Monday, December 19, 2005


Weekend was pretty great, actually got to spend some time at home. It was still crazy busy time but at least we were in the house and not out running around everywhere.

On friday night Joann and Chris came to visit us. Chris did our wedding video and it was finally complete! Yay! I was so excited to see it, I feel like I finally got to really see the wedding. Everything seemed like such a blur that I was like "Oh, I missed that..." he, he. And Chris...Wow! What an amazing job he did for an "amateur". I mean, seriously, it looks like a professional job and he didn't even charge us anything for it. I'm thrilled at his work...Thanks Chris! Maybe I'll try and post a clip in my blog if I can figure out how to do that. Don't hold your breath, I'm not all that blog literate for stuff like that.

Saturday was spent waiting for the Brick to deliver more of our stuff. We have a new 42" Samsung DLP (I think that's right) and we also have our over-the-range microwave. Kristen helped Jamie install it yesterday and it looks great. Now, if only we could get our oven! It's been on backorder and it's supposed to finally arrive on Thursday.

Saturday night we had my Uncle John's 50th surprise birthday party. I still can't believe that Aunt Dianne pulled it off without him ever having even the slightest idea. Nobody accidentally spilled or slipped up, he thought he was going to a Christmas party. lol :) It was really awesome of her to do that for him.

Yesterday, scrapbooked and did some shopping. I finally got something for Erykah for Christmas. She asked for Bratz clothes but I haven't been able to find any. I guess that stuff sells out quickly. Only big girl sizes left :( But I did find the cutest "kimpossible" black velvety pants/jeans and a really neat shirt to go with it. And we bought her a sled too, a round blue saucer she saw at Walmart and wanted.

And then I went into Reitmans to look for clothes for my mom and saw some really nice clothes for me, I feel so deprived of shopping for ME...I want new clothes for, me, me...gotta hold on, Christmas is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to ripping open those gifts and then doing some shopping with my mama on boxing day.

And you'll never even believe it...Jamie opened up the door to go outside yesterday and I hear him say, "Oh what a fright, Myrna ya gotta come here quick!" And there on our front porch is another bird!! It's a black one...and alive and well as far as I could tell (Whew...finally, not an injured one). And Jamie's like "Is it gonna fly up at me? Can I pass by it?" and he did and the bird barely even flinched. And when Jamie came back home, the bird had perched itself right on our doorstep and again, when Jamie came inside the door, it just stayed there and kinda looked at us. So strange! Why is it so tame? Where did it come from? Jamie was so worried that it was going to freeze to death but I assured him that some birds obviously can bear the winter or else they would fly south...right? This morning, the bird is still there, perched on the far end of the porch by the railing. It bent down next to it and it didn't move. It's all puffed up like a ball, to keep warm I imagine. I notice it's shiny black with a shiny dark green collar. I don't think I would have ever noticed the green had I not been so close. I really gotta take a picture? I need to find out what kind of bird this is...any ideas anyone? Are there black pigeons? Maybe a blackbird of some sort?

My nan would surely freak out ya know...
One black bird means sorrow...she would turn around and go right back home if one black bird crossed her path.
As the old poem goes...
"One for sorrow, two for joy
Three's a girl, Four's a boy
Five for silver, Six for gold
Seven for secrets never to be told."

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