Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pretty that way

I kinda straightened my hair today and got a few compliments. One guy in particular told me a couple of times, "I really like your hair like that. Makes you look very pretty." Which leaves me to wonder, do I not look at least a little bit pretty every day? But then I remind myself of the poor state of affairs that is my naturally curly hair which is normally pulled back into a messy bun or something of the sort. So, I'll take the compliment. I admit I love compliments. Love to smile and say, "Well thanks! Appreciate that." May as well...might be the "snake" in me determined through the year of my birth, according to the chinese calendar, that I am to be vain and somewhat self-centered.

But I must admit, that my hair today was really me just being a lazy-ass. See, I decided to wash my hair before going to bed last night and then decided to "put it up" before laying down on my pillow to sleep. (Don't particularly like it when my hair soaks my pillow and I am awakened in the middle of the night confused about why my face feels so moist and cool). Anyways, I woke up this morning and my hair was in an even "sadder" (not a word but I'm using it!) state than normal, somewhere between straight and curly and a little in between...the straight part at the top where I had pulled my hair back in a pony tail and then at the pony tail mark it bushed out into a curly mess. It was 6:35 am and what was I to do?...gotta work at 7...time to wash it again? Nope! So out came the hair dryer and big round brush and my attempt to quickly straighten (by straight, with my hair, I actually mean only kinda wavey and not really all that straight) my hair...but only on the top layer. Any attempt to sway my head back and forth today would reveal a curly poofy underside. I remind myself that this may actually have worked for me to maintain added "body"....Poofy hair underneath preventing straight hair on top from "sticking" to the side of my head and making me look like a hippy (no offense to hippies, totally love the look, but feel I'm personally too "chunky" to really pull off the look in its entirety).

So, there ya have it...and I've attempted a self portrait (photo) will edit that in later so you can share in my "prettiness"...feel free to leave a "compliment"...ha!


dafrhug said...

I hoping to see a picture of the "hair-do" so that it can bring the story together. God! you should see my hair somedays. A stay-at-home mom does not care how she looks to her children. And when escorting them to school, she does not care either, as long as they get there. I really must scare some people some days. lol.

Ickie said...

I love your hair. I wish I could have waves like that. I have the hippie look your talking about, lol. My hair is usually just put in a ponytail.

Quirky Christa said...

Well I have the straight hair that never takes the curls. I liked your hair that day too, not that you're prettier than other days, just something different from the norm.