Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Erykah called me on the phone a couple of nights ago...

Erykah: "Hi Auntie Myrna"

Me: "Hi Erykah, what are you doing?"

Erykah: "Auntie Myrna, I just saw a picture of mommy's belly and there's a BABY in there!"

Me: "Really?!" (I've already known about the baby for a couple of weeks now)

Erykah: "Uh-huh"

Me: "And are you excited about the new baby?"

Erykah: "Yup"

Next day, Tracey tells me about her conversation with Erykah:

Erykah: "Mommy, I think the baby looks like a brother."

Tracey: "Well Erykah, we just have to wait and see what God gives us."

Erykah: "Well I hope God decides to give us a brother."

So, there it is....the "secret" is out. I've been wanting to share the news but we were waiting until Tracey told our parents first.

Here's how she told them, via email card:

"Happy Grandparents Day!...Love Erykah, Isabella, and Baby #3"

New baby is due about March 9th. All is well so far.

Congrats Tracey and Richard....let the fun begin (you'll have a newborn AND a potty-training toddler at the same time). he, he!


Quirky Christa said...

I hope it's a BOY too!!

Tara said...

OOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGG....WOW! That's too cool! Pass a big congrats on from Moncton New Brunswick! (Congrats to you too...being you're going to be an 'Auntie' again!)

dafrhug said...

Congratulations! I hope it's a boy too but whatever it is, I'm sure he or she will be just as beautiful as Erykah and Isabella.