Thursday, December 14, 2006

On My Drive to Work

I heard this on the radio this morning:

I think it's absolutely outrageous! I understand there are many other religions, creeds, and traditions that are celebrated here in Canada. I have no problem with someone honouring their own religious beliefs...but at the expense of having to sacrifice my own?

It's already politically incorrect to call it a "Christmas" tree and to say "Merry Christmas" - God Forbid! We try to please everyone by instead calling it the "Holiday Tree" or "Unity Tree" or whatever and by saying "Seasons Greetings"...bah humbug!

And I can't blame it on the non-christian people who live in this country - many of which I've said Merry Christmas to and have returned the same sentiment to me. Unfortunately, the people "in charge" (like the judge in this case) just like to make stupid decisions, rather than focusing on the priorities like that sex offender she probably just let back on the streets to assault our children.

Can you tell I'm feeling rather upset about this?

So much for living in a Christian Nation!

I appreciate your thoughts - even if you disagree with me.

UPDATE: 12/15/06 7:16am

On the radio again this morning:
Good news: The judge who made the ruling against the Christmas tree has been met with a great deal of opposition. Opposition from the premier, the governor general, AND leaders from the Jewish and Muslim communities. (See? Didn't I say that it wasn't the non-christians who had a problem?). They all agree that it's political correctness that should be banned and that if the judge wished to be fair then she should have included decorations from other religious holidays, not banished the christmas tree.

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