the fairy tale - marry Sara, have babies, be a good daddy, no longer being shot at - kinda ending.

3. Happy 60th Birthday to my Mother-in-Law - a very wonderful lady who still ended up making US dinner even though it was HER birthday.

4. Looks like we're getting a new Pastor (and family) at our church. Sarah seems to like them. I figure if the baby gets a good vibe, that's gotta be a good sign. The hubster isn't quite so optimistic but he's not so great with change of ANY kind.

5. I told the hubster I wanted to look good in a bathing suit again. And then I asked when the last time he thought I looked good in a bathing suit. He refused to answer citing the fact that his reply could possibly be grounds for divorce. I promised I wouldn't be mad. I lied. To make a long story short - 2003!

6. Since 2003 was 40 lbs ago...Officially started Weight Watchers AGAIN! (for like, the 4th time this year)

7. I got my first mosquito bite this weekend. Mosquitoes love me. I have yummy blood. And then I swell to disfigurement and curse a lot. It's all very attractive.

8. Sarah seems to be getting sick of tomatoes (hmmm...wonder why). She's moved on to red peppers. She must like red.

9. I bought linen pants while i was in St. John's. I knew linen required ironing but I bought them anyways. I don't do ironing. I haven't ironed since I lived in Acton two years ago and even then I ironed only twice.

10. Since I'm a "government" worker I supposed to get tomorrow off? Cause no one's told me. I hope so cause that would make for an awesome weekend!

Hope your "2-4" was a good one.

11. I'm much more annoyed than probably necessary at the fact that May 24th is NEXT weekend but the holiday is THIS weekend. I know the 3rd weekend of the month is this weekend but isn't the 24th still the 24th?! I don't get it...I personally think Queen Victoria would side with me on this.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just Thought You Should Know

Right now my little Sarah is sitting on the floor behind the curtains in the dining room where the cat lay enjoying the sun.

Because she is behind the curtain, Sarah seems to think I can't see her but the curtain is kinda see-through-y being lace and all.

Sarah has a tube of kids toothpaste, is squeezing it out on her finger, and rubbing the blue glittery goo into the cats long white fur.

My cat is so lovin' the sun spot he doesn't even seem to notice. I'm allowing all this to happen a) purely out of desperation as I'm overdue for a blog post, and, b)because I have to admit it is rather funny.

And there you have yet another moment in the life of a toddler and her mommy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

I'm thankful for the wonderful moms in my life every single day but on this day in particular, I'd like to take the opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to my MOM, the best MOM ever!

And lots of love to the other fabulous mothers I know:
My lovely sister - mother of 3 beautiful and rambunctious daughters
My Granny - mother of 4 and granny to lots
My Nan - mother of 8 and Nan to more than I can count
My Mother in Law - Mom of 2, and Step-Mom to 3 (my hubster included)
Both my Sister-in-Laws - Who have given me 3 more nieces to love
My Awesome Aunties
Two of the best girlfriends in the world - Christa & Jen both mommies-to-be!
All my other awesome girlfriends - Tara, especially, this year who is also a Mommy-to-be as she welcomes her new adopted daughter into her home this week!

Have a wonderful day! You all help me be a better Mommy!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Bridgestone Spuds & Moose Sightings

I love me some Mr. Potato Head! I loved the original Mr. and Mrs. as a kid and as an adult, I used to keep them on my desk at work to keep me smiling through my cubicle woes. It was great to transform them according to my mood and Mr Potato Head with no hat and mustache in place looked shockingly similar to one of my bosses...made me giggle every time I looked at him!

Yesterday, I saw this Bridgestone commercial for the first time...awesome!

I laughed so much, especially when Mrs. cried out "SHEEP!" and then switched to her angry eyes because her scolding mouth had popped off in Mr. Potato Head's haste to come to a stop. Too funny!!

And it reminded me of driving home in the dark last weekend and me screaming "Moose!" to my husband who stopped just in time to prevent us from having a giant hood ornament. And then I proceeded to give the hubster crap about not having his eyes peeled when he KNOWS this time of year bring the moose out of the forest*. And I'm certain he was wishing my mouth was pop off and roll down the edge a cliff too. And I was wishing I could stick a pair of glasses on his head to improve his night vision. Oh, if only it were as simple as being a toy with switchable (is that a word?) parts!

*NOTE: Yes, this time of year - the month of May in particular - is famous in Newfoundland for sighting moose on the roads. My father is a truck driver and in a 45 minute drive from our home to Rocky Harbour he can normally see approximately 50 - 60 moose with his record set at 120-something moose a few years back. And, unfortunately, he has collided with a couple over the years too. In a "big" truck, the moose usually loses with a lot of damage to the vehicle. In a small car, a moose can sometimes walk away - people may not be so lucky. So, if you really want to see moose come to Newfoundland at this time of year and take a drive at dawn or dusk. But take it slow, keep your eyes peeled, and have your camera lens ready.