Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Survey

Daphne sent me this email so I thought I'd post my responses on my blog. Would love to see your surveys too!

1. Eggnog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just set them under the tree? What kind of Santa Claus DOESN'T wrap presents - of course he wraps them!

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? Colored lights on our tree. Just red lights on the outside.

4. Do you hang mistletoe? I have a fake one but I haven't hung it yet.

5. When do you put your decorations up? We put our outside lights up (I think) the first week of December. Our Christmas tree and other inside decorations went up last week (Dec 13th).

6. What is your favorite holiday dish? turkey and all the fixins

7. Favorite holiday memory as a child? Waking up early and then Mom and Dad telling us "A little while longer" OR "wait, we have to go put in the fire" etc. etc. I swear, just to keep us in total suspense. And then we had to read the Christmas story together (which is a great tradition I continue now) but as a kid it was just like "COMON ALREADY!" The suspense really made it fun to rip open those gifts when it was finally okay.

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? I remember sneaking out one night with my sister to the hallway after we had gone to bed. And there were my parents putting the gifts under the tree in the living room - no Santa!

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? No, I've never opened gifts on Christmas Eve.

10. What kind of cookies does Santa get set out for him? As a kid we always put out a glass of milk and oreos. (later to find out my mom would drink the milk and dad would eat the

11. Snow! Love it or hate it? Would LOVE it if it arrived on Christmas Eve and then was gone again on Boxing Day. That would be enough for me.

12. Can you ice skate? Um, used to....last time I went with Vicki and it was a disaster! I was like Bambi with the wobbly legs flailing out from under :)

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? Off the top of my head...I remember getting my own recorder (previously had to use the ones at school). Mom had it wrapped inside a cardboard paper towel tube. And I remember getting molded "girl" ice skates - they were white with pink liners and had velcro so I didn't have to tie them up. Oh, and my little ponies, turtles chocolates, sour cabbage patch kids, and a pink wallet my aunt Rowelle gave me from the World Wildlife Fund. I could go on and on forever - I got so many great gifts, still do!

14. What's the most important thing about the holidays to you? The general spirit of Christmas - it's like Christmas Day just FEELS great - seeing family and visiting friends and gift-giving, listening to Carols, eating yummy holiday cookies, the pretty Christmas tree - everything is wonderful!!

15. What is your favorite holiday dessert? Home-made cookies and squares and cakes and anything that's chocolate and

16. Favorite Holiday tradition? Love getting up on Christmas morning in the pj's, reading the Christmas story, opening gifts with my family, and then all having yummy breakfast together.

17. What tops your tree? An tree is all angel decorations.

18. Which do you prefer--GIVING OR RECEIVING? Receiving is great but it's the giving that really makes you feel blessed in your heart of hearts.

19. What is your favorite Christmas Carol? It's called "Mommy and Santa Claus" (lyrics on THIS POST from last Christmas) and it's on one of the old records that belonged to my parents and of which I am now the proud owner...and "They stood in silent prayer" by Charlie Pride.

20. Candy Canes? Not a huge fan, I usually buy some for my "candy cane holder" and then have to throw them out at the end of the Christmas season.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Cookies

Found this awesome website:

For any of you looking for recipes to make your Christmas cookies.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

On My Drive to Work

I heard this on the radio this morning:

I think it's absolutely outrageous! I understand there are many other religions, creeds, and traditions that are celebrated here in Canada. I have no problem with someone honouring their own religious beliefs...but at the expense of having to sacrifice my own?

It's already politically incorrect to call it a "Christmas" tree and to say "Merry Christmas" - God Forbid! We try to please everyone by instead calling it the "Holiday Tree" or "Unity Tree" or whatever and by saying "Seasons Greetings"...bah humbug!

And I can't blame it on the non-christian people who live in this country - many of which I've said Merry Christmas to and have returned the same sentiment to me. Unfortunately, the people "in charge" (like the judge in this case) just like to make stupid decisions, rather than focusing on the priorities like that sex offender she probably just let back on the streets to assault our children.

Can you tell I'm feeling rather upset about this?

So much for living in a Christian Nation!

I appreciate your thoughts - even if you disagree with me.

UPDATE: 12/15/06 7:16am

On the radio again this morning:
Good news: The judge who made the ruling against the Christmas tree has been met with a great deal of opposition. Opposition from the premier, the governor general, AND leaders from the Jewish and Muslim communities. (See? Didn't I say that it wasn't the non-christians who had a problem?). They all agree that it's political correctness that should be banned and that if the judge wished to be fair then she should have included decorations from other religious holidays, not banished the christmas tree.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

O Christmas Tree

If you read Christa's blog then you already know about how we went tree "hunting" on Sunday at Adam's Farm near Shelburne (Ontario). We had planned for it for a few weeks now and I was SO excited to be able to cut our own tree this year after spending the last 9 years simply buying one from the parking lot at Zellers. We always cut our own tree in Newfoundland. Now mind you, it was usually lop-sided and had to be tied onto the wall to keep from falling remember those days? But at least it was REAL!

It was a gorgeous day and it was so fun to get a nice tractor-pulled hayride of sorts. And then there was the daunting task of searching through hundreds of trees for the perfect one. Couldn't be too tall - our ceiling is only 8 ft. And it couldn't be too big and bushy cause our living room is really quite small. And then there's trying to avoid the crooked, disheveled, two-topped, branches missing Charlie-Brown Christmas tree. It's practically impossible to find such a tree "au naturel"....but then we found one. It was the right height as long as we cut off the snaggly branches at the bottom and only was side was a smidge wonky (that's the side we're putting into the corner). Everything else was great! But then didn't we go and still try and find a better one...only to walk and walk, not see anything, and then come back to the original. I think I would have cried had someone else claimed it.

Jamie started the cutting - complaining every step of the way about his knees getting wet from kneeling in the snow and about having a dull saw and all that. He ended up cutting his hand and everything. And then I offered "Do you want me to do it?" to which he immediately replied a snappy "NO!" (I guess I should have been cheering instead saying "great job! You big sexy burly strong man you!" lol)

And then after the little episode with Kristen leaving Christa behind to cut down a tree without her (see Christa's and I swear it took him like 2 seconds to cut down his tree. I think Jamie was STILL working on ours after Kristen was gone through the woods, cut down his tree, and dragged it back to our location.

But both couples now had their trees and we headed back to our sleigh ride, paid, got our trees wrapped up, and enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate provided by the farm. Mmmm!! My gloves still have that awesome new Christmas tree smell on them. I love that!

We left our tree in the garage to melt the ice and snow until Monday. Then Jamie snapped his ankle at work so he couldn't bring it inside. Then I realized I had forgotten to water it (dummy me). But yesterday evening between Jamie hobbling around and me prego, we managed to drag it inside and set it up.

Today I get to decorate! (I even bought new ribbon) Yay!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sad but True

Jamie found out last night that a guy he used to play softball with committed suicide yesterday. Jamie's sister called to tell him. Thing is, Jamie and this guy weren't great friends or anything, teammates for a year, but it still really hits you hard when you think you kinda know someone, they seem so happy and friendly, like life is going fine....but you just never really know what's happening in the lives and minds of people (even your closest friends and family) behind closed doors.

Jamie's sister didn't really have many details. She did say they found him in his truck enclosed in the garage - we can sorta assume from that how it happened but I really have no idea for certain. He had two pictures with him: one of his little boy and another of his dog. Strange to me that the obvious two most important things in his life still weren't enough to make him want to hang onto this life. But yet he wanted them to know they were the last "things" he held onto in those final moments.

And at CHRISTMAS!! of all times of the year!! Perhaps that's a moot point to make - I'm sure it wouldn't be any easier for his family at any other time of the year.
FYI: I always thought that Christmas was one of the most popular times of the year for suicide but according to the Centre for Suicide Prevention, this is not true.

Upon hearing of suicide I always find myself searching for answers - why would someone do this? I just don't understand it. I just can't imagine getting to the point where I felt there was no other option. On the one hand, I'm so judgmental, I find the act selfish and cowardly. On the other hand, I'm so saddened by it and I don't want to be the person on the outside who's judging - I have no idea what this guy was going through, how deep his depression was, how hopeless he felt. In that way, I suppose my scrutiny is merely an act of ignorance. Ignorance is bliss in this particular case as I hope to never be faced with a situation in which I will find out first-hand how it feels to be this guy.

For this family, I ask you to pray - for peace, understanding, guidance, support, freedom from guilt. This truly has to be one of the most difficult things in life a family will ever have to face.

And if anyone out there is reading this and feel you need someone to talk to, feel you have no hope left, PLEASE know there is another way:

Monday, December 11, 2006

Photo Shoot

Before Jen left, us girls decided we wanted to do a little photo shoot. Kristen was our photographer and we got quite a few nice shots (despite the fact that it was getting really dark outside) - I'm so happy with how they turned out. My scans aren't great but you get the idea...

These first two are my favs!

Sitting on the fence...

And then the fence broke...lmao! (I'm blaming it on the baby...he he)

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Let's just think back to the 70's in homes across our great country and remember these fabulously wonderful clunky living room adornments (most likely in style to match that floor model television): The Record playing/8-track listening STEREO!!

I always wanted the stereo my parents had and my dad finally brought it to me last week. My mom packed up their collection of records and 8- tracks. All country/western/bluegrass/gospel. And most importantly - the whole reason for my wanting this stereo - the Christmas albums!!! I would listen to these over and over again every Christmas - the stereo barely got used otherwise.

Unfortunately the 8-track player is on the blink and needs repair --- anyone out there know how or IF there's such a thing as an 8-track player repairman? I may have quite a challenge on my :)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

24 Weeks 5 Days

Here I am on Saturday night at Christa's house doing the 24week 5day pose to share with y'all. Baby and belly are really growing, eh? And that's my new haircut. It's pretty curly and poofy in the picture but it's a good cut - got a little bang and about 8 inches cut off the length AT LEAST - I swear it was SO long before I just couldn't take it anymore.


Ugh! What a bad day! I'm tired, hungry, I'm the baby! (ironic). I don't want to see anyone, don't want to converse with anyone at work, just don't wanna be here at all. I feel like I can't talk half the time, I mix up my words, can't think straight, am a complete muddle-brain these days. I'm cold, I swear the nailbeds of my fingers are bluish-purply. I thought pregnancy was supposed to turn me into a firey furnace. Not happenin' - maybe my iron is low. I should check that out.

Anyways, enough of my grumblings.

My dad was here last week for 2 days. He drove here in his "big truck" to pick up furniture for my Uncle Vic who is moving back home. Sad that I didn't get to see him much cause he was really busy loading the truck and all that and then he had to turn around and hit the road. But no matter how short the visit, it's always awesome to see my parents. AND, in less than 3 weeks they're going to be here with us for Christmas anyways - yay!

Had a great weekend. Christa and Kristen invited some people over for an early Christmas dinner/get-together. It's always nice to get everyone together and just sit around and watch TV and chit chat. And, most importantly, eat YUMMY food. Christa made these crab hors d'ouevres thingies she found at Kraft Canada. Visit her blog for more info cause they were totally scrumptious. And Kristen made battered deep fried chicken. It was yummy too - Jamie went on and on about it, I swear. Kristen got the idea from trying an online recipe for KFC that didn't actually taste like KFC but then I think he tweaked it a bit to his own liking and then shared it with the rest of us. It really was dee-lish. Thanks guys!

Been having some success with the Christmas shopping and I am so happy to have the bulk of it DONE! My list:
Jamie - of course he's NOT DONE cause he's a nosy bugger and I have to wait until the last minute to do his shopping and then hide it almost to the point of me not being able to find it myself until Christmas morning.
Dad - He is the most difficult to buy for, never wants anything unless it's some sort of outrageously expensive tool or something I can't buy. He hates getting new clothes too. But he's almost done, just need to pick up one more little thing.
Mom - Almost as difficult as Dad. She always wants new clothes but finds it really hard to get things she likes. She wants "church" clothes (like sweater sets and skirts to mix and match) but it's getting harder and harder to find dressy stuff that's just normal and not either too casual or too fancy-schmancy. Anyways, almost done with her too except for helping Dad and my brother get her something.
My brother, Darren - DONE - often difficult (because in past he's wanted computer geek oriented stuff) but surprisingly helpful with gift ideas this year.
My sister, Tracey - DONE - she is the most wonderful person to buy things for. LOVE shopping for my sister because it kinda almost feels like shopping for myself. We like a lot of the same things and I always see wonderful gifts that I want to buy for her. I have to remind myself every year to stop with the sister purchases.
Erykah - Requested a Tomagotchi. I had no idea what this was but I hear they're quite popular. Got it in black, the colour she requested, even though it looks kinda boyish to me. Oh well, it's what she wanted. Gotta get a little something else to go with it.
Isabella - Dramatic middle child of my sister who I was told to also get a Tomagotchi for - BECAUSE if not she would just end up taking Erykah's all the time and causing big fights over it. Also got her a Dora backpack thingy with card games in it. Bella LOVES "Dowa"!
Olivia - DONE - got her these adorable Robeez slippers.
Richard - NOT done - loves hoodies and this is what I get him every year. Seems monotonous but it's easy.
Granny Goosney - NO IDEA - what in the world do you buy for grandmothers who have EVERYTHING!!!!???
Nan White - NO IDEA - got something but I might return it. See above comment!
Dad H - DONE - gift card = super easy! However, I just have to tell you about him so you can understand how my husband turned out the way he did about Christmas. Dad H got a new camera for Christmas from Mom H. He knew about said camera because he HAD to pick it out for himself. Now, Mom H can't wrap it up, it's pointless because he'll just unwrap it. He's continuously talking to Jamie about the camera and how it works and how he NEEDED to use it to figure it out for optimum Christmas morning photos. If he didn't get to open it til Christmas then he wouldn't know how to use it. Imagine! Now, you know why I would have to strangle Jamie if I got his Christmas presents any sooner than absolutely necessary.
Mom H - DONE - Wants a white sweater from Marks Work Warehouse EVERY YEAR!
Vanessa and Gord - DONE - got a nice gift between them for the house.
Taylor - DONE double duty - her birthday is 4 days before Christmas. But her mom always has nice ideas of things for us to get her (Bratz doll, clothes) and so it was quite easy to buy her gifts.
Grayson - DONE - Aquadoodle. Never even heard of this before but it looks super fun. The markers can colour on the aquadoodle thingy only but NO WHERE ELSE - not even the floor or walls or :)
Amanda and Rob - DONE - gift cards.
Chloe - DONE ages ago when Amanda pointed out the perfect gift in the Sears catalog. And that's really the easiest option for shipping when we're here in Ontario and she's in Newfie.
Nan Laing - DONE - gift card.
My friend, Vicki - kinda DONE - but can't tell you anything cause she reads this :)
Church Christmas Tree gift - pulled a tag on the tree at church to buy for a needy family. We have a 15-year old boy who would love a hooded sweatshirt. Should be easy enough but not done yet.
Caramel the Kitty - DONE - got him some cat grass to try. lol :)

So only a few things left and then I can wrap to my hearts content until Christmas Eve. Will need to still get stocking stuffers but those are pretty fun and easy to buy. Have started to stock up on holiday chocolate - mmmm choc-o-late!!! The boxes of Pot of Gold I bought at Shoppers Drug Mart (for only $3.99 on Sunday!!) have been calling my name but I hid them away so as not to open them - if I do open the boxes, those chocolates are NOT gonna see Christmas, that's fo' sho'! And this weekend should hopefully see a near end to it all because I'm taking the boys (Kristen and Chris) shopping for their girls while Christa helps the hubster buy gifts with her "Myrna expertise". lol :)

As for the Christmas decorations, got the outside of the house completed with the exception of our moose who is having some antler difficulties. We have red lights all around our roof, around the rail of our front porch and around the garage (with the outdoor garland stuff that looks like tree branches) - very pretty. Will take a pic to share, camera batteries died last night. On the inside, I took out some of my ornaments last night and set the table with a nice Christmas tablecloth and runner and centerpiece. Just have to wait now until we cut our tree on Sunday - that's gonna be SO much fun! I love having a real tree. Jamie's only complaint now is that the outside of the house looks so nice but we don't actually get to enjoy it, only people passing on the outside get to enjoy it. I'm sure he'll feel more in the holiday spirit when the lights are all up on the tree and all of the inside decorating is complete.

How's the Christmas season coming along for you?