Monday, May 25, 2009

Couple Time

The hubster and I got to spend a night away on Saturday to visit Jen and Chris is Norris Point. My parents graciously agreed to babysit Sarah and she was more than happy to wave bye-bye to us to spend time at "gwamma's howse". This is the first time we've ever both been away from Sarah. It was strange but we had a great time. And Sarah barely even noticed us gone!

Jenny was officially 40 weeks preggers on Saturday, the 23rd. It's hilarious how everyone keeps calling her house to check in on her - especially her mom and mom-in-law who call like 6 times a day to ask, "Any sign yet?" And then Jennifer says, "No" and hangs up the phone with a, "Do they not realize that I WILL call if I go in labour...ugh!" Poor Jenny isn't all that easily frustrated but it seems her impatience is coming out a little bit now that she can't see her feet or get off the couch without several attempts.

And poor thing was probably happy to see me go on Sunday too so she could get some peace from my constant belly-touching. And you know it's bad when the hubster notices (my Jamie notices very little) and tells you you've become a little obsessed. Why yes, yes I am obsessed. My friends having babies is the next best thing in excitement to my own baby. And I am fascinated at getting kicked by tiny baby feet.

Speaking of feet, Jenny now has the cutest labour-ready toes ever! I decided that since she couldn't reach her own feet that I would paint her toes a pretty pink with daisies. Cute or what?! And then we watched a girly movie and ate chips and chocolate, sorted out wedding photos, and chatted endlessly about nothing at all. Christa, we missed you!!

And I'm still pretty much sticking with my decision that Jen will go in labour on Wednesday, the 27th. But it really wouldn't surprise me at all if she went overdue even longer since the next full moon isn't until June 8th! (I know it sounds silly but some studies actually show an definite increase in births around the full moon). And since a regular term pregnancy is actually 38-42 weeks and not simply "40" then Jennifer wouldn't technically be overdue until June 6th. Jenny, if you're reading this, I'm sorry, I know that's the last thing you want. And I would never wish it on you. I know you want to meet your little one soon. And so do we!!

Come on baby Samms...stop being stubborn like your dad and get out here! :)

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Quirky Christa said...

Ha, ha...stubborn like his dad. Did you take pics of Jen's cute prego toes? And I would have loved to have been there with you girls too!