Monday, November 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Darren

...and Happy 2nd Birthday to Caitlynn! See Daphne's blog for pics, what a sweet little girl.

No "intellectual" meanderings this morning. Just a look back at my good weekend.

It started out with a trip to the Mattel toy warehouse sale on Friday after work. Jennifer and I waited in line for about a half an hour to get in. Luckily, our wait was mostly spent inside the building because it was brrrr cold outside. We got our first snow last week. Another reminder of winter being right around the corner. I was excited to get Isabella her Christmas present, Dress and Dance Dora.

And then the girls (Christa, Jen, and I) met for a yummy dinner at East Side Marios. The service was slow but the company and the food was good. And we all indulged ourselves on delicious chocolatey desserts, which we couldn't finish. So sad to waste chocolate so I brought mine home for Jamie to enjoy.
Saturday was a day of shopping with Jennifer. We went to the mall in the hopes of finding some great Christmas deals. We did pretty well, got a few things crossed off our list. I even found a gift for my sister ON SALE and these things NEVER go on sale. Can't tell you what it is's a secret and she sometimes reads my blog. Shhhh! And I got a hooded Old Navy sweatshirt for my brother in law. This seems to be the same gift I give him every single year....but it's what he wants every single year... so who am I to argue? I love it when people give me easy gift ideas instead of leaving me to guess.
Saturday evening was super fun! It was Darren's birthday and Erykah made a chocolate cake...yummy! And we had Swiss Chalet take out for supper. And then Jamie and I went with Darren's friends to play indoor beach volleyball. I know that sounds like a bit of an's an old factory that has been sectioned off into courts filled with sand, a makeshift beach. As good as it gets I suppose in the middle of a city as the onset of winter approaches. Volleyball is so much fun, there were about 14 or 15 of us, it was a blast and time flew. Jamie and I got home around 1am.
Sunday was spent sleeping in until about 10:15am and then I had a baby shower. April got so much nice stuff, especially this awesome homemade toy trunk filled with lots of goodies. Bobbi-Lynn was there with her baby, Shannon, who is 10 weeks old. I got to hold her for a while, my baby
The rest of the weekend, between everything else, I packed as many boxes as I possibly could for our move this week. We get our keys to the new house on Thursday afternoon. Jamie is so excited, called me first thing this morning even though he had only left the apartment a couple of hours earlier to tell me "only 3 days left honey!". It is really exciting, I must admit. Finally, our own home. Finally, we will live together by ourselves. Finally, all those bills to pay....yeah, that's the part that makes me not so excited. But I'm told it's worth it.
Here's hoping for a speedy week at work...and for smooth sailing with all the final details of closing our new house.


Quirky Christa said...

So exciting can't wait for you to be my neighbours :)

dafrhug said...

So cool. I have tingles just thinking about the excitement. Hope everything goes smoothly.