Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Ramblings in Point Form

1. I spent the entire day outside yesterday with Sarah. It was a beautiful day and I decided it would be a good idea to clean up the yard. Today I see lots of rosy-cheeked sunkissed people who obviously did the same. And then I look in the mirror. 5 Hours of sun and the only thing "glowing" about me is the sun reflecting off my pasty white skin. Ugh!

2. Prison Break finale on Friday night and Michael freakin' DIED! Like, WTH?! It was still good but I was kinda hopin' for the fairy tale - marry Sara, have babies, be a good daddy, no longer being shot at - kinda ending.

3. Happy 60th Birthday to my Mother-in-Law - a very wonderful lady who still ended up making US dinner even though it was HER birthday.

4. Looks like we're getting a new Pastor (and family) at our church. Sarah seems to like them. I figure if the baby gets a good vibe, that's gotta be a good sign. The hubster isn't quite so optimistic but he's not so great with change of ANY kind.

5. I told the hubster I wanted to look good in a bathing suit again. And then I asked when the last time he thought I looked good in a bathing suit. He refused to answer citing the fact that his reply could possibly be grounds for divorce. I promised I wouldn't be mad. I lied. To make a long story short - 2003!

6. Since 2003 was 40 lbs ago...Officially started Weight Watchers AGAIN! (for like, the 4th time this year)

7. I got my first mosquito bite this weekend. Mosquitoes love me. I have yummy blood. And then I swell to disfigurement and curse a lot. It's all very attractive.

8. Sarah seems to be getting sick of tomatoes (hmmm...wonder why). She's moved on to red peppers. She must like red.

9. I bought linen pants while i was in St. John's. I knew linen required ironing but I bought them anyways. I don't do ironing. I haven't ironed since I lived in Acton two years ago and even then I ironed only twice.

10. Since I'm a "government" worker I supposed to get tomorrow off? Cause no one's told me. I hope so cause that would make for an awesome weekend!

Hope your "2-4" was a good one.

11. I'm much more annoyed than probably necessary at the fact that May 24th is NEXT weekend but the holiday is THIS weekend. I know the 3rd weekend of the month is this weekend but isn't the 24th still the 24th?! I don't get it...I personally think Queen Victoria would side with me on this.


Stephanie said...

I don`t "do" ironing either. It`s a running joke between Cory and myself. If he needs ironing I tell him to bring it to his mom in NP

Quirky Christa said...

Kristen irons his own clothes...I know I'm a terrible wife.