Saturday, May 02, 2009

Bridgestone Spuds & Moose Sightings

I love me some Mr. Potato Head! I loved the original Mr. and Mrs. as a kid and as an adult, I used to keep them on my desk at work to keep me smiling through my cubicle woes. It was great to transform them according to my mood and Mr Potato Head with no hat and mustache in place looked shockingly similar to one of my bosses...made me giggle every time I looked at him!

Yesterday, I saw this Bridgestone commercial for the first time...awesome!

I laughed so much, especially when Mrs. cried out "SHEEP!" and then switched to her angry eyes because her scolding mouth had popped off in Mr. Potato Head's haste to come to a stop. Too funny!!

And it reminded me of driving home in the dark last weekend and me screaming "Moose!" to my husband who stopped just in time to prevent us from having a giant hood ornament. And then I proceeded to give the hubster crap about not having his eyes peeled when he KNOWS this time of year bring the moose out of the forest*. And I'm certain he was wishing my mouth was pop off and roll down the edge a cliff too. And I was wishing I could stick a pair of glasses on his head to improve his night vision. Oh, if only it were as simple as being a toy with switchable (is that a word?) parts!

*NOTE: Yes, this time of year - the month of May in particular - is famous in Newfoundland for sighting moose on the roads. My father is a truck driver and in a 45 minute drive from our home to Rocky Harbour he can normally see approximately 50 - 60 moose with his record set at 120-something moose a few years back. And, unfortunately, he has collided with a couple over the years too. In a "big" truck, the moose usually loses with a lot of damage to the vehicle. In a small car, a moose can sometimes walk away - people may not be so lucky. So, if you really want to see moose come to Newfoundland at this time of year and take a drive at dawn or dusk. But take it slow, keep your eyes peeled, and have your camera lens ready.

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