Saturday, November 05, 2005

Happy Bonfire Night

It was so strange to move to Ontario where I found NOBODY (except fellow Newfoundlanders) knows anything about "Bonfire Night" or "Guy Fawkes Night".

This is a tradition celebrated in Newfoundland which began in Britain where Guy Fawkes was involved in a plot to destroy parliament (or something like that). To me, it was less about Guy Fawkes, even though we were taught that this was the man it all started with. It was more just about the fire and getting the community (friends and family) together.

For more info:

The website even mentions Newfoundland as being one of the places other than Britain where Bonfire night has been celebrated through the centuries.

Does anyone else remember Bonfire night like I do? It was so exciting for us and the men/guys/boys would spend weeks gathering up wood, old boats, tires, anything that could burn, to try and have the biggest fire in town. It was an event almost everyone participated in on November 5th. As children it was great to enjoy marshmallows and weiners over an open fire on the cold autumn nights. As teenagers, it was just so much fun to simply "hang out" and compete over which town had the best and the biggest bonfire.

Sounds strange to those of you who've never experienced this tradition but it is something I will always remember.


Ickie said...

I love bonfire night. I actually watched a house burn down on Bonfire night.

dafrhug said...

I was actually telling Colin and his brother all about it the other day. I think about it every Nov 5th. They thought it sounded awesome. And I agree it was. One of the many things I miss about home.

Quirky Christa said...

Well we're going to celebrate next year...we'll go up on the land and do the whole shi-bang. Just remind me a few days before instead of the day of...