Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sour Girl...What would you do?

Ever had one of those days? One of those days where nothing satisfies? Where nothing is good enough? Those days when it seems the world is against you? Like everyone is playing some kind of sick joke on you behind your back? And you know it really is just your imagination?

I am having those of those days. A day when the song title "Sour Girl" suits me perfectly.

I can't even pinpoint what it is exactly. Nobody did anything. I am just downright contrary. We had our girls cookie exchange today and I think I may have almost ruined it for everyone because I was in such a bad mood. But I think I snapped out of it for at least those few hours this afternoon, surrounded by sugar and flour and chocolate chips and the scent of all those other baking confections permeating the atmosphere.

When I got home I was happy to see that our dishwasher had been installed by Jamie and Mark but it didn't take long for me to get annoyed at Jamie complaining about what to have (or rather, not have) for dinner. We then got ready to go visit Christa's and Kristen's. I was more than happy to go and didn't want to miss the get together but it wasn't long before I was squirming and just itching to come home. I told Jamie to stay, he'll get a ride later with Jenny and Chris. I didn't want to ruin his night and besides, I could probably really use the alone time. Poor guy would probably get eaten alive were he at home "bugging" me.

Maybe it's just leftover illness from yesterday when I had a migraine and had to leave work early. Those terrible headaches are really enough to screw ya over.

The song says that the girl was sour when she met him and happy when she left him...I do believe I started this day sour...I only hope that as I close my eyes I can end the night off on a happy note. Here's hoping to waking up on the right side of the bed tomorrow.

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