Wednesday, December 13, 2006

O Christmas Tree

If you read Christa's blog then you already know about how we went tree "hunting" on Sunday at Adam's Farm near Shelburne (Ontario). We had planned for it for a few weeks now and I was SO excited to be able to cut our own tree this year after spending the last 9 years simply buying one from the parking lot at Zellers. We always cut our own tree in Newfoundland. Now mind you, it was usually lop-sided and had to be tied onto the wall to keep from falling remember those days? But at least it was REAL!

It was a gorgeous day and it was so fun to get a nice tractor-pulled hayride of sorts. And then there was the daunting task of searching through hundreds of trees for the perfect one. Couldn't be too tall - our ceiling is only 8 ft. And it couldn't be too big and bushy cause our living room is really quite small. And then there's trying to avoid the crooked, disheveled, two-topped, branches missing Charlie-Brown Christmas tree. It's practically impossible to find such a tree "au naturel"....but then we found one. It was the right height as long as we cut off the snaggly branches at the bottom and only was side was a smidge wonky (that's the side we're putting into the corner). Everything else was great! But then didn't we go and still try and find a better one...only to walk and walk, not see anything, and then come back to the original. I think I would have cried had someone else claimed it.

Jamie started the cutting - complaining every step of the way about his knees getting wet from kneeling in the snow and about having a dull saw and all that. He ended up cutting his hand and everything. And then I offered "Do you want me to do it?" to which he immediately replied a snappy "NO!" (I guess I should have been cheering instead saying "great job! You big sexy burly strong man you!" lol)

And then after the little episode with Kristen leaving Christa behind to cut down a tree without her (see Christa's and I swear it took him like 2 seconds to cut down his tree. I think Jamie was STILL working on ours after Kristen was gone through the woods, cut down his tree, and dragged it back to our location.

But both couples now had their trees and we headed back to our sleigh ride, paid, got our trees wrapped up, and enjoyed some yummy hot chocolate provided by the farm. Mmmm!! My gloves still have that awesome new Christmas tree smell on them. I love that!

We left our tree in the garage to melt the ice and snow until Monday. Then Jamie snapped his ankle at work so he couldn't bring it inside. Then I realized I had forgotten to water it (dummy me). But yesterday evening between Jamie hobbling around and me prego, we managed to drag it inside and set it up.

Today I get to decorate! (I even bought new ribbon) Yay!!

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