Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Bliss List

An idea from Daphne's blog...

Here is my bliss list in no specific order:

1. The sound of my nieces laughing. It's so sweet. Children's giggles are definitely one of the most amazing sounds ever. Pure happiness.
2. The way that Jamie always wants to squeeze as close to me as possible on the couch even when there are tons of other spots for him to sit.
3. Creating scrapbook pages I'm proud of and then looking at them over and over and over again and just remembering.
4. Eating breakfast. Love this meal - bacon and eggs, pancakes and strawberries, toast and tea, bagel with cream cheese - love it all!
5. A hot shower with yummy smelling body wash.
6. Being near the ocean...the sound, the smell, the salt spray on my skin...ahhh!
7. Savouring every delicious morsel of a favourite chocolate.
8. Finding awesome stuff at the Dollar Store for only $1 as opposed to $3.97 at Walmart.
9. Getting a new outfit - an entire outfit, complete with shoes and accessories. Even if it's a track suit with flip flops and a scrunchie for my hair.
10. The feeling of the take off in an airplane.
11. Watching a favourite movie for the 17th time.
12. Hearing the girls say "Love you too". Well, Isabella actually only says "too" cause she hasn't quite figured out the rest yet.
13. When Jamie comes home from work and immediately acknowledges me by giving me a hug and/or a kiss hello.
14. Spending time with friends even when we're doing nothing.
15. Breaking out the old Christmas albums.
16. Listening to a gospel choir.
17. A tall refreshing glass of ice cold water, especially if it's straight from the tap (spring/well water) back home.
18. Antiques
19. When someone takes the time to write a hand-written note or card.
20. Our wedding photos
21. Fresh berries
22. Old men who still have a twinkle in their eye that reminds you of the young men they once were.
23. Having a furry friend (my cat) to greet me at the door no matter what. Unconditional love.
24. When Jamie calls me (even when he calls too much) because I know it means I'm on his mind for some reason or another.
25. Pretty painted toes
26. Fresh homemade bread
27. Stopping to smell the roses
28. When Nan and Vicki call me every year to sing "Happy Birthday".
29. Playing a good (and fun) game of volleyball.
30. The peace of going to sleep every night with "I love you" as the last words spoken.

With that I will end, I'm sure I could go on and on. Life is full of so many wonderful "little" things. Sometimes we just have to stop and think and dwell of them to realize how lucky we are. Hope your day is full of blissful moments!


dafrhug said...

That is an awesome list. I love the first one - nothing like the giggles of children. It is a list that could go on forever but it's good to sit down and think about the good things in life that we enjoy.

Quirky Christa said...

Good List!!