Monday, September 26, 2005


For some reason and I'm not sure why, Tapioca pudding has come up in several conversations I've had in the past few weeks. It started when we were in PEI for the wedding and my dear Nan decided to purchase some as a snack. Blech!

Tapioca, by MY definition, based on appearance, is fish eggs. I have never had the stomach to try it, again based purely on those cream covered little balls of "whatever" in the pudding.

So, I asked the question, "Well, what IS tapioca?":
"Is it a fruit?"
"Is it a vegetable?"
"Where does it come from?"

I was surprised...NOBODY (not even the people who eat it!) knew the answers to my questions.

And therefore I did what anyone in my generation does to access useless information....I GOOGLED it...

Here's what I found and it is very interesting indeed...tapioca comes from the root of the manioc plant. And I know what manioc is because of "Survivor"...ha, ha...whatever happened to learning stuff based on life experience?!

Who knew?

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dafrhug said...

YUCK! I don't like the stuff either. Dad was always waving it in my face saying how good it was. I always seen it as gross too. I don't think there are many people who do like it. Don't see it much in Calgary.